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message 1: by Julia (new)

Julia Ce (juliace) I saw this game on another groupt and thought it might be fun to bring it over.

First person says a page number:

Then they say a sentence number:

Then you pick any book you want (does not have to be Nora Roberts) and go to page 48 and type in what sentence five says. After that you type in your own page and sentence numbers.


I'll start...

message 2: by Julia (new)

Julia Ce (juliace) True Betrayals by Nora Roberts

Pride crunched his apple, obviously in complete agreement.

pg.100 / sentance.21

message 3: by Karen (new)

Karen (gocatgo260) | 18 comments P.100/ sent. 21
This is from N.R.'s "The Reef"

"Outside, the wind kicked at the rain, swept through palm fronds."

Next mission: Page 34, Sentence 13

message 4: by Julia (new)

Julia Ce (juliace) Next mission: Page 34, Sentence 13"

Carolina Moon He had a dark brown bottle of beer in one hand and shifted uneasily from foot to foot on size fourteen boots.

Next- pg.1 / sentence.1

message 5: by Talya (new)

Talya | 714 comments Mod
This sounds like fun!
Though, since we're Groupies, let keep it to Nora books please :-D

Spellbound (from Once Upon A Castle) by Nora Roberts Love, my love, let me into your dreams.

Next - page 81 sentence 6.

message 6: by Julia (new)

Julia Ce (juliace) Black Hills by Nora Roberts We were all scared for awhile there.

Next - pg.105, sentence 13

message 7: by Megan (new)

Megan (thebookhunter) | 48 comments "Sid Firehawk's truck farted explosively as it drove by."

The Witness by Nora Roberts

pg 173 sentence 7

message 8: by Cathleen (new)

Cathleen (stillie418) Good one lol ;)

message 9: by Karen (new)

Karen (gocatgo260) | 18 comments Pg. 173 sent. 7

From "The Best Mistake"

"The normal, healthy reaction made her smile."

Next challenge:
Pg. 95 sent. 3

I laughed so hard at the farting truck....

message 10: by Megan (last edited Jun 28, 2013 07:22PM) (new)

Megan (thebookhunter) | 48 comments "The normal, healthy reaction made her smile."

Next challenge:
Pg. 95 sent. 3

I laughed so hard at the farting truck...."

I thought it was pretty good as well.

"Her heart continued to thud a little too fast when she saw him, rumpled from sleep."

Hidden Star

pg 4 sentence 12

message 11: by Julia (new)

Julia Ce (juliace) Entranced (Donovans #2)

Five minutes later, she wass stepping out into the soft-aired morning for her daily three mile jog.

pg 17 sentence 17

message 12: by Karen (new)

Karen (gocatgo260) | 18 comments Song of the West

"Her face creased in a small frown"

Pg. 158 sent. 10

message 13: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (samswindle) | 68 comments Sanctuary

" You don't have to tell anything about Ginny. You just have to look at her."

Pg. 65 sent. 23

message 14: by Julia (new)

Julia Ce (juliace) Born In Ice

"Or, she thought, a nightmare."

pg.64 sent.22

message 15: by M (new)

M (bookrustler) | 1 comments And yet, in the act of kneeling at her feet, he had only asserted himself as a man born to command.

Page 257
Sentence 11

message 16: by Karen (new)

Karen (gocatgo260) | 18 comments Chasing Fire

"Over and done."

P. 18
Sent. 11

message 17: by Maggie (new)

Maggie | 694 comments Maybe she shares my love of classical music- Beautiful Creatures

Page 102
Sentence 15

message 18: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 97 comments I'm taking her back with me so I can spoil her for an hour.--born in shame.
page 45
sentence 7

message 19: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jenny-g) "I'm Seth DeLauter's caseworker."- Sea Swept

page 123
sentance 12

message 20: by LeiCa (new)

LeiCa | 15 comments Blood Brothers
"And now you’re thinking, what am I doing in this car with a complete stranger who’s telling me to go into this house pretty much in the middle of nowhere.”

Page 223
Sentence 2

message 21: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jenny-g) "Now!" Rising Tides

page 150
sentence 3

message 22: by LeiCa (new)

LeiCa | 15 comments “Already, Jillian had poured the cash portion of her inheritance back into the ranch”
[Boundary Lines]

Page 223
Sentence 12

message 23: by Gabrielle (new)

Gabrielle (gabrielle23) | 3 comments It was no more than a foot long, and not quite as wide.

Page 45
Sentence 5

message 24: by LeiCa (new)

LeiCa | 15 comments “Mom, you don’t want to get yourself all worked up about---" (Birthright)

Page 196
Sentence 12

message 25: by Gabrielle (new)

Gabrielle (gabrielle23) | 3 comments “You were looking for a shield for Cian, because he can't go out in the sun. " (Morrigan's Cross)

Page 205
Sentence 2

message 26: by LeiCa (new)

LeiCa | 15 comments “Just a muttered curse, a hum of satisfaction now and then". [Happy Ever After]

message 27: by LeiCa (new)

LeiCa | 15 comments ooops
Page 123
Sentence 12

message 28: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 96 comments "Still, it was so like him, so ridiculously like him, it barely put a hitch in her stride." -The Villa

Page 200
Sentence 4

message 29: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 96 comments I'm going to take another turn just because I don't want this thread to die. It's been dormant too long.

"Charm wouldn't have worked on her." -Red Lily

Page 120
Sentence 2

message 30: by Joana (new)

Joana F. | 1 comments "By the place where beyond lay the ruins of Sorcha's cabin, and the land that could slip in and out of time on Cabhan's whim." - Shadow Spell

Page 250
sentence 7

message 31: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 96 comments "I called my bosss new wife a bimbo and then spilled latte on her designer dress."
-Key of Light

Page 55
Sentence 5

message 32: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 96 comments Taking another turn because I love this game

"Mr. Finley wants his property, not a lawsuit."

-Hidden Riches

Page 90
Line 9

message 33: by Caro (new)

Caro (wutheringreads) "I remember you toss off all the covers at night and insist on sleeping in the middle of the bed." Birthright.

Page 326
Sentence 7

message 34: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 96 comments "That's when the fear creeps up and snaps at my throat."
-Montana Sky

page 240 line 4

Lesley Book Lover  (lesleyds) | 32 comments Tansy threw her arms around Lil and the two of them bounced in a circle

Black Hills by Nora Roberts

Page 2 line 5

message 36: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 96 comments "Royal weddings, star-crossed elopements, circus themes, and pirate ships."

-Vision in White

page 28
line 8

message 37: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (cookiejarprincess) | 260 comments "But that was an illusion, caused by the shrinking of the meat of his body." Cerulean Sins

page 100
line 25

message 38: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Madsen | 19 comments "She stared, mesmerized, from the window, fascinated by the topography of far-distant West Virginia." Irish Hearts

Page 188
Sentence 10

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