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Roman Payne
“Who is better off? The one who writes to revel in the voluptuousness of the life that surrounds them? Or the one who writes to escape the tediousness of that which awaits them outside? Whose flame will last longer?”
Roman Payne

“There is a kind of man who appears to be fashioned in circles. His body is a collection of curves topped by a round and shining head. His soul is as round and polished as his body, with no mad and jagged corners to scarify society’s epidermis. Even his life is a circle, for, as a rule, he will die, as his temperate habits deserve, at a ripe old age, on the very threshhold of infancy once more.”
John Hastings Turner, A Place in the World

Jonathan Lee
“If you pay too much attention to time, in certain tedious moments, it slows down to punish you.”
Jonathan Lee, The Great Mistake