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A.W. Tozer
“Between the scribe who has read and the prophet who has seen there is a difference as wide as the sea. We are today overrun with orthodox scribes, but the prophets, where are they? The hard voice of the scribe sounds over evangelicalism, but the Church waits for the tender voice of the saint who has penetrated the veil and has gazed with inward eye upon the Wonder that is God. And yet, thus to penetrate, to push in sensitive living experience into the holy Presence, is a privilege open to every child of God.”
A.W. Tozer, The Pursuit of God: The Human Thirst for the Divine

Wayne Gerard Trotman
“May it be written. May it be done.”
Wayne Gerard Trotman, Veterans of the Psychic Wars

Wayne Gerard Trotman
“May the scribes record it.”
Wayne Gerard Trotman, Veterans of the Psychic Wars

Stephen King
“I'm not asking you to come reverently or unquestioningly; I'm not asking you to be politically correct or cast aside your sense of humor (please God you have one). This isn't a popularity contest, it's not the moral Olympics, and it's not church. But it's Writing, damn it, not washing the car or putting on eyeliner. If you can take it seriously, we can do business. If you can't or won't, it's time for you to close the book and do something else. Wash the car, maybe.”
Stephen King

“Life writes the poetry, but it will always call for witnesses and scribes alike to tattoo its echoes upon the ghosts of trees.”
Ged Thompson ~Poet

J. Neven-Pugh
“Some days I feel more like a scribe than a creator. I will have the major points fleshed out, but there is always a turn or two that I didn't see coming, or which came earlier than I expected it to, or not at all...”
J. Neven-Pugh


Under the wings
Of the feathered Goddess
And in the middle
Of the three dancing women,
The scribe comes alive
To reveal mysteries hidden
Through divine gifts given
The scribe is driven
On his mission
To wake up
All the universe's
Men, women and
Heavenly children.
Under the seven rays of Aten,
And from the age of just ten,
The scribe comes alive
With the ink
Of his luminous pen.
Below the spectacle of the moon,
And in the smile of the sun,
The scribe is here to show us
How we are all one.

THE SCRIBE by Suzy Kassem”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

H.S. Crow
“I am a weapon created by my people, a defiant shout against the looming hand of our own folly.”
H.S. Crow

A.K. Kuykendall
“Witch witch witch witch witch witch - witch witch witch witch witch witch - witch witch witch witch witch witch, which witch are you?”
A.K. Kuykendall