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“Yoh: I didn't start liking you because of your muscles.
Haruna: ...That's the first time you told me you "like me."
Yoh: ...Talking to you makes me say wierd things!”
Kazune Kawahara

“Haruna: Rather than Yoh's appearance, I much prefer his character!
Yoh: To me those are fatal words...”
Kazune Kawahara, High School Debut, Vol. 01

“Haruna: If you don't fall for her, she might kill you!...I'll protect you with all I've got!
Yoh: Thanks. Sometimes I feel like I got myself a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend.”
Kazune Kawahara

“Haruna: I'm so envious. Assa knows so much more about you from when I hadn't met you. I want to be born into your family too!

Yoh: I'd be troubled if you were my sister.

Haruna: Um, about that... it's not that you don't like hanging around me, right?
You'd be troubled because if we were siblings, we couldn't date each other, right? I guessed it, Yoh! Could this be progress?

Yoh: I really shouldn't have said anything!”
Kazune Kawahara, High School Debut, Vol. 12

“Yoh: Being popular with guys isn't something you can just stitch together!

Haruna: What?! I Can't?!


Yoh: Mixing coke, tea and orange juice would taste nasty, right?! That's exactly what you're doing!”
Kazune Kawahara, High School Debut, Vol. 01

“Yoh: What...a cold?

Asaoka: Yep.

Mami: I just got her message.

Fumi: And just when we're all better too!!

Yoh: Sorry, I have to go...

Asaoka: To take care of Haruna-chan?

Fumi: Ohhh!! You're so nice!!

Yoh: Got a problem with that!?

Asami: Ooh.

Fumi: He admitted it.”
Kazune Kawahara

“Yoh: ...I watched the video of your match...The one where you lost and cried so much. When I saw that, I thought that I wouldn't mind coaching you. You face everything head-on, and when you're down, you always get back up, looking straight ahead...I'm glad that I'm the one you asked to coach you...I'm glad I'm the one you bumped into, that day we met........I must still have a fever. I'm not making sense...

Haruna: Can I kiss you!? I know it's not the best time!! But what you said was so sweet!!”
Kazune Kawahara

“Asami: ...Why'd you chase after me? It's not like you care about me!!

Yoh: Well that's true. But, things would be more complicated if I didn't chase after you.”
Kazune Kawahara, High School Debut, Vol. 12
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“Asaoka: The next one's from Yoh.

Yoh: Huh? Aren't I just a guest? Are you telling me to sing under these circumstances in front of my girlfriend?!

Asaoka: But you still dare to choose a song, huh?

Yoh: So, what?!”
Kazune Kawahara

“Asami and Fumi: It's my first time ever listening to yoh sing. He's good at it.

Asaoka: He's so deceitful, training all alone in secret in the bathroom or something.

Yoh: Shut up!

Asaoka: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Please continue.”
Kazune Kawahara

“Yoh: I'm sorry I can't be with you more.

Haruna: What are you saying, Yoh!! Just looking at your shining profile makes me happy!! Go Yoh!!

Yoh: I didn't say anything!! Really I'm not going to tell you anything anymore.

Haruna: Eh, why!?”
Kazune Kawahara
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