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Hostage to Pleasure (Psy-Changeling, #5)
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This topic is open for discussion of Hostage to Pleasure by Nalini Singh. Be prepared for SPOILERS.

Separated from her son and forced to create a neural implant that will mean the effective enslavement of her psychically gifted race, Ashaya Aleine is the perfect Psy -- cool, calm, emotionless -- at least on the surface. Inside, she's fighting a desperate battle to save her son and free them both from the vicious cold of the PsyNet. Yet when escape comes, it leads not to safety but to the lethal danger of a sniper's embrace.

DarkRiver sniper Dorian Christensen lost his sister to a Psy killer. Though he lacks the changeling ability to shift into animal form, his leopard lives within. And that leopard's rage at the brutal loss is a clawing darkness that hungers for vengeance. Falling for a Psy has never been on Dorian's agenda, but charged with protecting Ashaya and her son, he discovers that passion has a way of changing the rules...

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Lisarenee | 7661 comments
 Reading Schedule

Date chapters Pages
September 2nd Choices - 8 1 - 49
September 3rd 9 - 17 50 - 101
September 4th 18 - 24 102 - 152
September 5th 25 - 34 153 - 209
September 6th 35 - 43 210 - 265
September 7th 44 - end 266 - 330

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Lisarenee | 7661 comments

Psy Designations
M-Psy = Medic; Healers; can look inside the body and the physical causes of illness
E-Psy = Empath
F-Psy = Foreseers; Can Foretell the future
Tk-Psy = Telekinetic; (Teleportation in some)
Tp-Psy = Telepathy;
Ps-Psy = Psychometry
TK-Cell - basic power is TK, but it has a designation called cell. The person can change things on a cellular level. They can remove scars or repair hearts using cells from other places. They cannot, however, create new cells.
Arrow =
Other skills:
Mind Virus (???term for it???)
Blurring/Smudging ability to make yourself appear invisible to others

Members of DarkRiver Pack
Territory - California or just San Francisco?
Mainly leopards(Changeling)
Lucas Hunter - Alpha Leader
Sascha Duncan - Psy defector/Lucas' mate/E-Psy
Vaughn D'Angelo - Sentinel (jaguar)
Faith NightStar - Psy defector/Vaughn's mate/F-Psy
Clay Bennett - Sentinel/Talin's mate/Had different last name as a child
Talin McKade - Human who is 3% Psy/Clay's friend from childhood and mate
Tasmyn - Healer
Dorian - Can't fully change to leopard
Jonquil Duchslaya
Noor Hassan
Kylie - Dorian's sister

Members of SnowDancers Pack
Mainly wolves (Changeling)
Territory - California or just San Francisco?
Headquarters in the Sierra Nevada Mountains
Live in tunnels underground
Hawke - Alpha Leader
Indigo - Lieutenant
Andrew Kincaid - Riley's and Brenna's brother
Riley Kincaid - Andrew's and Brenna's brother
Brenna Shane Kincaid - Only survivor of Enrique's serial attacks/Andrew's and Riley's sister
Dieter - RIH (CBI) Killed Timothy and helped Enrique capture Brenna for a low price on drugs ironically he was friends with Brenna's brothers
Laurens (Psy defectors/now members of SnowDancers Pack)
Sienna - Toby's sister/Walker's & Judd's Niece
Toby - Sienna's brother/Walker's & Judd's Nephew
Marlee - Walker's daughter
Judd - Waler's Brother/former Arrow/Lieutenant
Walker - Judd's brother/ Marlee's Dad

Members of DarkEdge Pack
Territory: Moscow
Members Unknown

Members of ???? Pack
Territory: ???
Members unknown

Members of the PineWood Pack
Territory: California (San Francisco area?)

Members of the DeerSky Pack
Territory: California (San Francisco area?)

Members of the Rat Pack (lol)
Territory: San Francisco Underground (aka Down Below)

Pack name and region unknown but reserving this for them

Members of NightStar Group/Clan (PSY)
Anthony (head)

Members of Liu Group/Clan
Jen Liu (head)

Members of the Psy Council (there are 7):
Santano Enrique - RIP (STS); Was council chair and replaced by Kaleb Krychek
Nikita Duncan - Can kill via mental Virus
Henry Scott (married to Soshana)
Soshana Scott (married to Henry)
Tatiana Rika-Smythe
Marshall Hyde - RIP (MTP); Was a Master of Mental Combat and unofficial council chair after Enrique died. He was replaced by Anthony Kyriakus
Ming LeBon - Head of Arrows and former Arrow
Kaleb Krychek - Cardinal/Tk-Psy/Enrique's protégé/Is power hungry (Could he be the Ghost? He's our prime suspect)
Anthony Kyriakus (Nightstar) - newest council member and leader of rebels as well as Faith's father

The Forgotten
Those who left the PsyNet when Silence was instigated.

Wild Cards:
Ghost - haunting PsyNet and possibly a Psy Council member. Leaks information to Judd Lauren and gives him the occasional assignment when the two are in mutual agreement that something needs to be done about the Coulcil's plans.
Ashaya Aleine - M-Psy working with Nakita Duncan & Ming LeBon
Silver Mercant - Kaleb's assistant
Max - Human cop
Devraj (Dev) Santos - Director of Shine/Human/Helped Talin
Zie Zen (Psy) man who pretends to be father to Keenan

Family Trees:
Unknown (dad) --> Sascha Duncan <-- Nikita Duncan (mom)

Anthony Kyriakus (NightStar)(dad) --> Faith NightStar (25?)<-- Zanna (mom) Liskowski
Anthony Kyriakus (Nightstar)(dad) --> Marine <-- ??? Gray (mom)
Anthony Kyriakus (Nightstar)(dad) --> Tanique Gray (22) <-- ??? Gray (mom)

???? (dad) --> Clay Bennett <-- Isla ??? (mom)

None (Dad) --> Keenan Aliene <-- Amara Aleine (mom)
Amara Aleine <--(Identical Twins)--> Ashaya Aleine

Exogenesis Labs - "The place where they're theorizing about implants that might lower the percentages of defects"..."They cut into a developing brain and initiate Silence on an organic level. (CBI pg 42)

JAX - Drug of choice for Psy. Has a "devastating effect on changeling bodies, leaving them trapped midshift. Death followed in days if not hours."(CBI)
Ruby Crush; street name Rush - "A drug developed by a changeling piece of vermin and adapted to their physiology." "It boosts normal physical strength during the high" as it "scrambles the brain." "Rush freaks turn into witless giggling idiots."

Silence = Protocol - Process implemented to essentially silence the emotions of a Psy. Conditioning starts when gifts emerge and goes till 16.
Protocol I - Exogenesis Lab's experiment with implants implementing Silence on an organic level
DarkMind????for everything negative V.O.H. pg 294
NetMind pure goodness
Web of Stars The network that connects all the sentinels and their mates to their alpha.
Changeling minds are like stars , each one connected ultimately to their alpha. That's why Sacha coined the term Web of Stars. It's like the changeling version of the PsyNet.
dark-space what is it? (page 31 CBI)
Flameout - When a Psy is depleted of energy both physically and mentally after using his Psychic abilities.
Correlation Concept-you need empaths in the net to curb the insanity and suicides within the PsyNet.
Rehabilitation - If Silence fails within a Psy, "their minds swept clean by a psychic brainwipe that left them functioning on the level of menial laborers." (VOH)
The Omega Project. "It's purpose is to wipe out all spontaneous conception among the Psy." It would come in the form of a virus that could literally wipe out the continuation of future family lines. Only the Council would have the power to decide if a cure, which it would readily have in hand, would be administered to anyone. 
Pure Psy -

Interesting Facts:
- Judd lent some of his psychic strength to Brenna's recovery
- "Leopard Changelings aren't fertile except when mated or in a long-term stable relationship. No accidental pregnancies, no quickie marriages." (MTP)

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southpaw285 I'm here, and I'm ready when you are. Just say the word. Lol.

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Lisarenee | 7661 comments Let me get my book and get the schedule down.

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Lisarenee | 7661 comments I still need to update the cheat sheet, but it should be easier. I finally downloaded the last couple of books from the library so I can search for thing I want to add.

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Lisarenee | 7661 comments Put the reading schedule up let me know what you think?

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southpaw285 Looks good. I'm about to get started.

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Lisarenee | 7661 comments Questions for Choices - Chapter 8

1) So things start out with Keenan's escape. Do you wonder what his powers are since they had him bound when transporting him? Ashaya says he's flawed, but we know from the previous book that could just mean he developed a gift that wasn't considered to be within the realms of those accepted by the Psy.

2) I was a little confused, it didn't sound like Ashaya was planning on going into DarkRiver or SnowDancer territory so who decided it? Zie Zen, Vasic, or someone else?

3) Another interesting character Zie Zen who is Keenan's father. Seemed to be on friendly terms with Ashaya and know what she was planning.

4) Now that Anthony is on the council will he and Nikita form an alliance since both their children reside in DarkRiver territory?

5) We finally get our question answered about a time frame for the series. The year is 2080. Could Ms. Singh be part Psy herself? Perhaps an F-Psy? *chuckle*

6) I found it interesting Keenan preferred to link with Dorian (a Changeling) to Judd (a Psy). Could he have been terrified of the Arrows and recognized the characteristics in him?

7) Speaking of the linking, it looks as if the person a Psy links with into the Web of Stars is essentially their life line to it. My questions was answered.

8) We know Amara is Ashaya's daughter or could she be her sister or her mother? Maybe I read too much in between the lines? Ashaya called Keenan and Amara her "twin flaws". What do you believe Amara is to her and are they flawed or is it she who's flawed because she cares and they aren't?

9) What did you make of Dorian's reaction to Ashaya? Are we seeing the early start of a mating dance? Can Dorian get over his hate of Psy? Do you think the attractions between him and Ashaya would be even harder for him to take if he didn't know Faith and Sascha? This relationship could get interesting.

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Lisarenee | 7661 comments Questions for Chapters 9 - 17
Click the spoiler to get at the next set of questions. Didn't want to spoil anything for you:

(view spoiler)

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southpaw285 I am so sorry to have to do this, Lisarenee, but I'm going to have to pull out of this buddy read. I've got some major things going on right now with my youngest son, and I won't be able to keep it up.

Again, I am very sorry.

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Lisarenee | 7661 comments southpaw285 wrote: "I am so sorry to have to do this, Lisarenee, but I'm going to have to pull out of this buddy read. I've got some major things going on right now with my youngest son, and I won't be able to keep i..."

I hope everything ends up okay. Family is definitely much more important than a buddy read. If you find time in the future to do another buddy read just let me know. I had fun reading with you and would love to do another with you in the future. :)

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Lisarenee | 7661 comments I think I'm getting slap happy and it's not even that late. I feel like singing, "I ain't got no Buddy. No Buddy." Tee hee hee.

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