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Dan (dan2345) | 880 comments Mod
Okay, here I'll start off. Here is my first book.

American Vampire, Vol. 2 by Scott Snyder


This is American Vampire Vol. 2. The twisted sequel toAmerican Vampire, Vol. 1! It's a New York Times best seller and winner of the 2011 Eisner Award for best new series. Yes it is a graphic novel...LOL. The previous book was co-written by Stephen King. Unfortunatley He does not return for this volume but Scott Snyder does a terrific job writing it, and both Rafael Albuquerque and Mateus Santolouco do an awesome job on the artwork! The book continues the story of American breed of vampires, Pearl Jones and former old west outlaw, Skinner Sweet. It takes place ten years after where volume one left off in Las Vegas. I've actually always wanted to see a story about vampires in Vegas! I know there have been some pretty crappy movies about that, but this book, however, is cool! An ancient species of vampire is going around killing people, and an Irish detective named Cash McCogan is investigating the murders. Pearl and Skinner Sweet along with an ancient society of vampire hunters go after the creature only to end in a unexpected twist. This book is full of blood, gore and don't read it with the kids!!! LOL. The next book takes place during World War II...I can't wait to get my hands on that! American Vampire is an awesome series. I think if this got turned into a movie like they did with horror comics such as The Walking Dead or 30 Days of Night it would be a big hit. Even if you don't read comics or graphic novels I would definatley recommend this to any vampire fan or anyone who's looking to get away from Twilight.

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Dan (dan2345) | 880 comments Mod
Well this is currently on our reading list, don’t know if I’m the only one who read it or not, but I finished it early…

30 Days of Night Omnibus, Volume 2 by Various


This is the 30 Days of Night Omnibus Volume 2. I read the 30 Days of Night Omnibus last year. As you can tell I really liked this book. Yes it is a graphic novel. Five to be exact…it’s an omnibus. What I liked the most about this volume, compared to the previous one, is that it wasn’t just Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith working on it. No, it was a bunch of various writers and artists doing the stories and they were all great! It had everything; from a mad doctor that experiments on vampires, to vampires in Russia during World War II, a gang of vampire clowns in Mexico and the legend of the Chupacabra, what happens to Eben and Stella Olemaun after they become vampires after the events in 30 Days of Night, Vol. 2: Dark Days, and an ancient species of vampire living in the mountainous caves surrounding the town of Barrow, Alaska. I Think my favorite story out of all of them was Eben & Stella. Mostly because of the artwork, it was so realistic and richly painted. My least favorite was Beyond Barrow. It was just too weird, and I didn’t care for Bill Sienkiewicz's artwork very much (I’ve heard about that guy before, he’s supposed to be good, sorry…I disagree). So, If you liked the first 30 Days of Night Omnibus, liked the movie, or just want a good read, I highly recommend this.

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Kimberly (kimberly_3238) | 97 comments Mod
Dan wrote: "Well this is currently on our reading list, don’t know if I’m the only one who read it or not, but I finished it early…

30 Days of Night Omnibus, Volume 2 by Various


With a review like that, It's definitely one that I'd add to my list!

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Dan (dan2345) | 880 comments Mod
The author of this book, E.B. Hood, sent me a free copy of this book. Let me just say that he is one of the nicest writers around. He personally signed a copy of the book for me and assured me that his vampires did not Now, my usual preference for vampires is horror. However, this, although it may not necessarilly be a vampire horror novel, was pretty damned good...

Melabeth the Vampire by E.B. Hood

Five Fangs

Melanie Elizabeth Dare is a teenage flower child growing up in a drug addled world. She is taken by a gang of bikers, raped and left for dead. She rises from her grave fifteen years later as a vampire who takes on the name of "Melabeth". As a vampire,she goes on all sorts of adventures, however her main goal is to get revenge on the bikers that raped and killed her. This story isn't just vampires. It has ghosts, werewolves, giants, wizards, witches, warlocks, giant spiders, necromancers....and oh yeah...zombies!!! This was a great read. The only thing I didn't like about it though is that Hood puts his vampires in high school. But I still gave it five fangs. I can't wait till the second book comes out! If you are looking for a vampire read that is a little different, I would say check this out.

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Jevron McCrory (jevronmccrory) | 28 comments Don't forget about my vampire novella, Swan Song! I'll send a free ebook copy to whoever wants to read it.

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E.B. Hood (melabeth) | 67 comments This cover doesn't sparkle!!Melabeth Forgive Me, For I Am Sin

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Carla | 73 comments Mod
Hahaha no sparkle on that cover

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Dan (dan2345) | 880 comments Mod
Did you guys know I am the one who did the cover art for Melabeth Forgive Me, For I Am Sin?

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Carla | 73 comments Mod
Yes yes I did!!!

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Dan (dan2345) | 880 comments Mod
I do so much enjoy this series….

99 Coffins A Historical Vampire Tale by David Wellington

Three Fangs

David Wellington returns with his Nosferatu/ 30 Days of Night vamps in this action packed follow up to 13 Bullets. This story begins about a year or so after the events in 13 Bullets, with Pennsylvania State Trooper, Laura Caxton picking up the pieces from her last account with the vampires. The now crippled vampire Hunter, Arkeley comes to Caxton and tries to persuade her to rejoin his obsessive crusade in ridding the world of vampires. One-Hundred coffins, ninety-nine of them containing vampires missing their hearts, have been unearthed in a cave underneath the battlefield at Gettysburg (That’s right…..Civil War vamps! Just like in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter !!!). One of the coffins is smashed to pieces, it’s occupant missing, and Arkeley believes that this vampire has the missing hearts and plans on resurrecting their owners creating an army of vampires. At first Caxton is hesitant to join him, considering all that she lost in her last fight with the vampires, but she soon changes her mind. The missing vampire succeeds in his plan and brings back the 99 vampires to wreak hell on Gettysburg.

Now here’s why I gave it only three fangs. You would think that with an army of vampires, and as terrifying as 13 Bullets was, Wellington would give us an extremely creepy, gore fest of one-hundred vampires making Thanksgiving dinner on a town of people much like something in 30 Days of Night. There should have been blood parties, bloodsuckers feasting on the town of Gettysburg, a real bloodbath! But no, he does not give us that. In fact, the humans have a WAY to easy of a time killing off the vampires when I remember in 13 Bullets, they could barely handle four vampires. Now I’m not saying it’s a bad book, it just only got three fangs from me cause it could have been better. I did like the ending, and look forward to reading the other books in the series. If you liked 13 Bullets, or are just looking for a good read I say give this a go despite the issues I had with it.

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Dan (dan2345) | 880 comments Mod
Turns out I was able to squeeze one more book into our 2013 book challenge before the year ended...

Carpathia by Matt Forbeck


It’s been called Titanic meets 30 Days of Night. And thats exactly what it is, and was what caught my attention when I read about it on Storytelling mastermind, Matt Forbeck, brings us Carpathia, a story about…as the reviews said…. “What would happen if Bram Stoker threw an Iceberg at James Cameron?” Its a must read for any vampire fan or history buff.

Now, some people might roll their eyes at this book being that, like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, it is another monster mash-up. And last time I heard there were at least 854985093 historical/vampire mash-ups on the shelves right now. But this one is different. It’s original, and well written…it stands out from the crowd. This action packed/adventure/horror/love story is sure not to disappoint!!!

What I really like about this book the most is….its about TRADITIONAL VAMPIRES! There are so many interpretations what with everyone trying to do their own thing with a vampire story these days by making them different (and there’s nothing wrong with that!), and there is the abomination that is Twilight (UGH!!! Hate that book!!!!), that it’s refreshing to see someone take vampirism back to it’s roots. Now….“what do I consider to be a traditional vampire?” you may ask?? Well, let me outline it for you…

“TRADITIONAL VAMPIRES”(or vampires similar to the ones created by Bram Stoker):

1.) Drink human blood
2.) Are immortal/live forever
3.) Possess a pair of fangs (long, sharp canine teeth)
4.) Can only be killed by means of;
a.) Wooden stake through the heart
b.) Exposure to direct sunlight causing them to burst in to flames and burn to death.
c.) Decapitation
d.) Fire
e.) Silver works too (that’s not just werewolves)
f.) I almost forgot garlic
5.) Fear and are hurt by religious items such as crosses, holy water, rosary beeds, etc.
6.) Must sleep in coffins or the native soil of their final resting place during the day.
7.) Heal fast
8.) Hightened senses
9.) Power of shapeshifting
a.) bats
b.) wolves
c.) mist
10.) Cast no reflection in mirrors
11.) Have no souls

The story revolves around three central characters; Abe Holmwood, Lucy Seward, and Quin Harker. Lucy is Abe’s girl, but Quin is in love with her….it’s a love triangle. The three characters are childhood friends traveling to America aboard the Titanic. Not only do all three admit to having read Dracula, but confess that Bram Stoker was a family friend whom they regarded as an uncle.

The Titanic sinks. Abe, Lucy and Quincey survive and are picked up by the Carpathia ….a ship filled with vampires who feed off the victims! Now, not really knowing anything about the Titanic besides seeing James Cameron’s movie about it, I thought the Carpathia was a fictional ship that Matt Forbeck made up, naming it after the Carpathian Mountains, an homage to where Count Dracula lived in Stoker’s book. However, my mom told me that Carpathia was in fact a real ship. And she was right.

Unlike when I read most vampire, stories, this time I actually found myself rooting for the vampires at one point. I wanted more gore, more detail of the vampires’ feast on the passengers. There could have been more. Well, I still gave it five fangs regardless

I would definatley recommend this book to anyone who is interested in vampires, the Titanic, or just want a good read. Not only is this the best vampire book I read all year….it’s the best book I’ve read all year!


By the way, we will be doing a book challenge for 2014. Happy Holidays everyone!

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