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message 1: by Jack (new)

Jack (jack_) | 564 comments Every month we will read a book together as a group. The book must be in the YA Dystopian genre. After nominations close, a poll will be created so members can vote on which book they'd like to read as a group.


1. Only 1 nomination allowed per person.
2. First come first serve up to 10 nominations.
3. If you want to second someone elses nomination feel free to do so but that will be your 1 nomination.
4. If for some reason you think that the outcome of the poll vote is unfair please contact me and I will do what I can.
5. If the poll vote is a draw then there will be a tie-break poll.

message 2: by Holly (new)

Holly | 5 comments Can you organise a game of thrones read along as I am a bit reluctant to start a book of that size on my own!

message 3: by Temima (new)

Temima | 2 comments Hi!

I'm new to Goodreads, and as you can guess, I'm a huge dystopian fiction fan. I just joined Goodreads about an hour ago, so it would be much appreciated if someone could explain to me how these groups work.

Thanks! :)

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Folded Between the Pages of Books (jessilovesbooks) | 364 comments Welcome Temima!! Basically, groups are just a place for people who like similar books to talk about them and other things. Just look around the group and comment on any topics that look interesting to you. I would definitely suggest checking out the Recommendations thread and the Currently Reading thread if you're looking for suggestions on what to read.

message 5: by Temima (new)

Temima | 2 comments Thanks Jessica! Very kind of you to explain and welcome me to the group. I look forward to finding new books and discussing them on here.

Laura (acquariusgb) (acquariusgb) Hi, Is it one nomination in total or per category? If you nominated a book for Non-dystopian BOTM can you nominate something else in the dystopian BOTM? Thanks :D

message 7: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Folded Between the Pages of Books (jessilovesbooks) | 364 comments One per category. So go ahead and nominate something! :)

Laura (acquariusgb) (acquariusgb) Jessica wrote: "One per category. So go ahead and nominate something! :)"

Okay, thanks :D

Jakeisthecoolest | 2 comments Hi
Can I nominate a book - I was lucky enough to have a preview copy but it has just been released.
Amendments by H.M.Lynn - currently a mis-print on the Goodreads listing attributing the book to the editor. Here is the Amazon link:
This is an amazing book, totally unique concept, with great characters and brilliantly written.
Hope I did this right.

message 10: by Katelyn (new)

Katelyn (booklover202) | 1 comments Can we do the murder complex

message 11: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Folded Between the Pages of Books (jessilovesbooks) | 364 comments Hey guys - I'll actually be posting the nomination threads sometime tomorrow, so you can nominate those books there (otherwise I'll get confused and forget about them! lol).

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