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Hiromu Arakawa
“Thank you, Edward. You really are special. Being able to create something so wonderful.....But it's too bad...
... You couldn't put me back together too.
Trisha Elric”
Hiromu Arakawa, Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 2

Laurann Dohner
“Good conversation is very important, dont you think? Its so stimulating and pleasurable if done right. As a doctor it may surprise you how much I've learned on the subject. Its been a long times since I've had a really good conversation and sometimes I nearly ache from wishing someone would stimulate me. But unfortunately I havent met anyone yet who I want to really talk to.”
Laurann Dohner, Slade

Stephie Davis
“There’s a reason I always look nice when I go to work.” I kept a scowl on my face while she hustled me upstairs.
“Because you’ll get fired if you look like a slob?”
“Because, my little grouch, it makes me feel better on the inside if I like how I look on the outside.”
Stephie Davis, The Boyfriend Game

Stephie Davis
“He slipped his hands around my waist and pulled me against him, tossing the ice cream cone over his shoulder. It landed with a splat on the sidewalk. "So does that mean I have a varsity girlfriend?"

I giggled like a total girl and linked my hands behind his neck. "Yeah I guess it does."

"Sweet." Then he bent his head, and I stood up on my tiptoes and we met in the middle. And it was perfect.”
Stephie Davis

“Recuperaremos la normalidad en cuanto estemos seguros de lo que es normal.”
Douglas Adamas