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Omg! I hate how low I’ve sink!!!

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The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | -3 comments I almost posted a thread bitching how my costumers don’t do my online survey where I was suggesting the people reading it the online website and my store number so they could vote for my store!!! Oh god!!! This is so sad!!! But I want to beat Farmingdale so badly!!! Just once!!!! Once in my life I wanna go there and throw my speed of service sheet and my survey sheet and tell the mo fos that they got served!!! And say something like: y’all bitches better recognize!!! Atlantic av mo fos!!! And then run away!!!

Servius  Heiner We could always cheat; I have at my disposal many many computers (lots of ip addresses) give me the information and I'll flood the website with high marks.

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Amanda (randymandy) Yeah, we'll vote for you, Alfonso!

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Tom Foolery (tomfoolery) I dunno, Nick...lots of IP addresses in Alaska...or Oregon, California, and the Carolinas...might land Foozle in some hot water if anyone looks too close...

Do people get anything for filling out the survey? Has there ever been any kind of reward for filling out the survey? If so, mention it to your customers. "Be sure and fill out our online survey. Once three years ago Usually there's some kind of free food coupon you can print out once you've finished it."

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Yes, we can't get Alfonso in trouble! Too risky.

I remember when Marie and I worked in retail, and our neighboring store always beat us!! It wasn't our fault--that mall was bigger and got more traffic, but the managers at that store were white trash bitches and we HATED how their smug asses always won.

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Malbadeen It doesn't matter because we did actually "beat" them over the Christams season AND we consistently had the most growth in sales from the previous year (the year before we got there) AND we had the lowest turn over rate (after everyone quit when we 1st got there) but in the end the DM was a fucking, unappreciative, anorexic, coke whore of an idiot.
which is why I had to quit with no notice and abandon you - - - sorry. I still feel guilty about that. a little.

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Malbadeen Alfonso, you have fun at work? yes. accept it. it's enough.
no? take my suggestion, make life so miserable for your staff that they all quit and then hire all your friends - that's what I did. worked wonders!

The Crimson Fucker (tcf123) | -3 comments Nay yall that’s why I hate it! I wanna win fair and square and this week will do it! sales are thru the roof! And our speed of service is the fastest of the whole company and it is a lot of fun! Is not fun that I’m buying the energy drinks out of my pocket to keep them mo fos alive -=P but is working… I’m afraid that I cuz I don’t work today I’ve been putting a lot of extra hours (some of them for free) but is just that I want to win!!! In every meeting they talk crap!! Is our turn now!! But thank you for the support, if I had anything but anger an a thirst for revenge left inside of me I’ll be crying of joy y’all.

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I love your work ethic, Alfonso. It makes me feel like this:

P.S. Marie, I forgot that we did kick ass over Lloyd Center, sometimes. I picture that manager, Jet, like this:

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Malbadeen That is perfect, except she needs to have on a t-shirt and waaaay too tight jeans to complete the picture.

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