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Kate DiCamillo
“Someone will come for you, but first you must open your heart...”
Kate DiCamillo, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Tim Wise
“When I got to college, the fake ID thing wasn't that important, since pretty much everyone could get away with drinking in New Orleans. But the drugs, well, that was a different story altogether, because drugs are every bit as illegal in New Orleans as anywhere else--at least, if you're black and poor, and have the misfortune of doing your drugs somewhere other than the dorms at Tulane University. But if you are lucky enough to be living at Tulane, which is a pretty white place, especially contrasted with the city where it's located, which is 65 percent black, then you are absolutely set.”
Tim Wise, White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son

Laura Lippman
“Going to college don't make you from somewhere, any more than a cat born in an over can call itself a biscuit.”
Laura Lippman, Pony Girl