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(This is the inside of it, have fun peoples, dream away ;)

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments Rory let a short sigh escape her lips as she entered the bar. She did, in fact work here. But today was her day off and the only reason she had come in was to get a coke, seeing as the nearest place to get one was the town center, and she really couldnt be bothered to walk-or more specifically skate- all that way just to get one item. She traced the tattoo that marred her right wrist, drawing over each individual letter before taking a seat in front of the counter and leaning her elbows on the surface in front of her, waiting to be served.

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Kol is behind the bar cleaning glasses, this were surprisingly quiet, he got his writing book out and the nes book he had bought from the bookstore that day out. He began to write that story/song about Ivy's ocean eyes, the words kept flowing into his mind. After a while he stops and tries to think of something else to focus on, to write about.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments Rory gazed behind the counter somewhat inquisitivly, her chocolate brown, hollow eyes scanning to see whom was working at the moment. It didnt bother her that she wasnt being served right away, in fact it was small gift. She would only be going home to more work. She loved her small family with all her heart, but had been forced to grow up fast and take on a lot of responsibilities for somebody so young. She spotted somebody writing but didnt comment, simply and patiently waited.

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(i was thinking maybe they could be mates, like good friends because of where they work, Kol has the whole mysteriousbad boy thing so he doesnt have many friends, what do you think? they could be the only people either of them confide in or something)

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments ((Sure, sounds good :)))

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments ((Maybe he could be like a protective big brother over her, like he wont let anybody he thinks is dangerous get to close? And they act like brother and sister or something similar?))

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(ok, i dont mind if you want to do the big brother, little sister thing)

Kol thinks back to what Merlin said before, about hm being dangerous, even after 2 years of living together Merlin still hates Kol ore than anything, still fears him too. Kol looks up then, his bad thoughts get swept away when he see's Rory. Kol gives her one of his rare smiles and says 'Ror, your not on today', he stops at the expression on her face and pours out a drink for her. Kol slides the drink in front of Rory, 'whats wrong Ror? you stressing out?'.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments "Bills due in this week, Im having to work overtime, I'll be in later today most likely." Rory replied, rubbing one of her weary eyes before taking a sip of her drink.
"Merlin still giving you all that shit about you being dangerous?" She questioned, her eyes concerned as she studied him closly. She managed a half smile, although it was clear that she wasnt exactly happy. But even around her only friend, she still tried to put up her facade. To seem as if everything was alright.

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Kol squeezes Rory's hand, his face carefully concerned, 'ah, Merlin's got a point Ror, it's not like i got the best past to back me up', Kol shakes his head, never one to dwell on what he can't change he says 'I know it's shit working Ror, hows your brother and your mum?'. Kol's watchful eyes and stange nature make most people incomfortable, but not Rory, she knows what it's like to have to fight and endure the worst life throws at you.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments "Mum just seems to be getting weaker Kol." There was pure desperation shining in Rory's voice, something she rarely ever showed.
"Max is getting to the age where he's becoming a handful and I dont know what to do anymore." She said, looking up at him, her hand gripped tightly to his.

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Kol knew there was nothing that would truly solve things for Rory, but he says 'You know all you have to do is ask Ror, and i'm there, i'll do anything you want me to, you know i love Max', Kol remembers first meeting Max, the boy Rory saved and looks after every day, he had liked Kol, had never seemed to judge him as most people do. In this town having a tattoo and a less than sunny attitude makes you strange. Kol and Rory have both. Kol's eyes fill with understanding.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments Rory would never accept help. She wouldnt want to burden anybody with responsibilities that werent originally there, wouldnt want to pester or annoy somebody. She was an independent person, har headed in the fact that she believed she could achieve everything by herself without the help of others, even if it was offered.
"I know Kol, but I dont want to bother you with my problems." She replied with a half hearted shrug and a light sigh, taking another sip of her drink.

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Kol shakes his head 'too bad, im helping, dont argue with me woman, you shall NOT win' says Kol witha slight grin. He knows Rory likes to work things out by herself, it was one more thing that they both have in common, but Kol can tell she is getting worked down too much. Kol thinks that if there is something she could do about Merlin, Kol would possibly even let her.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments A small grin managed to find its way onto her face.
"Only if I get to give Merlin a piece of my mind. I mean, he's been giving you hassle since you got here, which was two years ago now. Just let me at him, I can knock him into place alright. Although I cant promise no damage will be done." Rory said, her eyes glittering in humour as she tilted her head to look up at him.

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Kol's smile widens slightly, 'Nah Ror, you know i could beat the crap out of him myself if i wanted to, but i respect Grace, she took me in, believed that im not worthless like they all thought back in Ireland, i have to prove her right, and kicking her sons arse is probably not the way to do that'. Kol runs a hand through his wild hair and leans on the counter looking intently at Rory again.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments "Yea but thats you I, on the other hand, see it perfectly reasonably to kick his arse in, and I dont owe Grace a thing. But since its you I guess I'll have to refrain from doing so and imagine it in my head every time I see him." Rory said with a defeated sigh, running a hand through her hair.
"How is Grace by the way? I didnt see her yesterday."

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'She's alright, just had a lot of work to do down at the hospital', Grace is a doctor, at the small doctors clinic in town, 'Things are alright though apart from that though, i heared back from Trinity', Trinity is the best university in Dublin that Kol had wanted to go too since he found he was actually clever enough for it.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments "Oh what did they say? Did you get in? COme on the suspense is killing me Kol!" Rory said, all in a very fast, tangled amount of words. But she knew Kol would understand, he was her best friend after all.
"Tell me. Tell me. Tell me." She said in a sing song voice.

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Kol laughs, 'calm down Ror, yeah i got in, how i have no bloody idea, but i did, now all have to do is work non-stop to get the money together for an apartment', Kol searches Rory's face, he asks, 'what about you Ror? i know you wanted to go for Exeter right'.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments "I knew you would." Despite herself, Rory stood up and although she was much shorter than he was at 5'0, she managed to give him a hug, ingnoring the counter between them completely. She pulled away after a few moments.
"I dont know Kol, I have to stay here. Look after Mum and Max. Living in Colbie for the rest of my life cant be so bad, right?" She said quietly, averting her gaze from his guiltily.

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Kol takes hold of Rory's wrists and pulls her closer so she has to look into his face, 'Ror, you can't live here forever if you don't want to, maybe go to a uni thats closer, but there's no way in hell im leaving you behind to handle things by yourself, id rather stay here with you' he says strongly.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments "No Kol. You need to go live your life the way you want too. I'll handle everything fine. But im not letting you stay here just because of me. Not in this lifetime on any others for that matter." Rory said firmly, now meeting his eyes, her jaw set stubbornly.

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Kol returns an equally stubborn gaze, 'Well i won't have to if you let me help now' says Kol simply, he grips tighter to her wrists, 'we can work through this, you and me' Kol says fiercly. Rory is his best mate, there is nothing he wouldnt do for her.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments "I cant let you Kol. Im not gonna let you get mixed up in my crumbling life. You deserve the best, and if im gonna be the reason to stop that.." Rory trailed off with a sigh. She couldnt lose him. But she couldnt let him give up his chance at happiness for her.

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'Rory, i care about you, more than any university, i mean, im a council house boy to orpahned boy from frigging Ireland, who's been to prison, i not the good higher education type, part of me thinks i never will be, it's not in me nature Ror' says Kol seriously. Kol touches Rory's face lightly, his face resaloute, 'you matter to ME Ror alright'.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments "No Kol. Im not gonna let you give this up." Rory said stubbornly.
"I care about you Kol, im not gonna let you just throw your life away for me. Im not worth it." She said with a shake of her head, looking away from him.

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'Bullshit, your worth it to me, so stp whining, it's incredibly unattractive Ror' Kol winks at Rory and kisses her forehead 'im a writer Ror, thats alll i ever want to be, i dont need a fancy uni degree for that, now forget me, what do YOU want?' says Kol, idicating the end of the conversation.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments "I hate it when you do that." Rory muttered, taking another gulp of her drink again.
"And for the record, this university conversation is far from over. So dont think you've won just yet." She warned.

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'Too late, im already thinking it Ror, so come on, what do you want?' says Kol, he watches her inently. Kol has written hundreds of song,poems and stories based on Rory, when he's alone she is the one thing that he thinks of, she's always the heroine of everything he writes.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments Rory shrugged slightly.
"I dont know." She said simply. Rory never really had any thinking time to herself. Whenever she had any spare time the migranes hit. And they hit hard. Caring for her mother and down syndrome little brother wasnt easy work as it is. Mix in long shifts of work and penetrating headaches which almost caused her to pass out, she rarely had time to consider what she wanted for herself.

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Kol sighs, 'you have time to think now Rory, i know you don't get much off the clock time but give it a go now yeah, just think about what you love to do alright' says Kol earnestly, he looks into her face and smiles encouragingly.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments A confused somewhat troubled expression flickered across Rory's face.
"I honestly dont know. If I dont have enough time to think, I certainly dont have enough time to do what I want to do." She was racking her brain trying to discover something she enjoyed, but still came up with nothing.

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'Ror, im here for you, yeah, so dont panic, we have the whole summer to work it out, and we WILL work it out alright' says Kol, he pushes a strand of hair behind Rory's ear gently.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments "You dont understand Kol. How is anything supposed to change? Mum can barely look after herself on good days, let alone manage Max. I cant afford to pay for somebody to care for the two of them." Rory said with a half hearted sigh, gazing up at him.

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'Ror, there are NHS plans, free ones that help with this stuff, Grace knows all about them, let me as her' says Kol, 'i know you dont want help, but i can't let you kill yourself over all this'.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments "I dont need their help." At this Rorys voice turned bitter. She was afraid. Deep down. Afriad that the NHS or any other health organisation for that matter, would tear her family apart. Place her mother in a care home or something similar, and put her brother up for foster care or adoption. Even the thought sent chills down her spine.

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'I just going to ask Rory, i wont even mention your name if you dont want me to, but you DO need help' says Kol. knowing how har it is to admit something like that.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments "I dont." Rory protested bluntly, taking a sip of her drink and pinching the bridge of her nose. Trusting was hard for her. It had taken a good year, possibly a year and a half before she had completley trusted Kol.

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Kol doesnt give in, it had taken time for either of them to open up at all, 'Do you trust me Rory?' asks Kol.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments Rorys face softened slightly.
"You know I do Kol, why are you even asking?"

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Kol nods and says 'I'm asking because if you trust me then you should let me ask Grace, I would never do anything to hurt you Ror' Kol takes her hand in his.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments "You know how much I hate them places." She was referring to hospitals, to people who worked for the NHS and other health care services in general. Grace being the exception. It wasnt so much that she hated them. She feared them, the power they held. In one swoop they could deem her unfit to look after her family and rip them apart.

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Kol shakes his head, Kol had been forced into anger management whist being in prison, so he always makes a concious effort to never get even frustrated as it could lead to bad things later. 'I know yor scared Ror, but im only asking, not secrtly signing you up, so dont panic', Kol takes her other hand willing her to trust him.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments Rory set her jaw. Her stubborn attitude had got her into trouble more than once, and she was aware that it fustrated the hell out of her friend. But she wouldnt be herself if she wasnt hard headed.
"Only asking?" She questioned.

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Kol arches his eyebrow and says 'Yes Ror, only asking, i 'll tell you the options and if you want to take it any further than i'll help you do that too, your in control here alright'.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments "Dont arch you eybrow at me mister." She taps his brow lightly before resting the palm of her hand on the counter again.
"I guess it couldnt hurt...But no names. And if they question it any further, just say you were curious. No saying its for a friend or whatever poxy excuse that you could come up with that would involve you saying a person."

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'Poxy excuse, are you doubting my lying skills young Rory, well i am hurt' he grins at Rory and pretends to look hurt, he puts a hadn over his chest.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1451 comments "You know im a better liar than you are. We've been through this before remember? We even had a competion." She said as if he were some imbisile.
"I recall that you firmly backed out when you had to go ask that girl for a tampon, and had to say it was for you." A grin played across her lips at the memory.

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'I didnt back out, she was someone i knew, she was that girl who followed mea round all the time, remember' says Kol shaking his head and laughing.

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