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Rebecca McNutt
“Creosote made Mandy think of the thrill of rushing through a garden sprinkler as a kid, of playing washer toss in the backyard, of spending nights in the neighbors’ huge in-ground swimming pool when she was twelve, throwing glow sticks in the turquoise water during Canada Day block parties. She thought of Jud for a moment, how he’d loved doing all those things when he was a kid, but how, as he got older, it was all about popularity, sports, a life of illusion… and without warning, a totally different kind of memory filled her mind – the dull feeling of her head hitting the concrete walls near the wood shop at her old high school, the sounds of kids laughing, the sharp smell of sawdust, the buzzing of electric sanders nearby, the sound of Jud laughing while he beat her up… without realizing it, she’d started crying noiselessly.”
Rebecca McNutt, Super 8: The Sequel to Smog City

“The dream pool is pushed out in the open and the dappled depths of our imagination become a uniformly blue intruder, often out of scale with its surroundings and nearly always discordant in colour and texture.”
Elisabeth Beazley, Designed For Recreation: A Practical Handbook For All Concerned With Providing Leisure Facilities In The Countryside

“Pools, MapHead knew, were generally green and rock-strewn. He must have heard it wrong. This must be a swimming flume.”
Lesley Howarth, MapHead 2