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message 1: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Clysdale | 253 comments Mod
Question, Comments, Discussion for Self Publish Books Challenge.

message 2: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Denney (kerrydenney) | 61 comments Hi Samantha. I self-published my new paranormal thriller DREAMWEAVERS on August 4th (my 3rd published novel, first self-published). Are we allowed to recommend our own works, or do I need to get another member to do so? Thanks!

message 3: by Gary (new)

Gary Bonn | 4 comments Following Kerry with the same question: Can I present a book - (first self-published).

Muffy College Cambridge (Rude Awakening Book 1) by Gary Bonn

message 4: by Riley (new)

Riley Amos Westbrook (sonshinegreene) | 37 comments Well, I am a Self-Published author, but I'm not going to mention my own story. Instead, I think you guys should check out
It is very much a fantasy novel, but the elements themselves are steeped in the Paranormal. I found this read to be stupendous, and awe inspiring.

message 5: by C.V. (last edited Aug 11, 2015 11:45AM) (new)

C.V. Dreesman (cvdreesman) | 8 comments My self published paranormal fantasy novel, Cursefell, has been reviewed by a few fellow members (i.e., "I was swallowed up by the fantastic world Dreesman has created. Exceeded my expectation by far, it was so unique I was almost shocked with every page turned. This story had a lot of everything...and also good luck trying not to compare any future suitors in your attempt to find your own real life Galead.")
I would love to hear what everyone else thinks.
Cursefell by C.V. Dreesman

message 6: by Luna (last edited Aug 13, 2015 01:39PM) (new)

Luna DeMasi | 1 comments I'd love it if some of you would consider reading my self-published book; it'd mean so much to me!

The Black Swan Company by Luna DeMasi

message 7: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Millmore | 3 comments If appropriate, I'd love to offer .mobi copies of my latest self-pub release for the challenge

message 8: by REMEMBER UKRAINE NOW ReadingReindeer (last edited Aug 11, 2015 12:32PM) (new)

REMEMBER UKRAINE NOW ReadingReindeer (readingreindeerproximacentauri) | 31 comments Ready to sign up! Goal = 50
Shelf =

Kerry: i owe you a review; will start on the 16th

message 9: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Denney (kerrydenney) | 61 comments Thanks Mallory, hope you enjoyed it! Looking forward to seeing your thoughts. Cheers!

message 10: by Rain (new)

Rain Oxford | 1 comments I'm not sure if this is how it works. I have a self-published book series that is paranormal mystery.

Dark Waters (Elemental Book 1) by Rain Oxford
Dark Waters

message 12: by Tom (new)

Tom (tom_shutt) | 21 comments Jumping on the bandwagon, I have a paranormal suspense book coming out soon that I think a lot of readers would enjoy. =)

Brooding City (Brooding City, #1) by Tom Shutt

Contact me for a free copy in the format of your choice!

message 13: by Megan (new)

Megan (mdentnagle) | 3 comments What a great challenge to recognize the hard work and talent of many self-published authors. I'd love my book, Azurite to be considered by readers as well.

Cheers and Happy Reading!!!

Azurite by Megan Dent Nagle

message 14: by Louise (new)

Louise White | 7 comments So many fantastic books to be discovered!
Here's my 'Gateway' series for consideration.
The Calling (Gateway Series #1) by Louise G. White Chasing The Demon (Gateway Series #2) by Louise G. White
Book 3 due out in October.

message 15: by Nicholette (new)

Nicholette Campbell (lovingmylife-goodreadscom) | 12 comments I challenge myself to read the books of some of those posted here. I will add my shelf after work today.
Challenge: 20
Aug 2015 Challenge shelf:

My first self published book for consideration
Soul Chaser Volume #1 by Nicholette Campbell

message 16: by C.V. (new)

C.V. Dreesman (cvdreesman) | 8 comments I'll keep the current 0.99 sale for a few extra days if there is interest from fellow members reading my indie book (Cursefell)
Hope that helps!

message 17: by Grace (new)

Grace Hudson (gracehudson) What a great idea to feature self-published authors. I won't recommend my book since it's a dystopian thriller, with some paranormal elements. So, in the spirit of not self-promoting, here's the link, just in case you decide not to listen to me and read it anyway!


FERTS by Grace Hudson

message 18: by Jean (new)

Jean Carlson (jeanlowecarlson) | 3 comments Awesome challenge! Such a great way for us all to read some new indie voices! I'd like to submit my self-published dark fantasy/paranormal romance trilogy "Three Days of Oblenite" for the challenge, Breath, Tears, and Blood.

Breath (Three Days of Oblenite, #1) by Jean Lowe Carlson Tears (Three Days of Oblenite, #2) by Jean Lowe Carlson Blood (Three Days of Oblenite, #3) by Jean Lowe Carlson

message 19: by Sarah (last edited Aug 13, 2015 08:17PM) (new)

Sarah Stafford (sarahstafford) | 1 comments I'd like to submit my self-pub YA supernatural/paranormal suspense novel The Handmaiden of Death for the challenge as well.

The Handmaiden of Death by Sarah Stafford

message 21: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Brownlee (sarah_spitfire) | 5 comments Great, I'd love to submit mine!

How the Wolf Lost Her Heart by Sarah Brownlee

'How the Wolf Lost Her Heart' is a YA Paranormal Romance set in a future London where thugs and criminals rule the city. Skye Archer is a Morpher who can transform into her spirit animal upon command - one day, she meets a man who is not quite what he seems and her world is turned upside down.

So far, the book has over fifty glowing 4* and 5* reviews on Amazon- please check it out! I'm also open to read & reviewing if any readers would like the opportunity.


message 22: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Waltz (andreawaltz) | 12 comments I downloaded it! ;)

Andrea wrote: "Would also like to submit my debut New Adult paranormal apocalypse eBook, USERS, which is available free on Amazon Kindle through August 17th. I would really appreciate feedback ;-D


message 23: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Waltz (andreawaltz) | 12 comments Well done on your book description!!

Sarah wrote: "I'd like to submit my self-pub YA supernatural/paranormal suspense novel The Handmaiden of Death for the challenge as well.

The Handmaiden of Death by Sarah Stafford"

message 24: by S.J. (new)

S.J. Wright | 10 comments I would like to submit my own title.

The Deepest Shade of Blue

Which is free on kindle now and for the next 5 days for readers to download. It's a romance,adult,paranormal book. I would really appreciate feedback. Thanks.

After a week of hard work young part time waitress, Gabrielle Rose doesn't believe another night out with her best friend is called for. That is until the night takes her into the arms of the world famous magician, Laurent Quinn. After their brief encounter and completely embarrassing herself in front of him, she believes she will never see him again that is until she bumps into him.

Gabrielle is naive and confused about the feelings she is having for this man. He is like no man she has ever met before, and that doesn't even take into consideration of how he can perform his amazing magic. Her friends already seem to be under his spell, but where does his true power lie?

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