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Blackjack, Tempest or Arion? Which is better ?
taha taha Aug 31, 2013 11:23PM
I reckon Arion because he is like a really fast runner, what do you think?

blackjack. dur

M 25x33
Robbie small bob disagrees
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Blackjack! Blackjack is frikin awesome! seems like mostly everyone seems to like Blackjack the most... :) He's been with everyone the longest. :) Only if my horse Khan were in there. :) :p

blackjack boss!

Blackjack for sure!

Blackjack, because that horse is hilarious ;) Arion comes in a close second and Tempest last.

Blackjack. He is just awesome. I do love Arion, though. Tempest is just . . . I dunno, he just doesn't do it for me. We never hear him actually speak like Blackjack and Arion, and he's just not as important, shall we say, in the plotline. He is not as developed as Blackjack and Arion.

(Even though talking about character development in mythical horses does strike me as fairly surreal.)

I LOVE Blackjack, but Arion is a very close second. I'm excited to see what Arion does next in HoH. I'm excited that he comes back at the end of the preview chapter. Hazel and Arion are cute together.

Side thought: does anyone else think that Arion will be the descendant of Neptune that will wash away Hazel's curse?

Murdering_Mozart I dunno - maybe it will be Arion. (Though Hazel isn't really short of descendants of Neptune - don't forget that Blackjack is technically Percy's half ...more
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BLACKJACK!!!! Because he is a freaking talking pegasus!!!! A funny one too.

Blackjack for sure :)))

I love Blackjack because he is so funny! I just adore it Percy and Blackjack have their random conversations about donuts.



I wouldn't be able to hold on to Arion. I do love him though.

arion fo da win

Tempest and Arion tie.

Scipio or Blackjack


I don't know Skippy very well but he does have the best name! I also like Blackjack because yes, he is so funny!

Blackjack, then Arion, and Tempest in last

Duh. Blackjack.

Blackjack! I love the donut-eating, can-i-have-you-room-as-my-stable-if-you-die-boss Pegasus! he so cute :D



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blackjack for the win. Arion is rude, tempest is well, he's not blackjack so therefore he is not cool.

I think Blackjack is my favorite. Then comes Arion. I haven't really seen much of Tempest and he seems less undeveloped to me--so he's last.

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I love Arion. Hazel's cool, having a horse like that. Skippio, you mean? He's okay, but a black pegusus is altogether cooler.

I like blackjack cause he is funny but I also like arion super speed. tempest is cool too but I like the other two better but I always imagined that tempests physical looks are soo cool.

Don't forget Skippy!

Blackjack. +cheers+

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Haybay (last edited Oct 30, 2013 07:52PM ) Oct 30, 2013 07:48PM   0 votes
Blackjack,he's so funny. Arion is second because I'm not real big on the cussing he does(i swear, someone needs to wash out his mouth with soap). Tempest is last(boo). Skippy doesn't count because he died remember.Reyna had to put him out of his misery,because he was dying from cuts due to a gryphon. Poor Skippy.

Blackjack for sure! :)

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