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Cecily von Ziegesar
“Not that she didn't love almost every boy she'd ever met, and not that every boy in the world didn't totally love her. It was impossible not to. But she wanted someone to love her and shower her with attention the way only a boy who was completely in love with her could. The rare sort of love. True love. The kind of love she'd never had.”
Cecily von Ziegesar, I Like It Like That

Cecily von Ziegesar
“Oh, don't be a spoilsport. Gossip is sexy. Gossip is good. Not everybody does it, but everybody should!”
Cecily von Ziegesar, Gossip Girl

Jennifer L. Armentrout
“I smacked my hand across my mouth, muffling my scream. I wasn't sure what to be more freaked out about in this whole fucked-up situation-that light bulb wanted to kill me? or that he was a light bulb? or that Hunter could apparently shadow poof and put his hand inside someone? The options were limitless”
Jennifer L. Armentrout, Obsession

Courtney Milan
“You could make me say it again," he whispered. "Make me say it always. Make me say it so often that you never have cause to doubt. I love you.”
Courtney Milan, The Governess Affair

Lynne Ewing
“Stanton emerged from the shadows.
"So your brother thinks you need a boyfriend?"he teased.
Lynne Ewing, Into the Cold Fire

Kathleen Peacock
“I can't believe I let you talk me into this," muttered Serena, as the number 16 bus rumbled over the bridge connecting the north and south sides of the town.

"I didn't talk you into anything," I reminded her as we reached Jason's neighbourhood and began passing a string of progressively nicer - and larger - houses. "You invited yourself along."

"Okay, then I can't believe you didn't talk me out of this.”
Kathleen Peacock, Hemlock

Kathleen Peacock
“He kissed me. And then he said it was a mistake."
Serena wrapped an arm around my shoulders. "Normally, I'd quote that copy of He's Just Not That Into You I picked up at a yard sale but-”
Kathleen Peacock, Hemlock

Lynne Ewing
“That's Collin."She panicked."He can't see you!"
Don't tell me you're afraid of your own brother?"Staton seemed to think that was funny.She hated the smirk that crept over his face.
She shoved him."You want Collin to kill you?Hide."
That made him laugh louder."Kill me?"
Stop it,"she warned him,or he'll hear you."
You think I should be afraid of your brother?I'm immortal."
Collin's heavy steps filled the downstairs hallway.Her heart raced.Why was life so complicated?”
Lynne Ewing, Into the Cold Fire

Richelle Mead
“Lissa's hotel suite had a expansive living room and work area, with an adjacent bedroom accessible through frosted-glass French doors. Serena nodded towards them."How about I just go in there?" A smart idea. Provided privacy but kept her close by. Then, Serena realised her implications, and she blushed. " I mean...unless you guys want to go in there and I'll-"
"No," exclaimed Lissa, growing more and more embarrassed. "This is fine. We'll stay in here. We're just talking.”
Richelle Mead, Spirit Bound

Cecily von Ziegesar
“Why did you lead me on for weeks only to tell me you didn’t like me. Is that something you learned from Serena?”
Cecily Brooke von Ziegesar