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Kent Marrero
“We are not called to fight the battles of our fathers with a blind faith. We are called to examine their wars, and moreover, to discern whether their actions were sinful or just. Furthermore, we are called to decide whether to correct the errors of our fathers battles through either peace, war, or some combination of the two. We are not bonded to our fathers' fate, but rather called to build on their trespasses or triumphs for a better future.”
Cristina Marrero

Rodney Ross
“But at what age are you forgiven your trespasses?”
Rodney Ross, The Cool Part of His Pillow

Alice Munro
“The thing about life, Harry had told Lauren, was to live in the world with interest. To keep your eyes open and see the possibilities - see the humanity - in everybody you met. To be aware. If he had anything at all to teach her it was that. Be aware.”
Alice Munro, Runaway