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message 1: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments Aloha :P so do you have anything in mind?

message 2: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) None =/

And hi!

message 3: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments Hey there :P
What do you like to roleplay?

message 4: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) Nope =(

message 5: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments Do have any genres that you like a lot? Like romance, realistic, supernatural?

message 6: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) Supernatural/ action/ adventure =)

message 7: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments I like them too! Do you have any plot or storyline?

message 8: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) None sadly =(

message 9: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments Don't worry :P
Can I be the girl?

message 10: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) As sson as u gimme a plot, then yes =P

message 11: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments Okay, I've got an idea.

The girl and boy are from the same supernatural society called The Nightlands, but are different species. These species haven't gotten along since the world first started, so they are always spying on each other and always sending people to kill others. The boy gets sent to the girls coven to kill the girl, she can be of some importance, but instead the boy brings her to his coven and they hold her hostage: they don't feed her, they tease her, and they keep her locked up. We can continue it from there.

message 12: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) Hostage for what? o.O

message 13: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments The boys species wants to try and control the girls species, so they keep her hostage to try and bribe her father, which is king or lord of her species, to hand over his coven.

message 14: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) Sweet! So, romance or no?

message 15: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments I'm kind of obsessed with romance, so yes please :)

message 16: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) Haha okay

Be warned: My charrie somehow always seem much more... like-able in non-romance when compared to romance o.O idk why...

message 17: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments Oh okay, well you dont have to concentrate on the idea of romance, just let the story happen :)
Can you create your charrie first?

message 18: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) Nope. I'm a gentleman. Ladies first ;P

message 19: by Niran (last edited Feb 18, 2014 12:00PM) (new)

Niran | 1842 comments Haha xD oh fine!

Name: Mina Athen Vladimir

Age: 19

Species: Vampire


Personality: Mina's always been very obedient of her father and has always made sure that she has made her father proud. She's strong, independent, stubborn, quick thinking, witty and out going.Usually, Mina doesn't show much emotion, just authority and leadership. She has major trust issues but slowly opens up to being sarcastic, free thinking, funny, dark humoured and kind.

•Has a scar on the back of her neck.
•Wears a constant ring that allows her to be free of day light burning.

message 20: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) ((So by default I'll be a were?))

message 21: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments You can be any supernatural being you want, it doesn't have to be the basic werewolf or shapeshifter

message 22: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) Hmm.... what should I be?

message 23: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments I don't know :S

message 24: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) I shall be... myself! XD

message 25: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments Lmao xD if you want. Or we could switch it up and you can be a human who is a hunter

message 26: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) And I get to exorcist her? Cool!

Btw I gtg sleep so... ttyl?

message 27: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments Yeah you could :P
Okay, goodnight!

message 28: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) gn!

message 29: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) Back!

message 30: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments Yay! :D can you make your character?

message 31: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) Nope. Gtg again =(

message 32: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) Name: Arthur McOwen
Age: 21 Years
Planet/ Dimension/ Realm: Earth
Species: Hunter (Male)
Weapons: An eight inch curved and intricately designed blade, magnum pistols with solver bullets, a stake, a bow with arrows and God's grace. Of course, along with his skills and experience. He hunts almost every supernatural being that is looked upon as evil.
Appearance: The looks of a human with a combination of dark brown and jet black hair in a wild and unruly way. He is well-built, although not overly so. With a height of 6 feet, most mortals have to strain their necks when they are at an extremely close proximity. Muscles that sometimes highlighted a scar across his shoulder blade, even as he hated it.
Personality: Intelligent and resourceful, although sometimes it's misused for negative reasons. Diamond-headed when it comes to something he strongly supports but if you knew where to poke and pry, you can probably get through him. Lazy at times but when he is very much interested in something, the adrenaline pumping through him to do it will be more than water in the sea and faster than photons in high-speed. Quite sarcastic and humorous, mostly triggered as a defensive system or to try and mock someone. Loves to stay awake as long as possible to just do non-beneficial actions such as toying with his weapons. If not for all the missions, he would have called gaming his 5th in his always-do-list. Of course, the first is to breathe; the second to eat; the third to drink; and the fourth is to toy with his powers. Adventurous and very curious in anything he is interested in.
History: Nobody knows his past except for God himself. Not even the people closest to him. And he planned to keep it that way for all eternity.
Relationships: His father, mother and his very annoying younger sister. Emphasis the word "annoying". Although now he lost all connections to them and all he had was Anderson, his companion. That of course was because he lived over 20 centuries more than his family.
Likes: His powers, gaming, driving, sports, reading (Storybooks only), watching movies/documentary, mocking people's mistake, music and taking things to the extreme.
Dislikes: People judging him, work, rules, chores and pretty much everything a typical guy would hate.
Others: ((Under... 'maintenance'))

message 33: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments Nice :)
I'm going to edit my character because she seems dull

message 34: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) haha no probs

message 35: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments I can't now because I'm on my phone but who wants to start :P

message 36: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) not me on my phone too haha =P

message 37: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments I'll start

Mina had awoken to sun having gone down and the night having come up sneakily.
She was a vampire, she could not travel or walk around in day, it hurt her mind, eyes and body.
She got up from her bed, her maids giving her a glass of blood for the wake and laying out her clothes. But Mina simply waved away the maids and ordered them out of her suite.
She got dressed in a tight jumpsuit and a long dark gray coat that swayed all the way down to her ankles. She wore boot heals and placed her tucked her precious necklace away.
She made her way through the dark, sophisticated hotel that matched what every vampire needed: shelter, blood and feasts that were endless.
People who Mina passed bowed their heads, she was importance. She made her way to the underground club, already hearing the pounding music of the club. This club allowed both humans and vampires to mingle, but the humans were clueless as to what was really going on.

message 38: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) ((Cant... am on my phone... cant reply such a long message))

message 39: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) The scent was foul. But, it was always foul along this streets and alleys. Poor drunk men scrambling down the five-foot way. They have no idea what they're up for. Arthur fingered his weapons in his pocket. He had already designed his bow such that it will elongate when he wanted it to, and short enough to be kept in his backpack so that he looked like a normal tourist. He was dressed much thicker, though, to conceal his weapons. He had no need for armor. Supernatural creatures could very well tear them off him easily if they were within range.
Arthur wanted to puke as he walked passed the two drunk men. They smelled worse than the alley. Their breath was what made him frown in disapproval and disgust. Fortunately for them, they didn't bother Arthur. They wouldn't know what they'd be signing up for had they invited him for a brawl. But tonight, he wasn't planning on working. He was working a plan.
He entered the underground pub, apparently unnoticed by everyone. Just another lad coming for a drink, and maybe in some she-vampires' eyes, a feast coming unknowingly in. They can go suck their own bleeding thumb and run crying to their mothers if they even attempt to touch him.

message 40: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments Mina made her way down the metal case stairs that expanded out towards the dance floor, the bar and extra space. The place was big, spacious and enough to hold a hundred people and still have enough room.
She pushed her hair away and scanned the area, listening out for heart beats that determined the humans. She walked past people and the vampires gave her slight nods of respect, knowing who she was and what her status was.
"Make sure you keep an eye on the humans", she said casually to the two bouncers.
They nodded their heads and one of them smirked, showing off his fangs slightly.
Mina hissed.
"Do not misplace that as a pass to take and kill any human you want, if you make that mistake, Draco, I will eliminate you", she said venomously. He simply regarded her with a straight face and a nod. Before she gave him a final look, she looked towards the other one, giving him a warning look as well. She would not have them do as they pleased.
She then walked towards the bar, needing refreshment.

message 41: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) Arthur debated whether he should set his bag aside first before entering the crowd. If not, he'd have to lunge his bag all the way to the bar and pass all the sweaty columns of bodies. But, of course, he never did that. It's always best to keep his weapons nearby. Even when he knew he wouldn't be able to take on so many vampires at once, even if he was the predator.
He gave the bouncers a slight nod as he passed. He had no doubt that they knew he was human. He didn't bother on wigs. Vampires' senses were too acute for them to be fooled easily. That was the huge problem, the fact that he can't disguise himself as one of their kin. Or they'd all probably be slaughtered by a month. Stupid vampires. Aren't mosquitoes enough of a blood-sucker to deal with? Nature and it's effed up ways.
He reached the bar, deep in thought and seemingly relax. Today, he didn't plan to kill. He must remember that. A bounty has been placed on some vampire girl called Mina... and he still had no idea who that was. Time would tell, eventually. Thing is, he wasn't very patient, and he can get quite reckless when he was restless. He set his bag on the floor and called the bartender for beer.

message 42: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments Mina made her way to the bar, eventually. She had to pass by numerous amounts of crowds and dancing bodies. Even though the music blared she could still hear the distance murmurs among the vampires, her senses more alert than ever. She had learned that her authority came with power, immense and demanding as it was she enjoyed knowing that she could order someone and they'd obey.
Mina slammed her hand down on the bar, looking at the bar tender," Stefan, give me a straight whiskey, with ice". She sat at a stall and pushed away her jacket as she sat down. Finally, Stefan gave her the drink, looking her in the eyes and giving her a slight nod of respect. Slight so that the humans wouldn't notice, not an ordinary, naive human anyway.
She swiveled the ice about and looked down at her drink, looking intensely at the smooth and silk like motion of the drink around the ice.

message 43: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) Arthur, of course, almost missed the action. He only barely glimpsed the slight nod from the bartender as he handed someone her drink from the corner of his eye. That raised his curiosity and suspicion. She was two seats down from where he was. Maybe he could come in as an innocent man looking for a fun and pleasurable night. A young and naive man that has no idea what he has signed up for. Yes, he's acting skills were perfect, and it was almost impossible that she could detect his secret motive. Yes, he would try.
Getting up and taking the beer from the bartender, her went over to her, seeming casual, but not forgetting to place a slightly cocky posture and expression to himself. Ah, now a bit of his teenage nature can come in. He slid in next to her silently, trying his best to be a genuine player. Acting wasn't very difficult when you are actually comfortable with the role. He kept silent for a moment, simply taking in her features from the corner of his eye. He hoped it was his target, or he'd be wasting very much precious time.

message 44: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments Mina sipped at her whiskey easily, loving the drink and taking each sip carefully to enjoy it rather than devour it.
But she suddenly felt a presence coming closer to her, two seats down was a man who thought he was impressive to her. He soon approached and say next to her, not saying a word.
How foolish and idiotic, if only the human knew of what and who she was. She looked aside to him with a slight scowl, she observed him.
He was cocky and arrogant, his body posture showed that all, the smirk smudged across his face also showed that.
"May I help you?", she asked bitterly, continuing to scowl. Stefan looked at her from the middle of the bar, practically asking her if she needed help. She shook her head in a smooth way and looked back to the human, waiting for a cocky reply.

message 45: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) Inside, he was beyond delighted that he caught her attention without having to do so himself. One point to him. And apparently, she also fell under his disguise and foul play. Two points to Arthur McOwen. Now, he'd have to know if she was his target, and whether all his points were for nothing but to still lose painfully in the end.
"What about a name to the pretty face?" he offered, giving her a flirtatious look. Ah, he was going to enjoy this little banter. Of course, IF she was Mina. Stupid client didn't even give him a picture or a biodata. Just her title and name. He took notice of her little exchange with the bouncer. He was in deep shit if he was caught. Real deep shit. But he didn't falter, staring her right in the eye before turning his attention back to his beer. He wouldn't want to get drunk in front of a whole nest of vampires.

message 46: by Niran (new)

Niran | 1842 comments Mina rolled her eyes, she looked away from him and drank her whiskey straight, gulping every bit of it down and not taking a moment to taste it.
She tapped the top of her drink for a refill and Stefan nodded, showing he would do it. He took her cup away and off he went down the other side of the bar.
She turned around to him and stared at him intently, she turned completely so that her curvy body face him too.
"Since you invaded my personal space I believe I deserve to know the name that belongs to the arrogant, self absorbed and cocky bastard in front of me", she replied, giving him a fake smile and a slight glare. She already wanted to feed off of him until he no longer had any blood left n him. Drink him dry and torture him with whether or not he would live.

message 47: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) This time, he genuinely smirked, the corner of his lips twisting up into a lopsided grin. He was oh so tempted to have her call him darling. That would be fun. Of course, he didn't. He didn't want to ruin his plan.
"Name goes by Christian." At least, when it comes to lies. Ironic, really, considering she was a vampire and he was supposedly named 'Christian'. Hmm...
"And what should I call you, Miss...?" he trailed off, looking at her expectantly.

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Niran | 1842 comments Mina chuckled bitterly, Christian, really?
She concentrated on the sound of his heart, seeing if it bested rapidly to show that he was lying, but his heart was steady.
She got her drink and sipped at it while she looked at him slowly from beneath her lashes.
She saw him smirking slightly, which made her roll her eyes. Cocky and arrogant he was.
"Miss Vladimir to you",she replied, not giving her first name away just yet. He didn't ask for her first name, so she wouldn't give it.

message 49: by Your Mom (new)

Your Mom (yourxmom) He almost lost his smile. Why the heck didn't his client also give him a surname?! It's so... frustrating to need to wait and fish out information from her. Infuriating, indeed. He debated with himself if he should continue to ask for her first name, but decided against it. He didn't want to get her suspicions to high. Maybe he'd pop it in casually later on.
He kept on his cocky smile. He did also bring this upon himself. He started with a 'Miss' and trailed off. Couldn't really blame anybody else but himself. That's it, he couldn't wait any longer.
"Miss Vladimir?" he asked, as if hurt. "Do I not have a first name to call you by?" he asked innocently.

((Sry if I'm being stupid now but I'm really exhausted...))

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Niran | 1842 comments ((No you're not being stupid))

Mina smirked to herself, the curious human was being too curious and sometimes that could get you into trouble. It had happened plenty of times to squealing girls who didn't know how to handle themselves. She looked at her drink and then slowly looked up to Stefan, he seemed amused by the human and so was Mina. Though Stefan kept a close eye on the human, folding his arms and checking the human with his eyes.
If only he knew that he was simply the toy in this game, he would probably go running for the hills.
Mina turned to him again, looking at him and biting down on her lower lip questioningly.
"My name is Mina", she confirmed strongly.

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