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The Kindling (Fire-us, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA series about a post apocalyptic world where only a few kids remain [s]

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Do Hee | 19 comments Hi! I'm looking for the title of a book set in a post apocalyptic world where the main characters are kids who are trying to survive on their own because the adults have become very...violent? I remember this is a series and that the books were named to reflect the adventures of the various main characters. Of what I remember, there was a book about two? of the characters finding some kind of academy on an island run by seemingly good hearted adults with a lot of kids. The main characters were welcomed but they found out it was a ruse and managed to escape. In another book, the main characters were hiding out in an abandoned mall. I think I read this series about 5 years ago. Will post more if memory comes back. Any input would be appreciated thanks ^^

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Justanotherbiblophile | 1684 comments Do you remember the ruse?

ie: How are the adults all violent, if they can fake it?

Or, this was a separate apocalypse that destroyed the world? ie: the world didn't end as we know it because the adults turned violent.

Yeah. Also, I hope people don''t guess everyone's favorite kids-survive-the-apocalypse that gets mentioned everytime...

Also, perhaps edit the title to change 'book' into 'series', and add YA(?)

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Bobbi (blafferty) | 76 comments Perhaps The Enemy?

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Bobbi (blafferty) | 76 comments Nothing springs to mind when I think "everyone's favorite kids-survive-the-apocalypse" so I hope my suggestion is not it.

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Justanotherbiblophile | 1684 comments Naw Bobbi, yours is something I've not seen (over and over again). So that's good :D

I mean, I like using this list to find awesome books to add to my to-buy list :) So, seeing the same things offered on any pretext is... disheartening?

Anyways, I read the description of _The Enemy_, and it seems plausibly close to what the OP is asking for...

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Clackamas | 22 comments Pretty sure this is The Big Empty series by JB Stephens. In The Big Empty seperate kids are making their way into the supposed blighted zone in search of a rumored community where they'll be safe. In Paradise City they find Novu Mundo a community on an island or penninsula on a college campus where the people are looking for a cure of Strain 7 which had killed or crazified everyone. In Desolation Angels they find out the leader isn't what he seems to be and escape, spending a lot of time in a mall. Then the series wraps up in No Exit.

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Clackamas | 22 comments Sorry. I can't link from my phone. The publisher blurbs are terrible, but maybe op will recognize the covers. :-)

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Cheryl (cherylllr) Yes, it's a problem for phone users. It's ok; I don't mind.

If you want the descriptions fixed, you can ask in the librarians' group, or PM me, offering better descriptions. In fact, I'll go look - maybe it's a simple matter of culling the hype and leaving only the description... (hype is frowned upon in descriptions).

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Do Hee | 19 comments sorry for the late update! I looked up all the suggested books but they don't seem to be the ones that I'm looking for. Thank you for your inputs though! In response to the first comment, I don't remember how the adults tricked them but I do remember not many adults where left and I think the kids wanted to believe that the adults they found were trying to help the kids. I don't think they were physically violent like uncontrollable crazy people but just did bad things to kids. For instance, I think the adults in this one were performing experiments on the kids? I'm not sure about this detail though...but I do remember that the books in the series had titles that described length of time passed and there were 2 to 3 kids on the cover of the books. Sorry I can't be of more help and thank you to all who replied!

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Cindy | 3 comments This is probably a long shot but have you tried "Dark Inside" by Jeyn Roberts? It matches your description about the teens being locked in a mall but I'm not sure this is it... I hope you eventually find it!!

message 13: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) Dark Inside for the link to Cindy's rec.

Goge (BARRONS) le Moning Maniac, | 258 comments Blood Crazy by Simon Clark? Blood Crazy by Simon Clark

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Madi (madilynn) | 13 comments Possibly The Kindling by Jennifer Armstrong? It is the first book in the Fire-us trilogy.

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Cheryl (cherylllr) I've PM'd Do. They are active on GR, so we can hope to get an update here.

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Do Hee | 19 comments Oh wow..I think you guys have found it! I've read the summary for the Fire-us triology and I think this is the series that I've been looking for! Thanks so much everyone! You all gave really good book suggestions and thay all sound fun :) Again, thank you for finding my book and getting rid of the itch that I couldn't reach^^

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6990 comments Mod
Congrats Do. Glad that we found it for you. I'll shelve it and move this down to Solved for you.

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6990 comments Mod
Also, this book has been searched for before, but in that post, they told about the adults being gone. Interesting what people will remember, yes?

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