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Christina Lauren
“Julia", I answered breathlessly.
"Chloe, are you in the bathroom fucking that nice slice of man cake?"
"I'll be there in a second, okay?" I ended the call and shoved the phone back into my bag. I looked up at him, feeling my rational side return after the small interruption. "I should go."
"Look, I-" He was cut off as my phone rang again. I answered without bothering to look at the screen.
"God, Julia! I’m not in here fucking the piece of man cake!"
"Chloe?" Joel's confused voice sounded through the phone.
"Oh... hi." Shit. This could not be happening to me.”
Christina Lauren, Beautiful Bastard

“You need to think about the month, you need to plan the day, you need to take your elephant and divide into pieces and eat a slice a day”
Sunday Adelaja

“Love is dead, and the only thing remained is a small slice of respect.”
Kambiz Shabankare

“A golf slice will always put a smile on a baker's face.”
Anthony T. Hincks