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Mo Yan (winner of Nobel Prize): What should we read first?

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message 1: by Eric (new) - added it

Eric Mo Yan just won the Nobel prize.

I'd never heard of him, but I took a peek inside "The Republic of Wine" and liked what I saw.

Can anybody familiar with his work recommend a book of his to start with?

message 2: by Toohead (new)

Toohead 《Red Sorghum》is his most famous novel in China.I read it when I was in high school.This is a great book.My friend thinks that the《Big Breasts and Wide Hips 》is his best.

message 3: by Eric (new) - added it

Eric Awesome. Thanks for the tip(s)!

message 4: by Sam (new)

Sam Big Breasts and Wide Hips and The Republic of Wine is all my library has, which of these is best to start with?

message 5: by Toohead (new)

Toohead 《Big Breasts and Wide Hips》,definitely

Rose Rose Recoomend the "Red Sorghum"

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