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Addy | 4989 comments So far it's Adamus and myself. We will start on Sunday. I usually read 3 chaps a day but u can read at ur own pace, just use spoiler tags when needed. Thanks and feel free to join!

Adamus | 806 comments Can't wait!! I've been wanting to read this for months I just have too many horror books & so many distractions lol

Terry | 4930 comments I'll join on reading this one.

Addy | 4989 comments Great terry! Glad to have yah:) what's your story as far as Edward Lee goes? Read any of his novels before?

Terry | 4930 comments This will be my 4th by Lee, and I thought the others were ok. I enjoyed The Golem the most. I've bought this one at a used bookstore a while ago and just hadn't read it yet.

Addy | 4989 comments This is my fifth I think. I have Golem. I'll have to read that one soon now that I know that u liked it!

Addy | 4989 comments My favorite has been The Black Train so far. High hopes for this one. I read Operator B a few months ago and was kinda disappointed. Didn't finish it either.

Vicki Willis I have never read Lee either, so am excited. Going to try to get it and start tomorrow (or the next day, lol).

Adamus | 806 comments I have only read short stories from him & the only book I read was Triage with Laymon & Ketchum so I am looking forward to this

message 10: by Addy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Addy | 4989 comments So I've read the prologue and it's already very interesting to me:) on to ch one, well maybe later.

Adamus | 806 comments I'm gonna start it now. Has to get my coffee and I'm ready lol

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Addy | 4989 comments Yes, that's what I do too. Get my coffee on my warmer and read my book before I get my kiddos ready:) I might not get back to this til tonite though. Can't wait!

A bit of trivia. Did u guys know Ed Lee wrote a couple of YA books? One is called Monster Lake. I bought it a year ago just to see how he writes for a younger audience. Pretty cool!

Adamus | 806 comments Oh it's ok I think I might have to go to work for a couple of hours somebody called out & I have to go fill there items in for them at a store out of town but I'll be back before mid-day so you got plenty of time to be with the kids Addy. & really?? That's really something I would of never thought he wrote YA books just because how he writes. How was the book? Was it still gore in it or was it a watered down scare for the youngsters?

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments I'm gonna lurk for now. I've had the paperback since 2009 and it's been collecting dust with all my other unread paperbacks since that year. Consequences from the year of the Kindle.

Depending on how crazy exciting it gets in here, I may jump in.

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Addy | 4989 comments It's definitely watered down. It was like something RL Stine would write. It was still fun though!

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Addy | 4989 comments Hope you decide to join us Eleven:)

Adamus | 806 comments Lmao well at least that's good he has a soft side for children lol I just got home so I'm gonna finish the prologue

message 18: by Addy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Addy | 4989 comments Just got home too. Kids are playing in the sandbox so I'm gonna start ch1!

Adamus | 806 comments Just started on chapter 1 too Addy!! The beginning was pretty interesting so far. Let's see what happens next!

Adamus | 806 comments Well chapter 1 was pretty interesting lol I feel bad for Clare, but can't wait to see what happens

Terry | 4930 comments I've only made it through the first chapter, too and it is an interesting start. Definately feels similar to the other Lee books so far.

Adamus | 806 comments Ive honestly only read short story's by Edward this is actually my first novel by him and so far I really like his stuff I got a couple more books by him & def can't wait to read more

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Addy | 4989 comments Made it to ch3 (view spoiler)

Adamus | 806 comments Yea I'm on chapter 5 I didn't know what anybody was doing kinda got carried away lol sorry

message 25: by Addy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Addy | 4989 comments Wow. I'll say! J/k. That's ok. Just as long as u use spoiler tags if u want to add a comment or anything. Must be good! I'll try for ch6 today.

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Addy | 4989 comments I went and saw The Gift last nite so didn't get much reading in. Awesome movie by the way if anyone should go and see it, it's well worth your money!

Adamus | 806 comments I was wondering how that movie was yesterday I seen the previews is that the horror movie by M. Night Shymalon or however you spell his name? Did you see the priviews for Guillermo Del Toro's Crimson Peak?

message 28: by Addy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Addy | 4989 comments No, I don't think it was by MNight. It wasn't really horror but more like a psychological thriller though it had a lot of ppl screaming. It was funny to experience. Never heard of crimson peak. I'll have to check it out.

Adamus | 806 comments Yea I gotta look into that movie. You have to see the trailer for All Hallows' Eve it comes out sometime this year it looks really good. I was hoping it was gonna be Laymon's version but it's still pretty cool looking!!

message 30: by Addy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Addy | 4989 comments I think the movie you are thinking of is The Visit which I plan on seeing. Crimson peak looks awesome! Is All Hallows' eve based on the laymon book?

Adamus | 806 comments Yea it def looks awesome! I don't think it's based on the Laymon book :( I'm not sure if it came out in 2013 some people said it did but the trailer I seen says 2015


message 32: by Addy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Addy | 4989 comments Yeah I saw a 2013 release and now 2015. Weird. Looks freaky! Clowns are scary already!

Adamus | 806 comments Yea they are!! That movie looks like it's gonna be good tho that video looked sooo weird!! Did you see that thing with the long nose

message 34: by Addy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Addy | 4989 comments Yeah, I saw it! I really like the concept of getting a freaky video in your Halloween bag. I'll have to see it.

Adamus | 806 comments Yea it def seems like a freaky video def a interesting concept.

Adamus | 806 comments Imagine getting paid $20 to try deodorant and have people smelling your armpits lol that's horrible smh

Adamus | 806 comments Addy wrote: "Made it to ch3 [spoilers removed]"

Hmm...I haven't thought of that. My first opinion was that people keep getting hired & leaving because they find out about the Monstrosity. There are a lot of unanswered questions still.

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Addy | 4989 comments I'm sure Clare is gonna wish she could have kept the armpit job when she finds out exactly why she was hired at the clinic. I think the (view spoiler)

Adamus | 806 comments Do you think (view spoiler)

message 40: by Addy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Addy | 4989 comments Yes. I totally agree with you;)

Adamus | 806 comments I was reading a little bit of chapter 6 & (view spoiler)

message 42: by Addy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Addy | 4989 comments (view spoiler)

Adamus | 806 comments Lmao!! (view spoiler)

message 44: by Addy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Addy | 4989 comments Totally! Lol!

Adamus | 806 comments At the end of Chapter 6 you find out what happened to the previous chief Grace Fletcher. It's crazy!!

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Addy | 4989 comments I bet! Just got to part 2. I'll have to read some more tonight.

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Addy | 4989 comments The end of ch4 was quite interesting. On to ch5. Still a little behind on this one.

Adamus | 806 comments It's ok I'm on chapter 7 and just was waiting for everybody to catch up while reading the Cellar. It's really good so far I'm about mid-way thru the book so I'll probably finish it tonite

Adamus | 806 comments I'll probably going to read chapter 8 & 9 & then go back to the Cellar for a little bit

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Addy | 4989 comments Ch6. Yay! Things are really heating up. This book is surely a page turner. Glad u are enjoying The Cellar!

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