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Amber Bloomquist Decent, predictable, but fun.

Sarah I loved this book. yea it is a little predictable but it is awesome.

Kagama-the Literaturevixen Sarah wrote: "I loved this book. yea it is a little predictable but it is awesome."

I like it too. It was cute :) The blurb was very misleading though...it made it out like the characters were some kind of fancy globetrotting jetsetters-that conned people.

Jenn Just finished it. Very Cute. Looking forward to her next book.

Judi This is among my all time favorite "escape" reads--witty (be ready to laugh out loud!), romantic and quirky. Who couldn't love a book that has the couple meet when they're both hiding in a closet? No one writes romantic repartee better than Jennifer Crusie!

IUHoosier I liked the first one, Welcome to Temptation, better of the two. It's his sister Sophie's story, and it gives some of the back story about him and Clea. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.

Holly If you haven'r read "Fast Women," you've missed a giggle. There were places where I laughed until I cried. While I'm not a fan of most of her collaborations with Bob Mayer, "Agnes and the Hitman" is hysterical. Don't miss it.

Cassie I loved this book! I didn't think it was that predictable, it was really cute and well-written. I would love to see the painted furniture.The first in the series, Welcome to Temptation is great too. My favorite book of Jennifer Crusie though is definitely Bet Me! It's fantastic!

Celeste Rupert I love this book - one of my very favorites. I adore the clever humour and the quirky cast. I'm not even sure how many times I've read it, but I reread at least annually, and any time I need a feel good read.

Dorrian One of my favorite Crusie books. Love the sarcasm and wit. Loved how Davey seemed one step behind in one area and one step ahead of Matilda in another. Just plain fun.

Natalie T I liked this book too but I liked the first book in the series Welcome to Temptation better. I wanted more of an ending with Mason, Clea, Simon, Eve and Ronald. Maybe she will write a third book.

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