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Waiting Spirits (Dark Forces, #11)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. MG book about a girl who gets possessed by ghost of grandma's dead sister [s]

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Kate (Feathered Turtle Press) (stargazer401) | 250 comments Read between 2002-2005. The book was worn, probably at least ten years old, maybe older.

It was about a girl and her younger sister who visited their grandmother and decided to bring out a Ouija board for some reason. The grandmother calls the spirit of her dead sister(I believe it was her sister and that she died when they were younger), either accidentally or intentionally, to entertain the kids. They keep doing it for some reason, but it gets out of hand at some point. The older sister gets possessed and (view spoiler)

message 2: by Ann aka Iftcan (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6972 comments Mod
So you are thinking it's set some time in say the mid 80's to about 2005? Or was there a more specific "feel" to it? (Excitement about Y2K/letdown that nothing much happened then, Challenger blowing up, 9/11?)

Kate (Feathered Turtle Press) (stargazer401) | 250 comments I don't remember any mentions or feelings about specific events like that. I do remember there weren't many (if any) mentions of video games / computers / DVDs, but possibly of VHS, which makes me think it's at least early to mid nineties at least.

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Kris | 33543 comments Mod
The Game by Les Logan? The Game (Dark Forces #1) by Les Logan

I found this in an Amazon discussion about "The Game":
- "Two sisters, twins I think, get in an accident leaving one paralyzed. The paralyzed twin starts playing with a ouija board and slowly becomes possessed. I remeber a part where they were throwing a house party and a guy piked up the paralyzed sister to dance with her and she tried to make him fall into a bonfire."
- "one twin sister paralyzed and played with the ouija and was possessed"

Kate (Feathered Turtle Press) (stargazer401) | 250 comments Thanks, but I don't think that's it, since no one was paralyzed. I'll read it though, just to be sure.

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Mir | 703 comments I don't think the details are quite right, but I read a book called Jane-Emily at least 20+ years ago that had a girl possessed by the spirit of another girl, who I think was a relative of an earlier generation. The girl and her older sister (it might have been from the sister's point of view) were staying with an older lady, I think a relative, the ghost was the daughter, maybe, of the woman they were staying with.

Kate (Feathered Turtle Press) (stargazer401) | 250 comments It is Waiting Spirits! Thank you!

Regan (livingscenery) | 47 comments No problem! It was one of my favorites when I was younger and I recognized it immediately.

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