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Lucy Christopher
“I remember that feeling of skin. It's
strange to remember touch more than thought. But my fingers
still tingle with it.”
Lucy Christopher

Alex Rosa
“Every time his lips meet mine, my whole body begins a slow tingle that starts from within in my chest, and spreads like a wildfire.”
A. Rosa, Emotionally Compromised

Virginia Alison
“Do no drown me with mediocrity, give me passion, desire, make me inhale breaths of lust and love in the dark hours that tingle down my spine...”
Virginia Alison

Rosen Trevithick
“My first kiss as a single woman. It sent a tingle sprinting down my spine like a tingle panther.”
Rosen Trevithick

Michael Delaware
“He wagged his tail, and his whole body tingled. He realized the emptiness inside was not filled with happiness. Blue felt a glow within that was a result of more than just the warm sunshine on a spring day.
It was more than just the gentle tumble of the waterfall, or the wind or the sound of birds. It was much, much more he knew. He looked about him and he knew he had found what he had been looking for.
He had found more than his true heart's desire...
He had found a forever home!”
Michael Delaware, Blue and the Magical Forest: The Power of Hopes and Dreams

Jane Wilson-Howarth
“Travel experiences are emotionally loaded. Often there is excitement and stimulation. The tingle-factor though comes partly from the fact that we're stressed, just a little.”
Jane Wilson-Howarth, The Essential Guide to Travel Health: Don't Let Bugs, Bites, and Bowels Spoil Your Trip

Jordan Harper
“Sometimes I hear Mark laugh, and some days in the car the right song will come on the satellite radio and I'll feel him there tingling like a phantom limb. Like he's sitting there next to me in the dark. But I know that's not so. And I know that when you die there's not even darkness, and I know Mark and me won't meet on some cloud or in some pit of fire. And I guess that's a good thing. I couldn't take those eyes seeing what's become of me, those eyes looking down at my hands and my chewed-up ragged nails.”
Jordan Harper, Love and Other Wounds: Stories