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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA set in a girls' boot camp/boarding school?? [s]

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message 1: by Macy (new)

Macy (rockymthorrorshow) | 5 comments I picked this book up on a whim out of my high school library, and now that I want to go back and find it again, I can remember just about everything BUT the title! It was about a girl who gets sent to one of those "tough love" boarding school/boot camp places, I'm pretty sure it was in Arizona or Utah. Before she left, she had been involved with a guy in a band, and while she's there, she sneaks out to go see him play (and ends up playing with him, I think). By the end, she and a group of other girls have gathered evidence of the boot camp's abusive nature and go to a retired journalist for help shutting them down. Initially, he refuses, but ends up getting the story out there in the end. I remember one of the girls (not the protagonist) had checked herself in because her father had died and she was afraid of being in the outside world and living with that uncertainty, or something like that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

message 2: by Liralen (new)

Liralen | 710 comments Definitely Sisters in Sanity.

message 3: by Macy (new)

Macy (rockymthorrorshow) | 5 comments Liralen wrote: "Definitely Sisters in Sanity."

You are AMAZING!! Thank you so much!!

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Liralen | 710 comments You're welcome :)

For what it's worth, What It Takes to Pull Me Through and Shouting at the Sky made really interesting nonfiction counterparts to Sisters in Sanity.

message 5: by Macy (new)

Macy (rockymthorrorshow) | 5 comments Fantastic! I've been wondering what I was going to do with this week of vacation time I've got coming up :) Thank you!

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Liralen | 710 comments Enjoy!

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