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Built for both Hockey as well as Ice Skating, this wink tends to 'have it all'. Course that includes the plenty of bruises you get as you fal as well as a sort of 'oh now I get why the sell mittens here' feeling you get once you fall down. The 1 inch thick ice is sturdy strong as smoothened out each hour to keep it stay pretty.

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somebody | 332 comments Luke had hopped onto the machine, turning it on as the buffers moved over in circles. It was incredibly loud actually and harmed his ears when it was on if he didn't use headphones. It was another lazy day. Doing odd jobs for this place wasn't all too terrible but sometimes he would have preferred an actual job; anything really. But if he were to eventual get a good job here he had to start somewhere- he just wished it wasn't a boy toy for the man to throw around where ever he was too lazy to get a replacement.

"I'M A BOSS ASS BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH" Rang around in his head as he drove on- stupid pandora and it's selective number of free skips a day. But he'd live with it. He just wished the songs weren't from washed up animals that dared to call themselves musicians. The crunching under the ice allowed him not to hear a door open. And he fact that he forgot to lock the place didn't help much either with intruders.

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Megan (nightrunner) Kenzie was kicking herself. She had lost track of time and hadn't been able to get over to the rink, now she just prayed that it wasn't closed, but the door was unlocked. She heaved a sigh of relief, quickly pulling her hair up into a bun. She plopped her bag down on one of the bleachers, the music in her ears drowning out the ice smoothing machine as she slipped off her shoes and started to lace up her skates. She moved down toward the ice, then looking up at the machine and groaning, plopping back on the bleacher closest to her. She pulled out her ear buds, shaking her head. Well, this day was pretty much wasted now. She reached down to start unlacing her skates again, shaking her head.

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somebody | 332 comments For a split second, Luke had caught sight of someone in the bleachers as he mentally cursed to himself. The damn door, that's what he forgot. Sighing he stopped the machine for a moment, wrapping his jacket tighter around himself and exiting onto the ice. A fail on his part seeing as he couldn't move very well on it.
"Um! Hello!" He called a bit as he shifted along the ice. He couldn't managed to get another word out as he suddenly regretting wearing flip flops on the job. He was going to mention to her something about how the place was closed, and despite how much he didn't exactly want to deny the girl her right to skate. He figured he would have to. It'd be better that way, perhaps.

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Megan (nightrunner) Kenzie's head snapped up at the sound of someone addressing her. She looked at the boy, seeing him stumbling sliding around. "Hey!" she called back, tying her skates quickly jumping on ice, smoothly making her way over to him, offering him a hand to steady himself on. "The ice is slippery you know. That's why it's here," she told him. She hoped he would let her stay. She didn't want to go, and the ice was so smooth. She didn't want to go off the untouched ice. She wanted to skate on it and show off. "Before you say anything, give me one minute to impress you, and if I do, let me stay, if not, kick me out."

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somebody | 332 comments He chuckled lightly. "I'm pretty sure I'd let you stay, regardless if you're impressive, it's more of a 'don't tell my boss I forgot to lock the place'. However since you already offered." He chuckled lightly, managing to get himself a spot on the ice where he wouldn't fall off, staring at her before managing to get off the ice-just barely. Watching on the safely solid ground. He could tell she wanted to skate badly, most people would have gave in already and just left home. But she was here, and actually begged for it. Noting off what he noticed he came to the conclusion that she loved this.

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Megan (nightrunner) Kenzie smiled widely at him, kissing his cheek, seeing him safely to solid ground, then racing into the center of the ice. "One minute, starting now!" she called out, starting in a wide arc around the rink, hitting a triple axle near right off the bat, then a smooth split leap. She moved to pick up a little speed, then hit three triples in a row, then started to spin, her body graceful and beautiful and perfect. Skating was as natural as breathing to her. She pulled up out of the spin and moved over to where he was waiting. "Time?" she asked, raising one eyebrow at him.

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somebody | 332 comments Since the moment she said now he had set off his watch, watching her in a bit of amazement. She was good enough for the Olympics- Though he figured she knew that by now as he gave her a lazy grin. "4 seconds till 60" He chuckled lightly, his hand scratching at the back of his neck as he stared at her, running his fingers through his hair.
"I'm guessing you've been going this a long time" He admitted with a light chuckle.

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Megan (nightrunner) "You can say that. I love being on the ice. Have you locked that door yet?" she asked him teasingly. She leaned against the hockey glass. "I'm guessing you don't get out on the ice much, do you?" she asked him, cocking her head to the side, her eyes sparkling. She figured she could at least teach him how to move on the ice. You had to respect it. You couldn't just walk, you had to be grounded, give to it. She had learned that when she started skating.

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somebody | 332 comments "I do odd jobs, but so far the only thing I've had to do on the ice is smoothen it" Luke admitted with a small sigh. He jumped a bit when he remembered he still had to lock it. Which he got up to do as he headed over to the door quickly. "However locking the door would be a great place to start" He chuckled, taking less than 30 seconds to do that and walk back to her. He just locked them in without realizing it, not that that was a bad thing. But it was definitely new. For him anyways. "I have a feeling you've been doing this since you knew how to talk?" He teased her lightly, noticing how it was almost easier for her on the ice than actual walking.

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Megan (nightrunner) "So you're just a helping hand around here?" she asked, looking at him curiously. "I'm a bit surprised we haven't run into each other before." She watch him go to the door, chuckling, shaking her head at him. "I started ice hockey when I was five, figure skating when I was six. Either way, I'm a force to be reckoned with," she told him with a smile. She started to just coast easily around the rink, skates barely making a whisper against the ice, so she could still hear him, no matter where she was on the ice.

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somebody | 332 comments He chuckled lightly. Watching her. "I'm a force to be reckoned with on the ice as well- But mines more of a 'Get out of my way or I'll crash into you' sort of way" He admitted with a smile of sorts on his face. He watched sitting on the edge of it, mostly just watching her. He couldn't skate and honestly wasn't so sure he wanted to. She probably had a boyfriend or was 3 years younger and shipped off to be married by a Duke-Or a hockey player. His mind fumbled between those two-Though why he wasn't so sure. She seemed freeier than that however making him doubt such a thing as an arranged marriage.

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Megan (nightrunner) "So how long have you been here at the resort?" she asked him, taking off into a another triple. She never missed one it seemed. She looked over at him as she landed, throwing him a wink. He was being kind to her, letting her stay here and be on the ice. The least she could do was flirt a little, though she really didn't even know how to flirt. She had watched others do it, but had never felt the need to do it herself. It felt a little odd. Sure, the boy was good looking, but she didn't even know his name. Come to think of it, he didn't even know hers.

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somebody | 332 comments Luke had shrugged to her. "Over a year; Though it's flattering you've at least manage to notice my existence- or acknowledge that I'm here now." He chuckled softly making a joke or sorts as he hopped off, planning on getting himself a drink. And unsure of what to get her. He did the gentlemen thing and gave her absolutely nothing. Because nothing says I love you like a load of air. Though regardless he was more interested in watching what she did than actually getting laid at the moment.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Well, you admitted you haven't been on the ice much, and this is where I spend most of my time," she shrugged. She raced over to him, spraying a little ice at the glass in front of him. "I'm McKenzie by the way, everyone calls me Kenzie or Kenz though," she told him, popping the door open to offer a hand out to him. "It's nice to meet you." Her feet moved antsily over the ice. She couldn't really stand to be in one place for long when she was on the ice. "Do you know how to turn the music on in here?"

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somebody | 332 comments Luke nodded his head to her lightly as he got up moving over to turn on the radio. Which only mentioned the blizzard going on outside. "I'd hate to be stuck out there" he admitted shaking his head lightly with a sigh and looking down. "Though it appears we're actually stuck in here" for a moment the radio and their conversation went dead, the loudest sound being the wind outside, the fall back her skates and then his heart beat. "So how long have you been here then?" He asked, biting his lip a bit.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Well, this isn't such a bad place to be stuck, not for me anyway,"Kenzie shrugged, thinking she would undoubtedly be caught in the storm right now if she had tried to go home. The sudden quiet didn't bother Kenzie, she was used to the sounds of the rink, the wind was louder than usual, but it didn't bother her. She looked over to him as he spoke, starting to move around the rink again. "I've been her practically since I was born. I've always lived in town or on the resort," Kenzie informed him, she was just coasting around, knowing that this practice wouldn't be her normal caliber mostly just because she had someone other than her coach around.

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somebody | 332 comments He nodded his head. Looking over at her for a moment and thinking. So she's been there her whole life- and probably spends most her time in here. "Is this your first time here today " he questioned her lightly, licking his lips to stop them from getting dry. If so- didn't she eat or something? He supposed she burned a lot of calories form skating, she'd have to back it up.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Today? No. I was here at dawn, before I had to do school work, then I came back after lunch. I went to the weight room and lost track of time. I was planning on eating dinner after this, but I guess we're pretty stuck now. I truly doubt they'd like me breaking into the snack bar to feed myself, even if we are pretty stuck here," she told him, doing a bit of a jump kick, just improvising on the ice. "Do you want to learn how to skate, just while we're here?" she offered, thinking they definitely had time to kill.

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somebody | 332 comments He nodded his head. He never fully learned why people should have to learn to walk on ice, if the world was heating up, swimming would be a much better hobby. "Can't be too hard" he chuckled lightly to her shaking his head. Oh but it is, and if he isn't as bad as I was, he'd still be covered in bruises head to toe. "Is it though?" He asked her after a moment as he got over closer to her and the edge for a moment. He'd have to put on skates.

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Megan (nightrunner) "It's not too hard if you have a good teacher," she told him with a grin. Was she a good teacher, well, they were about to find out, one way or another. "If I teach you, will you help me get into the snack bar to eat?" she asked him, praying he had keys and that they wouldn't have to pick the lock. She skated over to the door to the ice. "You have skates, or do you need to go get a pair from the rental?" she asked, stepping off the ice and putting covers on her skates so she wouldn't wear them down.

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somebody | 332 comments "I'll have to get a pair, and in case we're stuck here for a while- well I'm not letting us misout on dinner, especially when I have a key in my pocket to it" He chuckled, moving over to try and put on some skates. However he soon realized he'd have trouble actually getting onto the ice in the first place. "Uh...How am I supposed to do this again?" He questioned her lightly, biting his lip as he looked at the ground, his feet, and the rink. Should have thought on this earlier. "Do I just, like. Walk? Crawl maybe?" He asked, his face cringing up slightly before relaxing itself out.

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Megan (nightrunner) "You know how you walk with really big shoes on, kind of shuffling. When starting out, it's easiest to do that, though the sound it makes isn't too great," she shrugged, offering him a hand up, thinking she could be on the inside, and he could stay close to the wall until he was comfortable with moving out into the ice. "You never told me your name, you know," she mused, looking at him curiously.

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somebody | 332 comments "It's Luke" Which was all he felt he'd need to say about that. He hadn't mentioned it, due to the fact he actually hadn't expected he'd even be staying here this late. Though after a bit of struggling he managed to get to the ice. "Forgot to mention it didn't it?" He asked with a bit of a lazy smile to it. He figured it'd be a piece of cake, easily done. If she could do it, so could he. Just...Maybe could take a little while before he didn't fall flat on his face or something.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Well Luke, why don't you hold onto my hand an the wall until you get you feet under you. You just have to kind of shuffle and push yourself forward. As long as you aren't too terrible, I'll be able to keep you up right," Kenzie offered a gloved hand out, smiling at him. She was trying to be encouraging, kind off just hoping that if he fell, he wouldn't take her down with him. She knew it wasn't as easy as she made it look, but it couldn't be too hard.

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somebody | 332 comments He nodded his head. "I won't be afraid to take you down with me" he warned quickly. He knew for the most part it was just a game to pass the time away without trying to be too awkward. But he was okay with that-He'd manage with that. "Because trust me, I'm the worst person at balancing on slippery things" He chuckled warningly, before actually moving onto the ice. A foot going one way and the other somewhere else as his hands flew to grab onto the side of the rink to stop from falling. "Perhaps better control is required" He chuckled.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Well, then I better be a good teacher," Kenzie tried to brush it off, deftly moving her skate away as his foot slipped toward it. He caught himself though. "I would keep a hand on the wall. Bend your knees, it'll give you a little lee way and lower your center of gravity, make it easier. Plus if you fall, it won't hurt as much. Then just step and push," she told him, showing him in a few slow, long runs, turning back to slip back beside him.

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somebody | 332 comments He nodded his head, bending his knees a bit and just choosing to push himself off using the wall. It was the only thing he could do at the moment to make him move. And he was going. Just barely with his feet getting a bit tangled every couple seconds. He chuckling a bit shaking his head. "So how do you keep your legs straight?" He asked her, raising an eyebrow to her as he tried to figure it out for himself. Perhaps if he hadn't cheated out of using actual roller skates this would have done down better. Or maybe double bladed skates.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Years of practice, spending more of my life on ice than solid land," she told him, staying close to him. She didn't want him to hurt himself, and she knew it was harder for guys to skate, but at least he was on hockey skates instead of figure skates. They were easier to balance out. "Haven't you ever been to a roller rink or anything like that?" she asked him, finding this actually quite amusing. "Move your feet out with each step, it'll help with your feet getting called up, move to the side of you foot slightly with each step." They had progressed about halfway around the rink, slowly but surely. He was getting a little better at this.

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somebody | 332 comments "Yea, but I used two nice rows of wheels and didn't have to worry about my ankles caving in and breaking" He chuckled. "Sides, I'm not even all too good at that until after a good 10 minutes- before then I'm kind of an object that falls straight down then back up again" He tried to think of it as the same concept, but it wasn't helping so much. And even when roller skating he couldn't manage to stop himself. Falling or grabbing onto the rail was his best bet for that kind of stuff. He tried doing what she asked and for a second had something before he actually fell. The ice was freezing too and his hands couldn't get an actual grip on the ground to get himself up.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Your ankle won't cave in, that's why the boots are as thick as they are," she tried to comfort him, shaking her head. She didn't want to point out that they still had five minutes to go before he became good at this. He was actually doing pretty decently though, she had seen people just learning before, and they would have already fallen about seven times by now. Then he started to get it, moving out away from the wall for a moment, then falling. She giggled softly, catching up to him and sticking a toe pick in the ice to keep her in place so she could help him up. "You've almost got it, now just cut out the falling part," she teased, taking his hand to pull him up, guiding him back over to the wall.

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somebody | 332 comments He laughed rolling his eyes. "Ever thought about joining Disney on ice?" He asked shaking his head as he managed to get up. "Cause you'd be a great backup skater" He smirked. Despite the fact that he was over a billion times worse than her at this rate. Honestly he blamed it on society though perhaps that wasn't the way to go. He managed to keep his feet straight out for the moment and tried to keep himself steady. Maybe if he just kept his feet a little wider apart this would be easier- that is, if he could manage to keep his feet apart. He slid around a bit before managing to catch some sort of balance and managing a grin at that. He could totally be a figure skater, if he could do this anyways. Well that's what he had figured.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Disney, maybe after the 2018 Olympics. I'm getting at least two winter games out of all of this. I have the last qualifier for the Olympic team in about a month and a half. My coach thinks I should sail onto the team. She's been out scooping competition for the last two weeks. She's going to be back next week," Kenzie told him, holding still as he started to get his feet under him. "There you go, see, you're not too bad. It's only been seven minutes too," she teased him, starting to skate backwards in front of him, slowly, trying to guide him forward. It was actually kind of fun to hang out with this guy, with Luke.

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somebody | 332 comments He chuckled. "So a better question is do you want to do all of this? Cause' if you practice as much as you let on it doesn't seem like you're exactly living the biggest social life ever- or one at all" He admitted. "I know it's fun an all, but what happens after you grow to old, or break a bone?" He sighed. It's the only reason he didn't base his entire life on snowboarding, or any other sport. If you get injured. Well. You're dead. It's all gone and over. Or when you get to old and money runs out, he wasn't sure he would have spent enough time learning something else. He was getting the hang of it, least moving in giant ovals.

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Megan (nightrunner) "I want this more than anything. Skating is all I've ever known. IT's hard not having friends or family around, my father practically disowned me, but I still have skating. When I get older, I want to take over a rink, to teach girls that have dreams like mine, to teach them how much hard work can pay off. I don't want to think about getting hurt," she told him, biting her lip, the back of her skate catching on one of the deep grooves his fall had left in the ice, making her fall back on her butt, though she got right back up. She was used to slight falls. "Now you're terrible skating is going to hurt me," she joked, shaking her head at him.

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somebody | 332 comments He laughed shaking his head. "Oh don't be so mean. I'm just saying. What if it amounts to nothing?" He know he was being a bit...oh a downer if e. Said that. But how hadn't nothing more Han the idea that she'd have to be snapped back into reality in a different way. It wasn't fair for anyone who tried to hard to be the best, only to come up short. "But if you make it to the Olympics, well. I'll make sure I come to watch it" he insisted with a small nod of his head. And a slight grin. Watching her. He managed to get the hang Of circles pretty well though that was about it. Circles are always safe.

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Megan (nightrunner) "I won't amount to nothing," Kenzie told him fiercely, stopping an inch in front of his face, then racing away to cool herself off. If you make the Olympics... She would make the Olympic team. She stepped off the ice, quickly unlacing her skates and slipping them off, showing her tights that were littered with holes, her feet red and blistered underneath. Her new skates had been killing her feet, she wouldn't tell anyone though. She needed the new skates, her old ones had torn out two weeks ago, she had to break the new ones in as soon as possible, screw the pain it caused her. She pulled a jacket on over her leotard, pulling her knees into her chest. She would not be nothing. She was better than that. Screw what everyone else said.

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somebody | 332 comments Luke quickly noticed he chose the wrong words to say as it took him a couple minutes to struggle over there. His mind clouded and the moment he caught a look at her feet he cringed. Jesus how did she do that.
"Kenzie..." He started quickly and quietly. Feeling bad about her reaction to it. "You're right." He cleared his throat coming out strong sounding. "You'll be the best skater in the world, think of it as testing your mental abilities. The moment you doubt you can do it, is the moment you stop being able to" he informed her. "So come on. And insult me for me stupidity of asking. Being physically good is only half the work. The other is your attitude. To be able to say 'suck it' to doubters. And since you're hugging you knees- I'll take it your worried" he sighed.

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Megan (nightrunner) Kenzie didn't look up, even as she saw his approach. She swallowed hard, flexing her feet slowly, trying to work out some of the hurt in them. "You don't understand a thing," Kenzie said softly, turning her face away from him. "No one ever thought I would amount to anything, no one but my mom, and dad won't even let me talk to her. I'm not even allowed to see my twin brother. I haven't seen him in ten years. No one wants to support me but people who don't even know me. People who have money to spare, so hell, why not give the girl a little bit of something. It's me. Only me. Do you even know what that's like?" she asked, her voice not getting any louder. She hated not knowing what her own family was doing, where they were, not knowing her twin brother's best friend, or sharing a birthday party with him. "My dad calls me everyday to tell me how disappointed he is in me. He says I was being a spoiled brat in wanting to stay here, and that the family should have come first."

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somebody | 332 comments He sighed. Nodding his head and sitting down near her. "The whole point is rising up above that. He isn't your family so block his damn number" he sighed. "My life wasn't the best either, still isn't. But it's the challenges that make us stronger. You have to make It worth everything that happened. Make it worth it. Because I can guarantee you'll see your brother and mother again. You just have to work at it. They'll come watch you a the Olympics, probably wait at the damn. Finish line for you! Because your dad doesn't own them, and he sure doesn't own you" he sighed. Leaning against the wall as he sat near her. "Living the way you are is your fault, it's your job to make it better. Start with getting rid of a father who hates you" he offered the last part. Hoping he could help at least with something.

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Megan (nightrunner) Kenzie was a little surprised at the way he was trying to help her, they had just met, yet he seemed to actually give a damn about her, which was new. "My biggest fear has always been injury. I just keep imagining what a broken leg will do to me, or even a sprained ankle. I can't stop fearing that, but I guess the least I can do is block my father's number," she admitted, looking up at him. "How about we get some dinner now, before we get into the confessions and life stories?" she asked, joking lightly.

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somebody | 332 comments "Injuries are always possible, but that's the easy part. Well easier said than done. Don't doubt yourself the entire time you're on the ice" he offered. "Because i dont. So far you're amazing. But food would also be just as amazing right now cause I haven't eaten since like lunch yesterday" he admitted with a laugh, grabbing the key and getting up. Offering her a hand of sorts. "Maybe some foot padding for the shoes, I image their like regular shoes. You need to break them in so they're comfortable" he chuckled. "Or maybe just moving the shore around so it's more flexible?" He offered. Couldn't something like YouTube help with this? He figured so anyways. His stomach grumbled a bit so he rushed ahead to see if he could work with the food back there and please his stomach. Or mess everything up which also seemed possible.

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Megan (nightrunner) Kenzie laughed softly as he admitted he too was hungry. She smiled, taking his hand to pull herself up, then giving it a squeeze and letting it go, walking up on her toes. It hurt the least when she walked this was, it was also why people had thought she was limping for the last few days. "When I'm on the ice, I don't doubt myself, at least not when I'm practicing, or competing. I go to this place where there's no one else around me, no matter how many people are in the stands. It's just me, alone on the ice, it feels like the most natural thing in the world," there was an odd tone in her voice, like she was suddenly far away from everything. She shook her head, smiling faintly at him. "My feet will be fine, this is inevitable when breaking skates in. If you put in padding, they;ll be too big and give you blisters later, moving them could hurt them and scuff them up, I'm used to it, this is like my 20th pair of skates."

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somebody | 332 comments "I know, doesn't mean it doesn't hurt" he admitted, actually pretty close to offering her some sort of foot massage cause that looked painful. "We can have pretzels or hotdogs hot, and there's plenty of chips and hard candy to go around" he chuckled lightly, turning on some stuff so he could cook himself a hotdog. "Now what do you want ma'am" he asked her with a playful smirk, resting his hands against the table as he stared at her. Honestly he was slowly getting hungrier and wouldn't certainly deny her food either. He kind if figured she must schooled? Mostly because she gave off a hint that she didn't exactly attend a school. And the idea of friends was slowly dying out as well. Which kind of made him want to be hers more. Like she deserved something good in her life- other than skating.

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Megan (nightrunner) Kenzie shrugged,"It's not too bad, Luke, I have stuff in my bag to help it," she told him, jumping up to sit on the counter as he started making food. "Want to make me two hot dogs? I'm absolutely starving," she told him, grabbing a bag of white cheddar popcorn and popping it open, starting to munch on it. "So, what do you normally do for fun? Since you mostly know what there is to know about me." She kicked her feet out, like a little kids, swinging them back and forth, munching on her popcorn, offering some out to him.

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somebody | 332 comments Luke nodded his head and staring in the other hotdogs, cooking up some popcorn as well. Such healthy choices he had going on. "There isn't much to me. I work here for odd jobs, and more of an assistant to the man who owns the place" He admitted with a shrug. "I do what he asks which is usually to fill in for missing workers and slave away until that person's shift is over- I usually get paid the same" he sighed. "Less I fill in for the restaurant, which I prefer since I get to keep the tips" he stated. "I live in a small room here and spend most my time saving up money for a future I'm not sure I'll exactly have if he makes me work the lifts out there again" he chuckled lightly shaking his head. "But life is good. everything is...normal. Nothin big like the Olympics" he admitted. "I only dabble in things nowadays.

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Megan (nightrunner) "So I'm guessing that means you've graduated high school?" she asked him. "And what's so bad about working on the lifts?" She was curious, she thought that didn't sound too bad, at least her would have lots of time to himself. She wondered if he would want to move in with her. There was an extra room in her cabin, and it was milliseconds away from the resort. It could get lonely in there, maybe having a roommate would be nice.

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somebody | 332 comments "Yea, last June." He shrugged lightly. "And the lifts are freezing" He admitted shaking his head with a pretend shudder in the rather warm food court they were in. "And most people skip that job if they can, because it fucking sucks" He laughed shaking his head again with a sigh and taking out the hotdogs. Warm and toasty. Just the was he liked to feel. "Since your family's gone, where exactly do you live?" He asked, biting his lip lightly.

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Megan (nightrunner) "That sounds absolutely terrible. At least the rink is warm," she said with a giggle, shaking her head. As he took off the hot dog, she opened up buns to put them in, finding some nacho cheese and smiling. "Cheese dogs?" she asked him, smiling. "Oh, I have a cabin just like two seconds down the street from the resort. It's not too big, but it gets lonely. I've wanted a roommate, but I don't have many people I would invite to live with me," she shrugged, trying to brush it off. She felt happy, she wasn't feeling the stress she should be with so many competitions so near in the future. She would basically be going coast to coast on a weekly basis. "Oh no! My babies are home all alone! Mittens hates storms, she'll run herself up a wall!"

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somebody | 332 comments "Cats?" Was all Luke asked as he practically already agreed to the cheese dogs. God he was starving. "Wish for a side of chips?" He offered raising an eyebrow to her and managing a smirk. "Though I'm sure your babies are going to be fine" He insisted to her with a low chuckle and shaking of his head. Not so okay apparently judging by how she was acting but it's not like she could actually do anything to help with her babies.

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