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Amadi, the Phoenix, the Sphinx, and the Djinn
Read 4 Review # 21 - Amadi, the Phoenix, the Spinx and the Djinn (Closed)

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message 1: by Marni (last edited Apr 13, 2013 12:40AM) (new)

Marni (wonderwmn999) | 3578 comments The group has been approached by author Katharina Gerlach for a Read 4 Review of her book Amadi, the Phoenix, the Sphinx, and the Djinn by Katharina Gerlach . Amadi, the Phoenix, the Sphinx, and the Djinn (Amadi #1-3). The deadline for all reviewers of this trilogy is 11:59pm EST on April 9th. If you get it and feel you will need an extra week, you must contact me no later than April 2nd.

Amadi realizes how much she hates being a girl when her half-sister is unwillingly engaged to an elderly gold-smith. She manages to become apprenticed to a thief where she lives as a boy more often than not. But when her Helping Hand is murdered, her oath of revenge lands her smack dab in the path of an assassin hired to kill her and a jackal-headed god with the same purpose. Now, her only defense is the threadbare tunic of a young man and her training as a thief.

The author will be giving out 20 copies in ePub and mobi formats via email. To request, please post your email address AND the format you would like. It is your responsibility to check for the book and download it. It is also your responsibility to contact me immediately if you do not receive the book or have a problem. In exchange for the free book, the author requests an honest review of her book not just on Goodreads, but also on other site you use, ie B&N, Amazon, etc.

Anyone in our group can sign up for this. Reviews are required to be posted on Goodreads. Once you are finished with your review and have posted it on Goodreads, you are REQUIRED to post your Goodreads link to it on this thread.

Even though this book is being gifted to you please do not share it with anyone. It is unethical, disrespectful and illegal to share books provided to you for reviews.

Further Info from the group, not the author: If you do not complete the e-book within the time given, and you do not post your link on this thread or I do not hear from you stating that you intend to finish and review the book, you will not be allowed to participate in future Read 4 Review events. This is to prevent people from getting complimentary books over and over without fulfilling their obligation.

Do not message me nor the author requesting the book. All info is to be posted here. This for the ease of the author and the mods and fairness to all. If you do not wish to share your email publicly, please do not request.

If there are any other authors looking to do this with our group, please message me. You MUST be willing to provide copies, free of charge, to the reviewers.

REVIEWERS: PLEASE read the topic titled "Reviewers." All the rules are listed under there. We will not allow any excuses of "I didn't know" because the rules are listed and if you have any questions you can always message me.


Brenda: ePub COMPLETED
Jeannettevdm: ePub COMPLETED
Louise: mobi COMPLETED
Shannon: mobi COMPLETED
Dallas-crystal: mobi
Belinda: epub COMPLETED
Tanya: mobi COMPLETED
Sophie: mobi COMPLETED
Grubsy: mobi COMPLETED
LotusFlower: ePub COMPLETED
Rose ♥s Ken: ePub COMPLETED
Lara: mobi COMPLETED
Lilzgold: ePub COMPLETED
Maria: ePub or mobi COMPLETED
Tawney: ePub COMPLETED

Donna | 1350 comments Oops.

Katharina Gerlach | 88 comments Don't forget to state your preferred format. ;-)

Donna | 1350 comments Ugh. I'm tired. ePub pls. ;)

Brenda (brendareads) | 151 comments You mean we get to read 3 books!? Count me in., ePub!

I used to be able to read hieroglyphs a little when I was younger. Haha

message 6: by Jeannettevdm (new)

Jeannettevdm | 6 comments epub format

ePub, please!

Louise (louisetassiker) I would love to read and review this.
mobi format please.

Thank you!

Shannon Neal I would love to read and review.

mobi format. Thank you!

message 10: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (Crystal_31) | 4 comments would love to review this for you.
mobi format please!

Belinda King (mybidda) | 87 comments I would like to review these books.
epub format please.

message 12: by Marni (new)

Marni (wonderwmn999) | 3578 comments Belinda wrote: "I would like to review these books.
epub format please."

Added you to the list, don't forget about the other two you are signed up to R4R too.

♥¸.•*´Tanya`*•.¸♥ (tanya84) | 30 comments Yes love to review. kindle/mobi please

Sophie (warpedline) | 19 comments Sounds great! - mobi format please!

Grubsy | 14 comments Sounds really good! I've been looking for some new books - Mobi format please

Brenda (brendareads) | 151 comments I haven't received anything yet, should I have?

message 17: by Marni (new)

Marni (wonderwmn999) | 3578 comments Brenda...I'll message the author.

Katharina Gerlach | 88 comments I send it to Brenda last night. can you check your SPAM-folder? The mail is from
If it's not in there, let me know and I'll re-send it.

Brenda (brendareads) | 151 comments Nope, not there either I just checked. Maybe I wrote the email wrong? It's

Hopefully this time it works!

Katharina Gerlach | 88 comments Yes, the email was wrong. You wrote scbglobal, and I copied it form your post rather than from the list (where it's miraculously corrected) ;-)
Here it comes...

Brenda (brendareads) | 151 comments Fantastic! I got it this time. Thank you!

LotusFlower (LotusFlower30) | 16 comments epub format. Thanks!

message 23: by Marni (new)

Marni (wonderwmn999) | 3578 comments LotusFlower wrote: " epub format. Thanks!"

LotusFlower: FYI - your review is due by 11:59pm on April 9th. The author will be emailing a copy to you.

~ Rose ~ ☯Desert Rose❀ (butterscotchbubbles) | 86 comments ePub format please, thank you!

message 25: by Lara (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lara | 18 comments laramph AT yahoo DOT com - mobi format please

Sophie (warpedline) | 19 comments Almost finished! Liked it so far!

Lilzgold | 24 comments I'm keen to try an R4R, and these books sound pretty interesting so count me in :) ePub format please.

message 28: by Katharina (last edited Mar 23, 2013 01:40AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Katharina Gerlach | 88 comments Sophie wrote: "Almost finished! Liked it so far!"

I'm glad you do. It makes me feel less guilty for forcing this onto you :-D

Maria Would love to read and review
ePub or kindle

message 30: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (Crystal_31) | 4 comments I have read part of it already and really like it so far! Can't wait for the kids to go to bed so I can finish it!!

Sophie (warpedline) | 19 comments Finished! 4 stars, loved it! Thanks for this awesome read :)


message 32: by Lara (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lara | 18 comments Done! Thanks you for sharing your book, it is a really fun read. Here is my review:

message 33: by ~ Rose ~ ☯Desert Rose❀ (last edited Mar 24, 2013 04:24PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

~ Rose ~ ☯Desert Rose❀ (butterscotchbubbles) | 86 comments Just finished- I really enjoyed this series, thank you so much for sharing! Here's my review:

message 35: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 1 comments i would love to read and review this book
kindle or epub

message 36: by Marni (new)

Marni (wonderwmn999) | 3578 comments Ashley wrote: "i would love to read and review this book
kindle or epub"

Ashley, before I notify the author, your review would be due the same date/time as all the other reviewers, April 9th at 11:59pm EST. Can you have it done by then?

Tawney  | 8 comments I would love to read this! Sound so good.


message 38: by Marni (new)

Marni (wonderwmn999) | 3578 comments Tawney...Will you have done by the deadline?

Tawney  | 8 comments You bet, April 9th? I am a reading speed demon. :)

Grubsy | 14 comments Finished the book yesterday and loved it.

This is my review :) hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

message 41: by Katharina (last edited Mar 27, 2013 01:29AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Katharina Gerlach | 88 comments Thanks to all who have reviewed the book already and to those who will get to it in time. Could you please post your reviews to amazon too? I'm trying to get more exposure for the book. That'd be terrific.

Here's the link:

Brenda (brendareads) | 151 comments Katharina, I've posted it to amazon and barnes and noble as well. Hope it helps!

Katharina Gerlach | 88 comments Thank you so much.

LotusFlower (LotusFlower30) | 16 comments Oh my GOODNESS this book was amazing! Thank you Katharina! I even had to go to your facebook and check it out. That was one of the best books I have read in a long time! I will be reading more of your books!

And the same review is on my new blog site too

Belinda King (mybidda) | 87 comments I really enjoyed this book. I recommend for those who want to escape reality and live in a magical world for a while.

Louise (louisetassiker) Here are my reviews, thank you for the opportunity to read this book, I really enjoyed it.

message 47: by Marni (new)

Marni (wonderwmn999) | 3578 comments The deadline for this trilogy is 11:59pm EST on April 9th.

message 48: by Jeannettevdm (new)

Jeannettevdm | 6 comments i dont know how to post a link to my review. someone help

message 49: by Marni (new)

Marni (wonderwmn999) | 3578 comments Jeannettevdm wrote: "i dont know how to post a link to my review. someone help"

Will message you, give it a couple minutes to get to you.

message 50: by Marni (new)

Marni (wonderwmn999) | 3578 comments 4 days left to post your review, if you haven't already!

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