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Do you think this is a good book?

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Sarah NO! I hated it so much. It was so boring! I had to read it for school. I didn't realy pay any attention to it. I got an A anyway. HAHAHA!!!

Alex i really liked it. i read it in grade 5.

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Lindsay I liked it a lot when I read it in grade school, and I plan on re-reading it soon. I think I like it because I've always had a fascination with wilderness survival and what one would do if thrown into such a situation.

C. J. Scurria I loved it and felt it was so real! I read it for middle school years ago and it has been one book of many that has opened my eyes to love reading.

Christina I recently reread it and loved every moment of it. It's a wonderful tale full of adventure and heartbreak.

Richard I read it for the first time as an elementary school teacher a couple years ago and have been enthusiastically recommending it to my students, especially boys, ever since. It speaks to topics many preteen children appreciate: self reliance, survival skills, confronting wild animals, functioning without the help or oversight of adults.


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Hec Hernandez i had to read it for school i think 5-7 cant remember which grade but it was an ok book not the best but not the worst


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Imani Danielle wrote: "I DECIDED THIS IS THE WORST BOOK I EVER READ!!!!!!!!!!!!"

for reals? for me it had to be Lord of the Flies <_< I haaaaated that book.

I read this in elementary too (I can't believe they made us read this book) but what was surprising to me was that I actually ended up liking it. o_o I think it was the whole self-reliance thing.

Alyssa I did not like reading it in school, but as an adult I still remember a lot more of this book than other things I read at that age, so the content did stick with me. I must have subconsciously found it interesting.

Damon Hatchet is awesome. So are the other books in the series. I almost like Brian's Winter the best.

C. J. Scurria Damon wrote: "Hatchet is awesome. So are the other books in the series. I almost like Brian's Winter the best."

Cool. That book is good? I stopped reading after I got to read "The River." Would you recommend "Brian's Winter?"

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Ross Mcclelland read it when i was in 3 or 4 th grade one of the books that made me like reading. it was the first book that was not all soft and gentle.

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Bee It's been well over ten years since I read it in school, but I thought it was excellent at the time. I always remember the way the author described the surroundings and food to be really interesting. I've actually been meaning to read it again now that I'm older.

Teague Excellent book. Written by someone who obviously has spent a lot of time out in the wild, unlike the author of Hunger Games, who obviously has not.

Donnie This book was great! I had a lot of detail of what was going on, and it even kept me interested. I really like Gary Paulson's writing style. I have already read most of the other books that he has written and they are all great! If you liked this book then I would definitely recommend reading more of Gary Paulson's books.

Gabriel Papa really good book definatly 5 star

Kristin I loved the book!

Danielle Ithought the hungergames was MUCH better!

Gabriel Papa but it is the same idea as the hunger games but more realistic

Ruth I loved it as a kid!

Isabella I read this around 6th grade. Not for school, just on my own and I really, really, liked it!

WinterGalaxy I give it 100 stars!! For those who said it was boring, for some reason I did not think so. I loved it, and everyone else I know at school said they really liked it too.

WinterGalaxy Yeah, I read it on my own too. I don't know why everyone said they were being forced to read it...

Derrick I thought this book was great. The thought of what was going to happen next and how he was to resolve it was the interesting part to me.

Dolores I loved this book so much and I recently re-read it and fell in love with it more. I love the story and the character development in it. I loved the adventure and how Brian understood the animals in the forest; if he didn't do anything to upset them then they would leave him alone, but then he mentioned craziness how some animals made no sense. I loved the meaning behind it and even though I read it in grade school I would recommend it to anyone!

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Luna When I first read it,It was "Ok", now I think about once about and I like it alot :)

Ashley I had to read it in like 8th grade, and till this day it is my favorite book that I was forced to read because of my English class in school. Well worth the read. It's really awesome! I have read it around 3-4 times since 8th grade...i'm a senior in high school now by the way.

Lucas I read Hatchet back in the 4th grade and thought it was great. I am really into survival-ism as a direct result of reading this book.

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No I really disliked it. The writing was clunky and annoying and soo repetitive, who gives their son a freaking hatchet? And it was really boring!

BubblesTheMonkey Yes, but I'm not sure exactly why... I enjoy survival stories, I guess.

No because it wasn't long enough.

Emilee I had to read this book for the first time for school and I hated it. But then I had to read it again a couple of years later for a different class and was suprized because it was really good the second time. Still not my favorite book but still better than I remember.

Ashley This was on my school reading list when I was in like 6th or 7th grade, and still till this day it's my favorite book I ever read in school. I loved this book!

Madyson one of my most favorite books of all time!!!!!!!!!

Madyson Meiyu wrote: "I loved it!!!!!
And i read the other books too!
Gary Paulson u r so awesome!"

Have you read "notes From The Dog". I really like it and recommend it if you like gary paulsens books!!!

Erica it was okay. i had to read it in school in 6th grade.
it was fine but i'm more of a fan in fiction, romance, and action.
if you like realistic fiction, then this book is good for you.

Justin Allen it was stupid

Asuka I thought it was awesome!
I read it during 5th grade, and I couldn't help peeking at the next chapters, even though we were supposed to read it as a group.
Brian was a little whiny, but anyone would be whiny if they crashed into the middle of nowhere and had to survive alone.

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M.G. King My upper elementary boys loved it. We live such a sheltered existence, that survival tales like this one really capture that nagging worry about what would happen if we had to make it on our own. I listened to the audio version. Highly recommend!

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I loved this book. When I found out the author is from my state, I liked the books even more.

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Luna At the time I hated it, now a days I kinda of like it.

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Daniel Fabian i loved this book, because of the survival he had to go through and eat those turtle eggs, and how he went days without eating, i totally recommend this book to everyone.

Edgar Guzman i liked the book. although the ending was was a facepalm for me, brian learned how to survive on his own with the resources he had in the wild. it was a good book when i had first read it.

Jennifer Strange not excellent not bad just strange

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Alice I tried to read this in fifth grade so BORING. Could not even finish half of it.:(

Saffy I read this book in fifth grade for school and I thought that it was pretty dry at parts and not much happened.

I would not really recommend this book. Maybe it was not a good book for that age group and people a little older might appreciate it more.

Katherine Devereux Although I tried not to like this book, when I taught to children in middle school they liked enough to get me to see the merits of the book. I like how Brian gave up feeling sorry for himself and began to work with Nature instead of against it. That is where he found himself and his survival....that is the message students get clearly and it stays with them.

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Eva I liked it. I like the realistic, unwhitewashed details of what he had to do to survive. I remember the description of learning how to see birds. I liked other lone kid survival stories too. As a kid my favorite was Island of the Blue Dolphins, which is about a Native American girl who gets left alone on her village's small island, and has to learn to survive on her own. There's something satisfying about the small world and practical challenges being faced. My Side of the Mountain is another one.

Oh, and I know someone who was given a hatchet for his fourth birthday. Not that I think he's in any way typical. But he sure grew up good with tools (he's now a master-level blacksmith and goldsmith).

Exlibris_keagan I thought it was confusing in the beginning but I turned out to like it

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