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Cut & Run #1

Cut & Run

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A series of murders in New York City has stymied the police and FBI alike, and they suspect the culprit is a single killer sending an indecipherable message. But when the two federal agents assigned to the investigation are taken out, the FBI takes a more personal interest in the case.

Special Agent Ty Grady is pulled out of undercover work after his case blows up in his face. He's cocky, abrasive, and indisputably the best at what he does. But when he's paired with Special Agent Zane Garrett, it's hate at first sight. Garrett is the perfect image of an agent: serious, sober, and focused, which makes their partnership a classic cliche: total opposites, good cop-bad cop, the odd couple. They both know immediately that their partnership will pose more of an obstacle than the lack of evidence left by the murderer.

Practically before their special assignment starts, the murderer strikes again this time at them. Now on the run, trying to track down a man who has focused on killing his pursuers, Grady and Garrett will have to figure out how to work together before they become two more notches in the murderer's knife.

376 pages, Paperback

First published September 1, 2008

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About the author

Madeleine Urban

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Madeleine Urban is a down-home Kentucky girl who’s been writing since she could hold a crayon. Although she has written and published on her own, she truly excels when writing with co-authors. She lives with her husband, who is very supportive of her work, and two canine kids who only allow her to hug them when she has food. She wants to live at Disney World, the home of fairy dust, because she believes that with hard work, a little luck, and beloved family and friends, dreams really can come true.

Visit Madeleine's blog at http://madeleineurban.livejournal.com/. You can contact her at mrs.madeleine.urban@gmail.com.
Listen to Madeleine interviewed by Peter Godbold on the Strictly Confidential Radio Show

Nov. 17, 2011 - I have made the personal decision to stop writing, for reasons that are important to me, including focusing on my family and my health. Writing and publishing comes with a whole set of expectations and pressures, and I find that it's just too much. While I am sad that this will upset and/or even anger readers, this is the right decision for me.

Abigail Roux will be continuing the Ty and Zane series, and I know she'll do a great job.

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36 reviews2 followers
September 26, 2013
This book came highly recommended, so I was quite disappointed when I finally got around to reading it. This could have been a really good story, instead it was the literary equivalent of a summer blockbuster movie, complete with requisite car chase/slow-motion car flipping over scene. This was basically every buddy cop movie you've ever seen, except this time the two agents have sex. The two agents would have been interesting characters if the dialogue hadn't been designed to beat you over the head with the fact that these two guys don't like each other, no really, they don't like each other, look at how much they don't like each other! It was fine, if a little cliched, at first, but then it just kept going. Every time I started getting into the book, something would pull me out of it. There is a lot of extremely unlikely dialogue. For example, I doubt two guys who really don't like each other( no really, they really don't like each other) and are trying to keep their bisexuality under wraps would spend so much time joking about each other's butts. Also, while talking to younger FBI agents, one of the main characters mentions that while the younger man was watching cartoons, he was "in the Gulf", to which the other agent replies "The gulf of what?" Not a very likely response from anyone, especially an FBI agent. The authors' depiction of New York City doesn't ring true at all. Where in The Village do you pull out of your parking space into 60mph traffic? And why are there so many hippies still hanging around? And apparently, if you grab a stewardess's butt and then call her sweetheart or darling or something else cliche and insulting, she will give you her phone number and invite you to her affordable-on-a-flight-attendant's-salary Manhattan apartment for anonymous sex. Also in this world, if you are an FBI agent you never have to go to the hospital. After your car is smashed an EMT will set your broken arm and send you home with a bottle of painkillers that they carry with them, even after you tell them you have a previous drug problem, because ambulances are also portable pharmacies, and you don't need X-rays of your broken arm or broken ribs or maybe dislocated shoulder or banged up knee or any of the other injuries you've sustained. And then, when all these things hurt really bad and you just can't take it anymore, you can take the whole bottle of painkillers at once, and this will clear your head and enable you to use your broken arm.

I generally don't read mysteries, and this book tried really hard to make sure I don't start. Some of the ways the serial killer murdered his victims were just plain ridiculous, and I don't see how no one picked up on the pattern before the main characters did. And how on earth do you dye someone's hair after you've killed them? Are you lugging dead bodies around the apartment, propping them up in the shower or rinsing their hair in the kitchen sink? This is definately not the book to read if you're looking for a good mystery.

As other reviewers have mentioned, POV switches constantly, sometimes in the same paragraph. I'm all for knowing what's going on inside people's heads, just not all at once. I felt like the editors should have picked up on that and helped the authors clear it up a bit. Then again, they should have picked up on a few of the other things I've mentioned, as well.

Despite all this, I *wanted* to like this book. I really did. Through all the forced machismo, there is some actual character development. If you like blockbusters and cop movies and have a superhuman ability to suspend disbelief, there are a few good spots in this book. It's refreshing when the characters drop the attitudes and act like real people for a few pages.
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465 reviews6,257 followers
March 25, 2015

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This book has a false title!

The real one is:

Read & Become obsessed with Ty and Zane!

I just felt like I should warn anyone who's thinking of reading the book :)

Hello, I am a Ty and Zane addict. I have been an addict for 3 days now, and I'm trying not to cure myself. It's not very easy, considering I have only 5 books more to read, and then I'll go through withdrawal. I guess I'll have to do massive re-reads to keep my addiction. It's not something I'll want to get rid of  photo 805735.gif

How my addiction happened? Read the story of a journey of one woman, reading about two men falling in love. Try not to cry very much, and fan yourself when it gets too hot.  photo fansmiley.gif

The story

Ty and Zane are two FBI agents, forced to work together on a serial-killer case. They are complete opposites. Ty is rough, doesn't follow any rules and doesn't care about anything. Zane is a serious guy, trying to save his career and is looking forward to a promotion, instead he got Ty  photo 425845.gif The instant they meet sparks fly all over. They have the most amazing chemistry!  photo 2783945661.gif Even though they spent half of the book bickering and fighting, it was there all the same. While I'm mentioning the fighting - there was a scene when those two actually fought, as in - kicking ass, and WOW even though the scene wasn't actually sexual, they were pretty much beating each other, it was SO HOT  photo 72866.gif or maybe I'm just so bad  photo 805735.gif Aaaanyway, back to the chemistry, it was building and building and then came the first kiss - BAM! Supernova!  photo explosionta5.gif I haven't read many M/M sex scenes (yet  photo 703126.gif ) but that one was HOOOOOT!

I won't go further than that with the story, it'll ruin the surprise when you get to it, but I'll just say that Ty and Zane are some of the best characters I've read. They are complex, with actuall problems and conflictions, dealing with addiction and PTSD, and their attraction  photo 836920.gif

I just LOVE them  photo 2783945661.gif

Why 4 stars? The story was kinda bad, not that bad but still it got on my nerves sometimes  photo 3061540122.gif And the bad guy - I knew it from the beginning who it was, and was he just terrible  photo 750195.gif  photo 750195.gif

BUT, I'm continuing with the series (gotta keep my addiction, you understand), so I'm looking forward to better mysteries and plots :) And, of course, more TY and Zane  photo 311685.gif  photo 311685.gif

*pardon my emoticons, I'm addicted to them too*

*edit: I changed my rating from 4 to 5 stars after I listened to the audiobook. It was just THAT good!!!!!*

88 reviews1,105 followers
September 9, 2016

HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS....all my brain cells have just FRIED!!!

Phew!!Just give me one second......

O.k..so where was I???Oh yes...

Readers please make way for this AMAZING,SPECTACULAR and DYNAMIC DUO---

Ty AND Zane




Careful ladies.....don't SWOON!!(But if a pair of strong arms is nearby to catch you then by all means,be my guest)

Have you ever HATED someone at first sight???

Well FBI agents Ty Grady and Zane Garret have.Each other.They were partnered to investigate the Tri-State case.A serial killer was loose and FBI suspected that it was someone on the inside.So,these two agents were called forth to investigate the case,both superb in their respective skills,but....both are LOOSE CANNONS!!

Being an ex-marine and years of undercover work had provided Ty Grady will lethal skills and sharply honed instincts.But after the death of his last partner,he still lives with the guilt and does not want any new partner.

Zane Garret has his own skills with a sharp mind and indomitable will.But after the death of his wife 5 years ago he had lost it.But then somehow he managed to get rid of his addictions and put his life back on track.(Little did he realize that he was only a shadow of the man he used to be.)And after working so hard,he wasn't going to let a rude,irritating partner destroy everything!!

"Listen up,cause I'm only gonna say this once,"Ty muttered."I don't talk when I fly.I sleep.And I don't listen when I eat,understand?I don't wanna be buddies.I don't wanna chat."

Well,this was their start....

Everyone thought they were destined to kill each other!!

But this killer is smarter and more resourceful than they thought.So they have to call a temporary truce to thwart him and save their lives!!

But no one,not even Ty and Zane could anticipate the fierce attraction which blossomed between them......

"Fuck,"Zane murmured,pulling Ty closer." You're worse than heroin."

Hmmm...my heart is still singing!!!

Tyyyy annnnd Zaneeeeee.......la,la,la!!!

Ahm...**cough**.Sorry,I just got a bit carried away!!

But how can I help it when they say things like--

"I'm too stubborn to die when I have a reason to live," he murmured,watching Ty reverently.

"I need you,Ty,more than anything."


And to all my GR friends who recommended this book to me--


---4 STARS + (1 more for Ty and Zane!!)---

So go,go,go.....and grab this book right now!!!I promise you that it's amazing!!!

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1,282 reviews3,268 followers
June 17, 2017
Granted, I'm nine years late to the party and my review may be surplus to requirements but, here it is anyway.

Despite the burning need to DNF, I hung in there, soldering through the pages of wince-inducing prose but at page 204, I admitted defeat. This book and I agreed to never speak on the matter again.

Allow me to show you why (excerpts from page 203-4, emphasis by me):

Ty glanced over at it and immediately groaned softly
Ty frowned doubtfully. He worked quickly and finally pulled the wound together....
Ty simply nodded and went....to retrieve a glass. He filled it from a bottle that sat on the counter and handed it wordlessly to Zane.
Zane lowered the glass and looked at Ty appraisingly.
Depends on what kind of action you’re talking about,” he said, being deliberately vague.
“Tough guy, huh?” Ty asked sarcastically


Sigh. I have never read a book that had this many adverbs, sometimes a page would have over 10 of such.

Here's the thing: I wouldn't have fixated on those pesky words had the plot and characters been developed beyond the pedestrian.

TY and Zane are FBI agents who were drafted in to find a serial killer. Ty is the usual wisecracking bad-boy agent while Zane was the "suit".

Sound familiar? Think Riggs and Murtaugh- of Lethal Weapon- without the charm, wit, and intelligence.

Theirs was an enemies-to-lovers story, sadly, once they got together the plot became secondary turning this into nothing more than a B-rated erotica.

The story never advanced beyond their sleeping together. Even when the killer attempted to blow them up, there was no urgency. No rallying of agents or gathering of intel, they basically hid stayed at the hotel to read "files".

I say this with all due respect but I doubt the author did any research on the subject matter. Altogether, very sloppy.
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1,161 reviews4,164 followers
August 3, 2020
1.5 Star

Brace yourself 'cause this is gonna hurt.

I’ve read my share of romantic suspense novels and, let me tell you, this one has one of the most ridiculous and lamest storylines ever.

In short, two fifteen-year-old FBI agents spend the majority of their time in a hotel room bantering, arguing and talking gibberish waiting for the murder mystery to solve itself. (The mystery which was laughable by the way.)

Talk about banter OVERKILL!

It wasn’t even hot or fun anymore. Do grown up men (34 and 42 years old) really talk and behave like this?

The whole book feels off. Artificial. Fake. I felt zero intensity or chemistry. No building of the relationship. There was constant jumping from one topic to another, from one point of view to another. The childish conversations were all over the place and extremely difficult to follow.

Come to think of it, the whole book consists only of the banterdialogue. Where are the descriptions, characters’ inner thoughts, the background story? I never knew what the main characters were thinking or what was going through their heads.

Sorry, my MM loving peeps. I didn’t enjoy this book at all. It’s not the romance I had a problem with; it’s the writing.

*now goes hiding somewhere safe*

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91 reviews13 followers
October 26, 2011
This book was a major disappointment. Yet again I have learnt not to trust the high star ratings on Goodreads. They just are too skewed in opinion. The ones who like the book rate it up...and most of the people who hate or dislike it don't even bother to waste their time rating it down - hence the misleading ratings.

I'll try to avoid (major) spoilers. I disliked everything about this book, from the crappy cover art to the poor characterization and plot. I know I complain about the male torsos being HELLA overused. But after seeing that cover - I take it back. Unappealing, plain and unimaginative.

The book was so unbelievably stilted and manufactured. It was as if the authors took the readers for gullible, starry eyed idiots. I agree with those below who said the mystery was not "mysterious" - I have seen Scooby Doo episodes that were more enigmatic. The mystery aspect of the book needed some more planning and development if Roux and Urban expected to captivate anyone with a mental age over 12 with it.

This book really made me wonder - ARE two head's better than one? I never was a fan of multi-authored books because if the authors don't mesh the work turns out to be crap with a lot of convoluted rigmarole. And don't get me started on the medical aspects of the book - as a medical student it is a sore point for me. Authors are expected to RESEARCH - it is as SIMPLE AS WIKIPEDIA IF YOU HAVE TO.

Double fracture, refusing pain meds even then because of your addiction past...despite being told repeatedly local analgesia won't act centrally and tickle the pleasure centers? I don't buy it. That injury would make BABIES of the toughest men. Spend a few months in orthopedics and then tell me different. The believable thing would be to have accepted the local after some badgering - but NO. Roux and Urban had to use it and play it up YET AGAIN to show us - LOOK HOW TOUGH MY BOY IS.

This bit irritated me - "He wove dangerously as he headed to the door, the drugs already taking effect since he’d bypassed the time release by chewing them up. By the time he got to the elevator, the high was rushing through him."

Yes, that is SURE to make someone more effective on the field. A HIGH rushing through you? From what I understand, the MC is exhusted and in pain, over doses on pills and becomes superman rather than fall into a coma like we mortals would? Unbelievable.

Buried under all the pseudo machismo and crudity the characters are dull. I don't get the feeling I really know them. And you need to KNOW characters to like them. The rest of the cast are the same and can only be referred to as a clip on cast in a failed attempt to inject some interest into the book.

And the weird mood swings! I mean really! Are these men or a bunch of bipolar patients? FBI agents need to be mentally stable, right?

I won't even go into the childish and dumb dialog (much) :| Aren't you glad? But I will mention this - girls, WOMEN COO, BABIES COO, PIGEONS COO, CUCCOO's COO - men 99.9% of times DO NOT COO. One can only hope their writing (they DO seem to write a lot together don't they) improved after this fiasco.
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268 reviews503 followers
March 14, 2013

Ty & Zane! *SIGH*

"Are you feeling this too?"
"Me, either"

Ok, let me do this short and nice because there are too many GREAT reviews about this book.

Let me say (and pls don't kill me) that I didn't love this book. I liked it, A LOT, but didn't love it. I looooooved their love story but the case they were working on was kinda boring for me and I knew, I freaking knew who the bad guy was!

Cut & Run tells us the story of Ty & Zane *SIGH*. They have to work together on a new case and they basically don't like each other, period.

Respectfully, sir, I understand you need someone riding hers on this... agent. But what am I supposed to learn from him?"

"You can learn to kiss my ass. Just like you do everyone else's"

You see? They tease each other ALL the time and I LOVED that part of the book.

They are fighting all the time and boy, it was soooooo funny! Ty is the biggest smart ass ever but I still love Zane the most :)

"I've never made fun of you. Making fun of you would imply that something about you is fun"

And sometimes their teasing was more than fun, it was hawt!

”He suggested putting you out of your misery”
“Your gun ain’t big enough, son”
“At the risk of sounding clichéd, I’ve never had that complain before”
“I’ll believe that when I see it”

Oh, Ty, you’ll see it and you’ll LOVE it as much as I did!

”Usually I don’t bother people I want to see naked”

As days go by their relationship starts to change and even if they still keep the teasing, they also like each other, and their chemistry is SOOOOO GOOD!

And then, the inevitable happened and their first was OH MY GOD!

”Should I go back to my room tonight or will we be able to work together and fuck each other senseless at the same time?”

I can’t keep talking about their story (or the case) because I don’t want to spoil you guys but I really recommend this book to all my M/M buddies.

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531 reviews34.5k followers
October 9, 2018
”We can still cut and run,” he whispered.”

It was exactly the kind of book I needed and I’m so happy I finally started to read this series! “Cut & Run” had everything I craved for and I can’t believe it took me so long to get to it!

I mean:
- Two MC’s to die for - check
- An m/m relationship - check
- Action and drama - check
- A plot that forced me to guess about the killer’s identity – check
- Unbearable tension and suspenseful moments – check

Gosh, this was just so, so, so damn good! That’s how I like my books!! Fast and action-packed with lots of soft and tender moments and two MC’s that both have a big mouth! *lol*

But tell you what? The best part about his book was Ty Grady!! I love Ty, I want his babies, oh boy this man is so swoon-worthy, I can’t even!!! <333

”Zane stood there for a moment, mouth slightly agape. Ty Grady was a rude, insufferable, egoistical, stinking son of a bitch, and Zane was going to need to figure out how to tune him out. Otherwise, he just might give in to the pressure and kill the bastard, for the good of humanity.”

I loved how he didn’t give a damn about anything; how he hid his soft side under thousands of layers no one was able to penetrate. Well, no one except of Zane of course! ;-P (Was that a pun? Sorry, my fault! *lol*) And haha I almost died laughing when he told Zane that he’s a “lethal weapon”, but damn me if this isn’t the truth! That man had so many amazing skills I couldn’t help but be awestruck whenever I discovered another side of him. I guess I know how Zane felt, because I felt exactly the same way. XD

”When he was younger, Ty had allowed himself to enjoy the company of both men and women, whichever struck his fancy at the time. But all his time in the Marine Corps had forced him to suppress many of those feelings.”

And can we appreciate the fact that both, Zane as well as Ty, are bisexual?! YAY!!! Finally two bisexual characters that are falling hard for each other! <3 I think this was awesome. I mean the word is never mentioned but we know that Zane had a wife and we can see that Ty is more than just inclined towards both sexes as well. ;-) Oh, and their chemistry!!! Boy, how those two had me in tears at some points of the story. It wasn’t all just carnal action, no, those two had deep feelings for each other and it showed!

”Shut up,” Ty hissed in response as his entire body turned over into tackle mode and drove all other thoughts from his mind. He ducked his head to lick a trail of water running down Zane’s collarbone and then bit him lightly.”

”I can’t concentrate on anything, not when all I can think about is you.”

”Zane swallowed hard as he slid his hand to take Ty’s and lace their fingers together. “Are you feeling this too?” he asked, echoing what they’d asked each other months ago, only to have it pushed aside. But not forgotten.”

I cried so much when I read this scene. I swear sometimes while reading this I was certain that Zane and Ty would be the death of me. Especially the moment when Hell, they are everything!! Those two boys stole my heart and I can’t wait to read the rest of this series, especially because their easy banter is so awesome as well. *lol*

”Yeah, well, if you weren’t such a dick…,” Ty murmured with a small smile.
Zane snickered. “Works out well since you’re an asshole.”
“We’re gonna have to talk about these puns.” Ty groaned as he pulled away and shuffled slowly for the bed.

”You were a Recon in the Marines and undercover for the FBI, and you’ve never had a concussion? How the hell did you manage that?”
“I ducked,” Ty answered in a childishly honest voice.
“You ducked,” Zane muttered. “Smartass.”

I swear I laughed so much whenever they exchanged their pleasantries that my hubby gave me funny looks while I read the book. *lol* But I also cried while reading it so yeah, I bet he must have been very confused watching my reactions. Haha! Also, I KNEW who the killer was!!! YAY me! I’m getting good at this guessing and puzzle game. Guess that’s what too many CSI, Castle and Sherlock Holmes episodes will do to you. XD

All told, I loved this book to bits and pieces and I didn’t want it to end! Thankfully it seems like there are 8 other books still waiting to be read! YESH!!! *does a happy dance* I’m so going to savour them all! This was just the beginning! ;-)


I have this sudden urge to read another m/m romance.
It's been a while and I feel like I just need the gay!

And because I would trust THIS AWESOME GIRL with my gay life when it comes to amazing m/m books I decided to give this a shot!

I'm sure you already waited for me to read this, am I right? *lol*
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1,351 reviews2 followers
March 8, 2015
Five "are you feeling this too" STARS!



I'm not going to say too much about this one. I loved it. I want to start the next one straight away so my review will be mostly visual.

“Ty Grady was a rude, insufferable, egotistical, stinking son of a bitch, and Zane was going to figure out how to tune him out. Otherwise, he just might give in to the pressure and kill the bastard, for the good of humanity.”

“It was now or never. Zane took a slow, deep breath and ducked his chin, tilted his head sideways, and slid his lips firmly against Ty’s.”

“Fuck," Ty finally muttered as they broke another heated kiss.
"Is that a comment or a request?" Zane asked breathlessly.”

“What the hell is a SpongeBob?”

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940 reviews
November 9, 2014
I do hope Ty carries a chap-stick around at all times, because the guy licked his lips 23 times before I lost count.

Although I got so little enjoyment out of a book that I had anticipated so greatly, I'm still leaning towards giving Cut & Run 2 generous stars. Mostly out of respect for my friends on here who all seem to genuinely like it. And because, I might as well admit it, I feel the need to be a little more supportive towards m/m than f/m romances.

Now that that's settled, let's move on to a few of Cut & Runs weaknesses. The writing for example. Apart from Ty licking his lips nervously almost non-stop, he and his partner Zane hardly ever just say something. Instead they murmur, mutter softly, drawl or growl.
The POV too, switches so many times - in the same paragraph too - that it's dizzying. As soon as Ty growls something at Zane, the authors want to make sure that it's perfectly obvious how Zane feels about that, by switching to his thoughts and then back again. They also quite suddenly - and unnecessarily - switch to the mind of another cop, that of the serial killer and his victims. Constant POV switches: they so often seem a telltale sign of a not very talented author.

Right, the serial killer. The plot revolves around the stereotypical cops Ty and Zane, who are partnered up to catch this culprit. Since they intensely hate each other at first sight (mostly because one of them looks pretty decent and the other all scruffy) working on their new case is a little complicated. It doesn't really matter that much though, because the whole case obviously only serves as a vessel to throw these guys together. They pretend to think about the killers' motives, while hanging around in diners and their hotel room, living on a diet of pizza's and burgers (good luck sustaining those body builder bods, boys!).
In the meantime our serial killer randomly kills off victims by - for example - injecting them with the bird flu (he probably bought a potent virus at his local pharmacy?), he has fun dyeing his victims' hair postmortem and he randomly places bombs in computers and cars to destroy our dream-team. Both Zane and Ty get seriously wounded by these attempts, but apparently they are such tough cops that they can cope with just a bottle of painkillers. Clearly, the authors never did any medical research or just didn't care.

Sooooo.. there's always still the sex you say?

Uhm...well..at some point I read: "Zane tried to decide why this hurt so much. They had known each other barely a week. Granted they had screwed each other like crazy." WAIT fucking WHAT?! Yes, it's true that their instant hate didn't last long at all...but I meant the screwing part. That part Ty later refers to as the "wild fucking" part. Hey, I'm guilty of skimming pages, but surely I didn't miss a couple of steaming sex scenes?
Then I figured it's probably a matter of definition. Their definition of hot sex is getting all worked up and then, at the point of no return, one of them asks himself whether "it's a good idea to screw his partner", or they realize that they are actually very tired, or very wounded (I hardly remember them not being wounded, so go figure), or hungry for more pizza's and burgers, or they find something to argue about and get angry with each other (which unfortunately doesn't result in a dangerously intense hate fuck/make up sex scene either). And when these boys FINALLY managed to ACTUALLY have sex, it was so bland that it barely registered with me.

Ty was probably on the same wavelength though, because while attempting to fuck Zane, he simply picked up his buzzing phone (for which alone he deserves to be punched in his heart-shaped face) and talked and listened to a flirt who felt neglected. Crazy sex indeed. But in a different way than I had imagined.

Did I mention that Cut & Run is chock-full of inconsistencies?

Forgive me Manna Francis, I promise I will stray no more until I have finished your mind-blowing series.
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Author 19 books3,575 followers
May 14, 2020
Cut & Run was my second adventure into this type of novel and it kept my interest. The pairing of Ty and Zane are certainly comical but I have to question why there is always so much anger between the two main characters just like in the first novel I read ([book:Shattered Glass|13420351)? I get that it makes good drama for an intense read, but I thought it was a little too overdone. Ty and Zane get together and separate 4 or 5 times in the course of the 350 page novel and by the last one, I felt like it was just getting to be a routine with them (and not in a totally good way). Fighting is a good thing in a book as it helps the reader develop passion and intrigue, but not when on full repetition.

Despite those initial thoughts, the dialogue is fairly realistic, the characters have many good qualities and the story was strong. It's easy to guess who the serial murderer is, but I don't think that was the most important part of the book. I'll give the author another read but probably not for a bit while I explore this genre for awhile to find the authors I like the most.

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December 4, 2013
"But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls."
- by Khalil Gibran, Love Letters in the Sand: The Love Poems of
Khalil Gibran -

FBI Special Agent Tyler Grady is assigned to the Criminal Investigations Branch. FBI Special Agent Zane Garrett is glad to quit his boring-ass desk job at cyber crimes. He’s transferred (promoted) to the Criminal Investigations Branch and meets...Ty, his new partner.

When the two men meet for the first time, they’re shocked to discover that they are 'forced' to work together. Assistant Director Burns is putting them on the Tri-State case. A really messy, conniving, and frightening serial killer is on the loose. The villain is killing people in New York every few weeks. The latest victims are two FBI agents working this case and that means that the Bureau was now more personally invested. Ty and Zane have to replace those two agents who got killed.

Ty and Zane are complete opposites. Zane became an alcoholic and did drugs after his wife was killed a few years ago. He doesn’t drink anymore, however he’s a heavy smoker. Zane works by the book, and he works with complete and utter focus; Zane is logical and single-minded. And he is well groomed. Ty is a former Marine Force Recon. He is cocky and a smart-mouth. And he is fun! Ty was bisexual in his youth. He stopped having sex with men after he joined the Marines. Now he’s a bit confused because he’s not all that sure what he really wants: women or men. Zane is only seeing men after his wife's death. Soon after Ty and Zane start working together, they feel attracted to each other. They fight and insult each other but become lovers eventually.

An advice to the readers: don’t read this book for the plot, read it for the characters. They are superb – loved them! Ty and Zane were shining! The plot is clearly not as strong as the main characters.

I love it when two very tough guys go all tender over each other. Don’t strangle me now when I say that this was sweet. The author writes with great care for tenderness and that’s something I love to read about. Tenderness is...a specific look, a touch, a word. I was very fond of Ty and Zane and I was particularly invested in them. There’s lots and lots of dialogs. Smooth, good, cool, and hilarious dialogs! Yes, there’s a serial killer on the loose but I didn’t really care about that fact. I was captivated by those two guys and their character and 'relationship' development. My oh my, this was a rocky, unsteady, and volatile 'relationship' – laden with a lot of conflicts. They separate and come together. Again. Their relationship is like a moving sea, and therefore I think that the quote I’ve chosen fits rather nicely.

They have a lot of interaction and it helps the reader to get to know them. Furthermore, it was rather interesting to see that Ty had to undergo quite a transformation. In the beginning he is this daredevil who doesn’t give a damn about rules. After a specific incident (I can’t give away more here) he is quite the opposite – more detached, as it is. It’s like they switched roles because Zane is more agitated – he’s lacking his usual aloofness. I was wondering if their 'unusual' behavior is only temporary? Maybe this will change again in the sequel.

During the second half of the book the dialogs get more serious. The banter is still present but you can feel that there’s just more. A lot of stuff seems to be buried and you’re waiting that everything will have to surface somehow. I’m rather sure that we will unravel a few 'secrets' in book 2, 3, and 4. I don’t want to sound clichéd but this book – specifically the characters, their demeanor, their way to act and speak – is exactly what I would assimilate to a female author in the m-m genre. There are emotions and tenderness and passionate sexd. Women love to chat – generally speaking. There are so many dialogs here, absolutely incredible. But I love that. You feel connected and you are right there with Ty and Zane. This is what makes you believe that you could crawl into their heads and it gives you a feeling what it could mean to live their lives. There is not a lot of sex in this book but I didn’t mind. Not at all. However, what’s there...is really substantial, it is passionate and hot and it’s well written. It is there because it needs to be there. Jeez, I’m a sucker for touching, good hands, good kisses – it’s all there and then some.

From the get-go I was absolutely hooked. For the record, I am a Ty person. Ty reminds me a bit of Dan of Special Forces. And Dan is closer to my heart as is Ty now. LOVED their banter – so hilarious!! I think that the character development was good – two very, very MACHO men!

Memorable "quotes":

[...]"Fortunately for you, Grady you have more lives than a cat,” the man said to him with a small frown. “And you’re getting another chance to prove to us that you can do this job without blowing shit up. I won’t say one more, because God knows I’ll just keep giving you more until you get yourself killed. Meet your new partner, Special Agent Zane Z. Garrett.”
Zane couldn’t have been more appalled, and it showed clearly in his reaction. This WRECK of an agent was his new partner? “Director Burns,” he started impulsively, but he caught his tongue and tightened his grip on the chair. What kind of reward was this?
“The hell he is!” Ty interrupted as he sat up straight. “I can’t do my job with a...a...poster-boy partner,” he practically stuttered angrily as he flopped his hand toward the squeaky-clean man next to him."[...]

[...]"Frankly, it will take a miracle to make him even remotely professional. No one will take him seriously.”
“Take ME seriously?” Ty echoed in disbelief. “Christ, have those shoes ever even seen pavement? Shit,” he exclaimed in a sudden panic as he gripped the arms of his chair and leaned forward. “Are you sending me to Cyber?” he asked Burns, who was sitting behind the desk and grinning like a small child at Christmas.[...]

[...]”Listen up, ‘cause I’m only gonna say this once,” Ty muttered as they walked to their gate. “I don’t talk when I fly. I sleep. And I don’t listen when I eat, understand? I don’t wanna be buddies, I don’t wanna chat,” he said with a sarcastic lilt to the word. “I don’t wanna know about your childhood or how your momma whipped you with a rubber glove or how much therapy you had to go through ‘cause you flunked out of preschool. I don’t wanna hear about how you want to be Director someday or how many collars you got chasin’ those Internet freaks or how proud you are of your bowel movements. I don’t wanna go shopping at Barney’s with you, and I’m not gonna help you pick out your ties to match your socks and, I swear to God, if you get me shot, I’ll kill you.”[...]

[...]”You have absolutely no people skills,” Zane muttered, shaking his head. “No wonder you’re sinking fast in the Bureau.”
“Yeah, I’m a real anchor,” Ty drawled as he leaned his head back and smiled. “I hear no one else will work with you.”
Zane’s lips pressed together slightly and he didn’t look up from his paperwork. “You should have your hearing checked,” he said flatly.
“My hearing’s just fine, Skippy. You were 'promoted', right?” Ty asked sarcastically, giving the word quotations with his fingers without opening his eyes. “Hate to tell you, Sport, but being transferred to another division in the same level ain’t a promotion. It’s called shuffling the unwanted.”
“Reliable information, I’m sure, from someone on a landslide down the ladder.”
“We both seem to be on the slip 'n' slide to the gutter, Shuffleboard,” Ty observed happily. “Difference is, I don’t give a shit,” [...]

[...]”How many harsh words will it take to send you into a bottle?” Ty asked as he yanked his forearm away and smacked at Zane’s hand. “Not too damn many, I’m guessing.”
“How many times am I gonna have to rip down those walls you keep putting up before you fucking pop and go ballistic at precisely the wrong time?” Zane snapped, fingers grasping and tightening despite the smack. “How long can you keep it all inside? 'Cause believe me, you’ve got no chance of doing it forever.”
Ty reached for Zane’s hand suddenly, squeezing his wrist to free his other hand. As soon as Zane’s fingers let go, Ty reached out and backhanded him.
If Zane had been a smaller man, he might have fallen sideways under the blow. As it was, his chin snapped to the side from the strength of it, and when he looked back at Ty, he had to lick a trickle of blood off his split lip. When he spoke, his voice was strong and even with the surety of hard-won personal experience. “If you can’t learn to let go of the anger and frustration somehow, it will eat you up inside,” he adevised. “And I don’t mean hiding in the bottom of a bottle or between some stranger’s thighs.”
Ty closed his eyes and looked away, visibly trying to calm himself. “I’m sorry,” he finally murmured. He turned slightly and reached back to Zane, sliding his hand against the side of his face as he wiped the blood away from Zane’s lip with his thumb regretfully.
Zane pressed his cheek into Ty’s hand, looking over him with softer eyes, and his mouth quirked. “Well, I deserved it,” he said. “I don’t want you to go through what I did.”[...]

[...]”Come here,” he requested, reaching out an arm.
Ty glanced over at him to see if he was making light. When he didn’t see any signs of joking he narrowed his eyes slightly. “Fuck off. Priss,” he offered with a small smile.
Zane’s eyes sparkled and he laid his hand over his propped-up knee. “Who are you callin' Priss, Mr. Suited Up and Shiny?” he taunted.
“If this is going to resort to name-calling, I’ve already got you beat, Spanky,” Ty warned with a smirk.
“How do you figure that, Jarhead?” Zane replied.
“'Cause I rock,” Ty explained in an even voice. “And you don’t,” he continued as he pointed at Zane, pinky finger held out to the side daintily as if he were drinking tea.
Smirking, Zane sat up, grabbed Ty and dragged him down onto the bed and under his bigger body. “I’d poke you, but you’d beat the shit out of me.”
Ty flailed briefly before he was pinned, and he blinked up at Zane suspiciously as he flexed his fingers under Zane’s grip. “Power trip,” he accused softly.
Zane waggled his eyebrows. “I gave you a chance to come peacefully.”[...]

Honestly, Cut & Run is what makes me enjoy the m-m genre. It is not quite on the same level as Zero at The Bone, but to be fair it is a different book. You cannot really compare those two books. Both of them are special in one’s own way. I can’t Cut & Run, either. I must read the sequel "Sticks & Stones"!
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April 13, 2018
4,25 stars

I loved it so much! More than I expected actually.

I've heard this first book isn't the best in the series and some friends did mention I need to read more to fall completely in love with Ty and Zane.

I had it in my TBR for a very long time. Every time I stumbled upon any of the books in this series from my friends' reviews I wanted to start it right away, BUT for reasons I always postponed. Now I'm sorry I did, because I get why everyone fell for Ty and Zane.

The beginning was too slow. I didn't get into the story quite from the start. First we meet Ty and Zane. They seem so different and bump heads all the time. But I really enjoyed the banter. Ty was super rude. Zane seemed more reserved and tried to control his anger better. At least at first.

At about 30% the action started to speed up. I was curious about the serial killer but in the same time I wanted more between them! I was looking forward to their first kiss and I wondered if they'll be just as explosive together. And they were. This book isn't as focused on the romance as I expected. And the sex scenes were only a few, but they were extremely HOT!

I'm glad we get many surprises on the way. Unfortunately the killer's identity wasn't one of them.
I didn't expect the push and pull between the characters and the dynamic to change so abrupt and for many times. I can't say I was happy with them being apart for months either, but the ending did give me hope they'll cut and run at one point. I so want them together and in love!

I'm looking forward to reading more and I really hope we'll get more hot scenes with the two of them in the next books.
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October 24, 2020
I am confused. I loved the story itself but the ending felt rushed to me. I loved how creative the author was with the 'Poe' murders and the identity of the killer was something I definitely didn't see coming! This book honestly reminded me how much I love a good murder and I'm so glad I picked it up!


I did not like the push and pull between them. I felt that Ty was too conflicted with his feelings towards Zane and refused to open up. What I hated most in the book was that both the times they were apart, Ty slept with different girls. Added to the fact that he always looked over his shoulder whenever they were in public and never Zane kissed in public. But then again, Ty wasn't the only one to blame in that matter. Like I really wanted them to come out to the world instead of pretending to be people they weren't and be together as a couple instead of just being two people in uncharted territory especially after reading 400 pages. I mean, in the end, they still weren't together and their "relationship" wasn't defined, and I hated that.

That being said, overall I enjoyed the book. I wasn't bored for a moment and the book always kept me on my toes, especially with the murders! The characters were definitely loveable, only I felt that some thing's were missing and the ending was rushed.

So like I said, 3.5 'very confusing' stars.

P.S: I can't believe that there are 9 books in the series, all following Ty and Zane's story
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May 12, 2015
*If you haven't read this M/M classic, it is on sale for only $1 at Amazon US right now, 5/12/15!*

**Edited to add- this was one of my first M/M romance reads :)**

I'm not a romantic suspense reader, as a general rule. I tend to hate thrillers and mysteries. I get easily scared. I only picked this one up because of the good reviews on Goodreads from my goodreads friends and the fact that I heard there was a M-M coupling.

This book did not disappoint. The anxiety produced by the mystery was far overshadowed by the crazy crazy crazy good dynamic between Ty and Zane. OMG. I know Abigail Roux is going to be getting lots of money from yours truly because I'm going to buy every one of her books now!

I'm still swooning thinking about Ty and Zane..... still swooning.... need some air.....
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August 20, 2012
I’d heard so much about Zane and Ty in my Goodreads Update Feeds over the last few months, these guys have become almost like rockstars to me. My insatiable curiosity was always going to get the better of me and so I just had to give in and find out for myself what the fuss is all about. Before I even started reading this, the synopsis made me think of the Winchester Brothers and who can resist a bit of Wincest? Zane, at least for me, is Sam and Ty, the wisecracking Dean. With this visual in mind, their characters came instantly to life off the page right from the first few paragraphs. I loved them both straight away – it’s hard not to.

They’re FBI agents thrown together to work a serial killer case as partners. They develop an instant dislike for one another when they first meet. Zane appears neat, well presented, calm, polite, by the book hot, Ty is dishevelled, brash, cocky, hot and a maverick. They appear to be polar opposites but as we get to know them, we realise that they’re not so very different.

As the days go by, they snipe and bicker continuously at one another – their banter was hilarious, not at all clichéd and I laughed out loud at them so many times. It’s a slow burner but their sexual chemistry builds gradually to an intense crescendo and completely reaches fever pitch to the point that when they finally succumb and Zane tilts his head sideways and slides his lips firmly over Ty’s, I swear I had fireworks and the hallelujah chorus going off in my head. I loved their first sex scene together. You could sense their reluctance to admit what was passing between them but sizzling animal attraction was totally getting the better of them and neither of them can resist and it is so FREAKIN hot!!

I’ve read reviews for this book where readers have complained that the actual serial killer storyline isn’t strong enough. I have to say that I disagree and thought it was really tense but, while I enjoyed that aspect of the book, this was for me totally 100% about Zane and Ty. The way they prowled around each other trying to ignore their mutual attraction like caged tigers eventually giving into it and the ferocious sex they share almost short-circuited my brain. This is the hottest m-m I have ever read – not just because of the sex, although that is great, but because I loved their characters so much, felt everything that they felt and longed for them to be together. There’s real emotional intensity here. I really felt like I knew them intimately, felt like I was there with them and kind of wished I was. I could be the filling to a Zane and Ty sandwich – scratch that!! Behave Rebecca!

Even though they’re both incredibly masculine, there’s something really quite tender going on here besides the down and dirty sex scenes – it really touched my heart in a way that no other m-m has yet to date. They both get injured in the line of duty and each takes it in turn to gently tend the other’s wounds. Eventually these injuries get them hauled off the case and sent their separate ways – parting is such sweet sorrow. BUT, it’s an amazing voyage of discovery for them both, a journey well taken, finding each other after loss, pain, addiction and sorrow and allowing themselves to admit the pleasure of each other’s bodies and souls. You can tell how deep their feelings run even when neither of them can say it out loud.

All the time I was reading it, I just couldn’t get a certain song out of my head. Something about Zane and Ty completely conjured these lyrics for me

Carry on my wayward son
There'll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry no more

God, I loved this – I ate up every word. The writers have an incredibly fluid style which picks you up, drags you along and doesn’t let go until the very last word. It’s highly intoxicating and addictive with a central duo that I feel sure will go the distance. I am pretty late arriving at this party and, as such, there are 5 more books and a novella just ‘one click’ away. Happy Days!

5 star m-m romance of the highest order

Thanks should go to the lovely Monique who has been trying to get me to read these books for months. You were right sweety x

note to self – Zane and Ty not Zy and Tane!

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July 28, 2020
Edit: I just reread this because I have the rest of the series and, I know you aren't going to believe this, but I may have been a little too critical of this book. Go ahead, gasp. It's shocking stuff because I never get ultra-picky when I'm reviewing..

Anyway, I realized that maybe these two FBI guys don't have degrees in English Lit, so maybe that was expecting too much from them. Although, I still hold to the fact that they took too long to figure out who the bad-guy was. All the clues were there.
So, I enjoyed the reread better than the preread, or as some might say, the read.

Here's my original crappy review:

You know when you read a mystery novel, and there is all of this awesome serial killing going on, and you're trying to figure out who the killer is, and you zoom in on one character but it seems too obvious? The "red herring" guy who you know in the end is totally NOT going to be the killer. It would be too lame. Too expected.

Yeah, that doesn't happen here. The killer is so obvious that you have to wonder how in the world these guys are working for the FBI and can't figure it out when a housewife in Texas fingered him/her in 10 seconds flat.

I wanted to yell at the book, "Guys! He's right there! Yes, standing on your left side.... No, your other left..... sheesh!"

Yeah, so the serial murders were really cool. Especially once they figure out the "theme", but it takes them a hella long time to figure that out. And, then, the murderer. It's like... dude... is this really the best investigating our government is capable of? Cuz, if so, I think our taxes need to be lower. We can't possibly be paying them above minimum wage without being ripped off.

Along with being a "mystery", this book is also a romance between the two guys. And, frankly, the romance wasn't that believable either. It's not that they couldn't possibly have been attracted to each other, it was that the characters themselves were so unbelievable. They basically became the other one during the time of the story. Their personalities completely changed. If they had fallen for each other, they basically ended up falling for themselves. That's how weird it was. The uptight one becomes the crazy out-of-control one while the zany guy becomes uptight. It was a gay, bloody Freaky Friday. And, seriously, I wasn't a fan of that movie even as a kid. Lame.

Yeah, that was great. Not.

And yet, even with these problems, I still enjoyed the story well enough. I won't be continuing on with the series, but it kept me entertained. Maybe it was all the sex....

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October 16, 2017
**** 3.75 stars ****

I really liked this but I didn’t love it, not in epic proportions as most of the others anyway.
Here are my thumbs up points:
The characterisation of both MCs.
The mystery which came across very strong.
Action wise it had a steady pace with no boring times.
Chemistry was there, solid.

What held back my 5*? romance x relationship.

When the story started and we met Zane,

we were led to believe that Zane was perfection whereas Ty on the other hand, was a mess.

Very first wrong impressions I must say. I guess we were tricked.
As the story progresses and Zane’s layers starts to peel off we realize that Zane is not perfect at all.

Hands down Zane was the most damaged. He lost his wife, a partner at work and he also had addictions to deal with.

I didn’t like that every time Zane showed a weakness Ty took a step back. It happened when he mentioned his wife, the drinks and the drugs.

I also wanted to see them going crazy in lust with each other

but they seemed very restrained both emotionally and physically. There were times when I was left disappointed in regarding to this coldness, like when they were apart for 4 months. When they met again, they went to Ty's place, had a shower, they ate some pizza, talked and went to bed, to sleep, folks.

Now, excuse me moi, but why they didn’t jump each other bones is beyond my understanding. Think: you don't see your man for 4 months. What are you going to do when you meet humm?? well, I have no idea what you would do, but I know what I would *snort*
Ok, he wasn't HIS man. Still, it frustrated me.

Oh! Another thing that I liked A LOT was that the guys didn’t seem to grab where they stood emotionally. AND that made the story believable. I would have hated if it would have turned in instalove. They hated each other at first and in a matter of days they started to feel protective about each other. They were very confused about these feelings. I think this was played very well by the author with their inner monologues.

Overall it was a really great read and I am very curious to see what book #2 will bring romance wise.

Sorry I went a bit OTT with the pics but how could I not get excited about Ty & Zane?
So damn hot!
A pity that I could not show them in full, a serial flagger could be around.

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October 25, 2020
Time for another reread. I need a Ty/Zane fix.

Rereading 10/4/17 - Jewel made me do it.

Original review:
While the overall series is a 5+++ stars, this first book is objectively 3.5-4 stars. It's very choppy with its POV shifts and in need of a lot of additional editing down, while still being amazingly well-written. I'll never forget my introduction to Ty Grady and Zane Garrett. Sigh. Do you ever wish you could unread a book/series so you could experience it for the first time all over again? It would be this series for me.

For those of you who haven't read this series? This book is a starter. Ty and Zane are introduced to you in this book. Consider the first episode of your favorite TV show. Does that depict all that the rest of the series is made of? I'm guessing no. There's a reason people in the m/m romance world gush over this series. Book 1 is my least favorite of them all. But it's still chocked full of tender moments of discovering each other while filled with action. Jump in! You won't regret it!

Awesome BR reread with Jewel in December 2015 - see thread below to follow along as we read it!
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December 11, 2015
4.5 Stars!

Well....seeing as I am damn near the last person on the planet to read this series I won't fuss too much over a review.

I've been hesitant to read this series based on the number of books. I tend to lose interest, but after reading the spin-off I really wanted to give it a try. I forgot how much I love romantic suspense. Probably because I never seem to figure out the bad guy until the very end. Though I will say I pegged this one early on...but it was never confirmed until the very end.

Yes, there were things I didn't love. This book was LONG! And the chapters were LONG! Two things I am not a fan of. Not to mention, Ty and Zane also aren't really a couple at all in this book. So the romance aspect is rather limited.

But I liked both characters. I loved their banter between each other. I loved the sexual tension. And I really loved when they gave in to that tension.

They've both got....issues. But at the same time they have a connection. I am definitely curious to see their relationship develop.

Overall a solid start to the series.
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March 17, 2018

Guess who is the giddy girl with a silly smile pasted on her face?

Yep. You guessed right.




It has everything I wanted in a book. It has action, mystery, angst (a whole lot of that), and undeniably a big whole bucket of Kentucky fried chicken (jk I'm hungry when I wrote this) romance.

Ty and Zane is everything (plus they give me the whole Dan and Vadim vibe, Special Forces series – if you haven't read that, waste no more time! Please do read it!) Bitch omg. I live for these two. Their relationship with each other is just so good. And the chemistry and the passion. UGH.

I mean just, thinking about it make me swoon and fangirl like a madwoman.


Ugh. I love these two so so so much.

Not to mention it pulled me out of my DNF streak ;) Thank you Ms. Abigail Roux. Your characters might have just single handedly save me from a whole lot of sulking and brooding.

I kind of regret I waited so long to start reading this series. This book has been recommended to me time and time again yet I did not pick it up until now. What was I thinking seriously? Well I might be a lot , a little bit late, but I am finally here to join in on all the fangirling AND I AM LOVING IT.

Blog: Click here for more of my reviews.
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Shelved as 'dnf'
March 27, 2013
I'm abandoning this book. Forever.

I didn't know what was wrong with it but I couldn't get into the story. It felt dragging on and on. I had books that were longer or more complicated but this one, I couldn't feel any sympathy or feeling for the characters at all. I put this book down twice before (in May, in July) and everytime I thought I could continue, I failed. I struggled to find the emotion needed; I thought I would feel something once Ty and Zane at least shared a kiss, but nope, didn't work.

I made it to half the book when I finally raised the white flag and dropped this to my "unfinished" shelf. So no, not planning to read the sequel either. No matter how great the series seem to be for other reviewers.
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July 6, 2015
A genre-crossing thrill ride. Gripping, entertaining, and intriguing.
The perfect launch of a series.

(all spoilers are hidden)
“I’m flattered. I’ve moved up from idiot to moron,” Zane said. “And you have moved up from utterly reprehensible asshole to only moderately annoying asshole.”
“Only?” Ty repeated with a huff. “It takes effort to be this abrasive, I hope you realize.”
“Yeah, I guess so. But you just make it look so easy.”
Serial Killers,
Car Chases,
Gruesome Murders,
A literal Love/Hate Relationship...

FBI Special Agent

Former Marine - Force Recon
Ty Grady was a rude, insufferable, egotistical, stinking son of a bitch, and Zane was going to need to figure out how to tune him out. Otherwise, he just might give in to the pressure and kill the bastard, for the good of humanity.

FBI Special Agent

Former Cyber Division Investigator
“So here I am; widower, alcoholic, addict, all-around asshole turned squeaky clean by force of will, threat of jail, and sheer terror. I suppose it’s no wonder your ‘pansy ass’ comments get in my craw,”

There is no way I'm going to have enough time to hit on all of the fantastic qualities of this book, so I'll have to pick out a few...

Character Development: Rarely have I seen the level of character construction and believable development out of two MCs. Especially from a book which clocks in at under 350 pages. Each character fit snugly into their "good cop, bad cop" trope at the beginning, and these two HATE each other from the moment they meet. The idea that they could become effective partners, let alone have a romantic relationship seemed absurd. It was a pleasure to see each of them grow.

I loved the banter between these two characters. The contrast between the hard-ass jabs and growing tenderness was amazing. I was touched, and immediately found myself hoping they could find a balance which could keep them together. It was obvious that they complimented each other, and needed the support of the other... And the sexy times? Damn. You can't pack that much macho-alpha-male-chip-on-your-shoulder sexual tension into a partnership and NOT wind up with combustible sex...

“Should I go back to my room tonight?” Ty asked out of the blue. “Or will we be able to work together and fuck each other senseless at the same time?”
Yes, the relationship between Ty and Zane was a major draw for this book, but it wasn't the only focus. After all, the FBI Agents had a job to do, and the focus on catching a serial killer was driving the plot.

There was a cinematic quality to the writing in this book.
The authors were not describing the settings ad nauseam, but I was always acutely aware of the atmosphere. I mention this because the reader is attempting to solve this crime right along with the heroes, so we are searching for clues and motive in every chapter.


Personal Preference:
When I'm reading a crime or mystery novel, I will always get more enjoyment out of the book if I can figure out "who done it" before the big reveal. (It makes me feel smart, and I like to feel that way. Not going to lie; that's just how it is.) However, I do not like for the solution to be so obvious that I start to question the MC's intelligence for not being smart enough to figure out what's going on. Cut & Run had the perfect balance of a complex case and intelligent investigators. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. Everyone is a suspect.

The Motive:

The Culperate:

The Climax:

I'm sure that there are a million other little things which made this book such an enjoyable read, but I'm going to leave off here. It was a great story, I hope you'll read it and love it as much as I did.

Some of My Favorite Moments:

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January 29, 2020
I hate adding books to my everyone-liked-but-me shelf, believe me. It was my second try to read it actually: it couldn’t engage me for the first time, and I thought I just was not in the mood, so I put it aside. For the second time, it was still boring. But I didn’t give up and tried to find those amazing qualities the positive reviews mention. Sadly, with no avail.

Both Ty and Zane irritated me, and the jumping viewpoint made them indistinguishable.

The continuous banter tired me, the suspense bored me to death, I felt the chemistry forced.

Romance – what romance?

Poor writing, full of repetitions: heads were cocked 31 times, eyebrows were raised 40 times, eyebrows climbed in surprise twice!, heads were tilted 25 times, and eyes were narrowed 47 times. And there was a glorious moment when two of these were in the same sentence:
“Wait wait, let me guess,” Ty said as he held out his hand toward Zane. “Psychology major with a...,” he narrowed his eyes and cocked his head, “political science minor,” he guessed.

Anyway, it was a disappointment. I have no interest in the following books.
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May 31, 2022
Read for the fifth time, May 2022 and thus becoming my most read book ever. And I intend to reread all of them. Again. Needed some big time feels, and this delivers every single time, even if I don’t get why two top agents like them can’t figure out who the bad guy is for so long!😅

Read for the fourth time in December 2019

So how did I wake up a couple of days ago and Ty and Zane were just there, waiting for me?
Simone's reread of the series recently certainly has something to do with it (Thanks, Simone! 😘) and just the need to revisit.

Although my niggle with the switching POVs remains.😅

Original review:

*4,5 stars*
This was my third read of this book (but can't add this to the new reread feature as I have no clue whatsoever when it was). I guess that alone says something about it. But as Ty and Zane happened before my GR times I never reviewed Cut and Run in detail up to now. What an oversight! *G*

Of course the more often you read a book and with the knowledge what's coming in the course of the series, the more details you see, the more nuances you pick up, and the more you get into it. At least that's what happened with me here! And I can't help loving these two guys even more.
So, for those of you, who have not read this and wonder what on earth I'm rambling about, here is why Ty and Zane are one of my most favourite m/m couple ever:

.) Ty and Zane are both as tough as nails alpha males, but each is flawed and deeply vulnerable in a different way. Both have gone through a huge variety of life-threatening, mind-f***ing situations which messed them up physically and - more to the point - psychologically. Neither is emotionally in a place stable enough for a real relationship, but ....

.) The pull between T and Zane is sizzling and hot, their connection is strong and genuine. Not that this is something either of them can really acknowledge. Their playful:

"Are you feeling this, too?"
"Me, neither."

just says it all. They have NO idea what to with the feelings creeping up on them. None at all. And this is where they mess up. Again and again.

(I know we all have our favourites for Ty and Zane. I always liked Joe Manganiello for Zane!)

.) Ty and Zane are not youngsters anymore. At 36 and 42 they could be categorized as more 'mature' MCs. (LOL!) But both are (for different reasons) emotionally deeply scarred and both are scared to acknowledge emotions, not only to the other man, but also to themselves.

But - and this is what I really really love about them - their feelings tend to slip out in small, little moments and acts of tenderness, the way they look after each other, clean each other's wounds, try to cheer each other up, the fact that both are willing to sacrifice themselves for the other ... it is just heart-wrenchingly beautiful to watch how they effectively bare their souls without even realizing it.

(I struggled long and hard to think of Karl Urban as Ty, but the idea grew on me...)

.) the sizzle and heat between Ty and Zane is incredibly, the sex explosive, their sexual chemistry amazing. Which is something they both CAN acknowledge. As long as they don't have to discuss their feelings:
"Neither of us is all that good at talking. I'd say we suck spectacularly at talking."

So, do not expect wild declarations of love in this book. You have to give these two guys TIME to come to terms with what they feel (and believe me, they DO feel it), but saying it, and saying it to the other one ....that will be quite a process! But one that is sooooo worth it!

My only and biggest issue about this book is the constant POV switching. We are jumping between Ty and Zane's head every single time the character talks or is at the centre of action. It is exhausting and made my head spin. I know this from fanfiction and am guilty of doing the same before I properly understood the problems.
So did the authors btw - because all the following books are written with a 'proper' POV. It would be nice though, if Ms. Roux and Ms. Urban considered (after all these years) to amend this at one point!

Still. I didn't have the heart to knock a whole point off for it. I just love these guys too much. I love how they develop and how their relationship unfolds.

Highly recommended!
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September 8, 2021
⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*I Do Still Somewhat Like it?*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱

Re-read: 08.09.2021
Here's the thing; I remember quite easily how much I love Ty. However, while I still like him, I do believe that it's in the coming books that I truly start to love him. Like truly love him. He became my favorite male character that I love - though not in love with, if you understand what I mean. This time reading the book, I noticed how much the violence bothered me. As in, Ty and Zane fighting each other, hitting one another. I do remember not liking the drugs and the alcohol problems Zane have. But I can still say with honest words that I still like Ty. He's still my favorite in this series. Who the killer is though, is actually quite predictable;
Ty stepped outside the bathroom again without bothering to respond. The groan from Zane had sent an odd jolt through his body, and he wasn't sure he liked it. He needed ... to shoot something, maybe.

Overall, it was still a nice read. I've missed Ty, I have. I can't wait to re-read book six as that was my favorite. I absolutely love Ty in that one. That said, I had to be mindful to not skim; sometimes I just end up unfocused and start skimming for some reason. Oh and I have to point out that I liked Zane calling Ty "baby". I don't know why, I just do. Makes their connection feel more cemented as they are quite back and forth, sometimes making me confused. So far I don't regret re-read it.

First read review:
Ah man, I really do hope there's another book about Ty Grady (34) and Zane Garrett (42) since this book ended the way it did. I should probably say that I was shocked by the ages btw, before we knew them, that is. I thought Ty was older than Zane :O Though there was a lot of action going on, there was still something missing. Something big that would have made the book go from alright to awesome.
Zane was starting to piss him off again. Which was good, he supposed. It meant the urge to lick him all over was passing, at least.

I didn't like that Ty and Zane suddenly change places where one acted/became the other. I like how Ty was in the beginning. I did, however, like that Zane changed. Became stronger or something. Overall, I didn't like the back and forth, the walking aways and not meeting up again after months and I didn't like the change in characters. I also figured out who the killer was after about half into the book. But Ty and Zane did have their moments and the action was fun, so it was a alright read. Oh and btw, when Zane said baby five times throughout the book, I smiled. I adore how and when he used it. He didn't even use it too much. It was perfectly used...
“We can still cut and run,”

Quick basic facts:
Genre: - (Adult) Contemporary Romance (M/M)
Series: - Series, Book One
Love triangle? -
Cheating? -
HEA? -
Favorite character? - Ty Grady.
Would I read more by this author/or of series? - Sure.
Would I recommend this book/series? - Sure.
Will I read this again in the future? - No.
Rating - 3 stars.
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May 9, 2021
Ok, let me start off by saying everybody and I mean EVERYBODY in this book smirks, snorts, sneers and yes, even snarls. I admit the first half of the book was also slow, besides trying to overlook the smirks, etc., mainly because this is a first book in a series and the author wanted to set up the story.

Sometimes I do like to read a romance books with a little mystery, just for a little change. This book had a serial killer and the two m/c (Ty & Zane) were FBI Agents on the case. Ty and Zane go through so much, physically and emotionally trying to catch the killer

I really did end up liking the book and will continue on with the series. Hopefully, smirking.
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January 3, 2022
4.5 Stars

Seems to me that everyone and their dog has read this book and loved it (the majority, at least), so there isn’t much for me to add.

I really like Ty and Zane, individually and together. I love how messed up both of them are, as demented as that sounds; it gives them somewhere to go as characters, partners and lovers, which I greatly look forward to exploring further throughout the series.

I found the mystery portion of this story fairly predictable. I called it at around the 30% mark, and therefore, I became increasingly frustrated at the characters for not cracking the case sooner than they did. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the perspective changes, particularly when it transpired mid-paragraph, which it often did. I guess I became use to it at some point, but I still didn’t appreciate it.

Overall, it was a great read; an epic crime solving adventure, featuring two strong-willed, slightly broken alpha males who are crazy about each other...what's not to like?


Re-read: November, 2017

With a nudge in the right direction by a new friend, now seemed like the right time to begin a second read through of this adored series. Generally, I'm not a huge re-reader - I often worry that my initial reactions will change negatively in some way - but I find myself thinking about this series and these men so often and with such fondness, that I just had to throw caution to the wind and go back to the beginning to experience their journey all over again.

Thankfully, I wasn't disappointed. Ty and Zane are still my favourite M/M couple. If anything, I love them more now than ever! Re-reading their first story again, knowing all that comes after, simply made every moment all the more special.
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July 29, 2018
This narrator is so wooden he gives wood a bad name.

Wait, that didn't come out right...

But I'll say this, there was a sex scene towards the end that he mailed in so hard it had me snorting. For all intents and purposes he yada yada'd it!

Kissing yada yada... groping yada yada... manhandling yada yada yada... lube yada yada... stretching yada yada... YADA YADA YADA YADA YADA COOOOOMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG!!!


I cracked up. It was so bad it was comical and that coupled with the fact that I have endured worse narrators leads me to give the audio portion of this book 2 stars.

The mystery/thriller aspect I still find engaging even though I think it's pretty obvious who the killer is. Regardless, I liked the pacing of it and how it unfolded.

What I had forgotten was how poorly this story is edited. Truly atrocious editing. Did anyone edit it? If so, I think they might need to go back to editing school for a couple refresher courses.

I'd also forgotten how hardheaded and stubborn these two were and how many boneheaded decisions they make. They truly are two teens masquerading as men. Some of the stunts they pulled had me shaking my head AND face palming. The problem is I like these two dingalings. A lot. They make a great team when they're not being idiots.

The violence that exists between them really unsettled me this time around. The fight in the alley wasn't so bad but when Ty backhanded Zane... that went all over me. There should never be a time when violence is used against someone you care about in my opinion. But I think there is an aspect of foreplay to it, as fucked up as that is, which leaves me feeling conflicted.

As much as I abhor the violence between them, they have phenomenal chemistry and banter. And two characters who can shine through the most woodenest narration known to man has to be recognized, so I'm going to give the story 3.5 stars.

So 2.75 stars total that I'll round up and I will not be recommending the audible version of this to anyone unless you have some fairly severe insomnia and REALLY, and I do mean really need a sedative.
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October 17, 2022
4.5 stars

Zane reached up to take Ty’s wrist in a firm grip and pull his hand away, but he didn’t let go. Ty was still, holding his breath as he waited. Slowly, Zane looked up at him. His dark eyes watered with pain and emotion. “We can still cut and run,” he whispered.

✧ as i’m writing this review, i’ve already read up to book six before deciding to take a break so i can write mini reviews on my thoughts/favorite moments of each book so far but, long story short, i loved this series right from the beginning. i honestly wasn’t expecting character development from the first book alone, but it felt like Ty had such a major change if you compare him to the first half vs second half of this book and i loved every moment of it. Ty and Zane were seriously going at it with the back and forth insults/fights and i was curious to see how the development in their romance would begin and it just felt so natural to me.
✧ Ty’s shirts’ quotes were my favorites. for some reason, i thought his asshole persona was his natural personality before starting this series but i loved how he was so much more complex and layered than how he came off as at first. i was amazed the whole time reading about him throughout the first six books. 🥺
✧ ok but .
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