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message 1: by June (new)

June (juneedelsonnj) | 105 comments I read every one of his books and they never disappoint! Reading the newest one The Forgotten and love it.

message 2: by Doreen (new)

Doreen | 1 comments I have read every single book and hands down he's one of my all time favorite author. I havent read The Forgotten yet-waiting on the Kindle price to

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm going to be reading Zero Day soon.

message 4: by Adam (new)

Adam | 15 comments What's last man standing like?

message 5: by Georgia (new)

Georgia | 536 comments Thru the years, I have read 9 of his books. Especially liked The Winner by David Baldacci and Saving Faith by David Baldacci

message 6: by David (new)

David Freas (quillracer) | 2247 comments I love his Maxwell & King series, didn't care at all for Zero Day, thought Last Man Standing was good, but could have been better.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Been reading Zero Day now. So far so good. Baldacci only wrote two books with John Pullman?

message 8: by June (new)

June (juneedelsonnj) | 105 comments The Forgotten has the John Puller character and I love him. He's like Jack Reacher! The book is great!

message 9: by Nikki (new)

Nikki (nikki32) | 1 comments Read one or two of his books - good for nothing too serious, they do keep you interested too

message 10: by Karen (new)

Karen Cameron (kjcall) | 24 comments I read "The Christmas Train". It was really good and a fun holiday read.
I have thought of starting his "Camel Club" series, but haven't had time.

message 11: by Richard (new)

Richard (richard-snow) | 18 comments My son gave me his novel about murders in the town of 'Paradise' for Christmas, but I simply coudlnt get through it. Too slow moving.

message 12: by Katherine (new)

Katherine | 187 comments Has anyone read the winner?

message 13: by Maurice (new)

Maurice Power | 14 comments Start on Absolute Power. If you like the style and pace then get onto Zero Day.

message 14: by Linda (new)

Linda (beaulieulinda117gmailcom) | 1347 comments I've read a few of his novels, I have some on to read list, I like his style.

message 15: by Denise (new)

Denise Baer I've read several of his books, but my favorite is Absolute Power.

message 16: by Gatorman (new)

Gatorman | 7679 comments Tried reading Absolute Power and found it boring and poorly written. Put it down and never picked up another book by him.

message 17: by Vince (new)

Vince Santarelli | 3 comments I have read every one of his books and loved them all.

message 18: by Richard (new)

Richard (richard-snow) | 18 comments Tried to read one of his about a murder of the main characters aunt in a town called Paradise. Just couldn't get into it.

message 19: by Katherine (new)

Katherine | 187 comments I've loved all of his books that I've read so far

message 20: by Richard David (new)

Richard David Bach (richarddavidbach) | 15 comments I love his writing style, but I found the Zero Day plot to be somewhat similar to Lee Child's latest.

message 21: by Kay (new)

Kay | 18 comments I have read several of his novels. Some I like a lot - others not so good. Linda

message 22: by Autumn (new)

Autumn (autumnmemory80) | 374 comments I read The Innocent as my first book by this author. I actually listened on audio. I loved the book, and look forward to the new Robie novel coming out. Only issue. I listened on audio. I did not like the way they used a guy for the guy parts, and a woman for the woman parts. It sound disjointed, and did not seem like they gelled together. Also, there were sound effects. I work in a dangerous part of the city. We do not play around with gunshots. The first time a few rounds fired off, I jumped in my seat, swerved the car, and ducked my head a little. That audio should come with a warning!

message 23: by Dbeauvais (new)

Dbeauvais I have enjoyed most of his books. The Camel Club series is terrific.

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

I've enjoyed several of his novels:

Absolute Power by David Baldacci Split Second (Sean King & Michelle Maxwell, #1) by David Baldacci Zero Day (Puller, #1) by David Baldacci Total Control by David Baldacci The Whole Truth (Shaw, #1) by David Baldacci The Forgotten (Puller, #2) by David Baldacci

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

I finished The Hit (Will Robie, #2) by David Baldacci a few days ago and liked it pretty well. I did like the first Will Robie The Innocent (Will Robie, #1) by David Baldacci a little better. I liked the relationship between Will and Julie.

message 26: by Michael (new)

Michael Drysdale | 10 comments Just finished my first Baldacci book, The Innocent. It was quite good but could have been better.

message 27: by Edda (new)

Edda Katherine wrote: "Has anyone read the winner?"

His best book (at least I think so!)

message 28: by Carlos (new)

Carlos (cdlt1983) I just started Zero Day, and so far so good.

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

Carlos wrote: "I just started Zero Day, and so far so good."

Glad to hear it. I just picked this book up at a charity sale for a couple dollars. Hope to read it soon.

message 30: by Jackmeister (new)

Jackmeister | 611 comments I've read The Camel Club (Camel Club, #1) by David Baldacci and The Collectors (Camel Club, #2) by David Baldacci , they were both excellent.

message 31: by Ed (new)

Ed | 19 comments I bought an audiobook. First one of Camel series.

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