Sagittarius Quotes

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Rosemary Breen
“While a Sagittarian tends to be candid, there’s also a part of them that could be described as being more devious than Pisces, more deceptive than Gemini and more carnal than Scorpio.”
Rosemary Breen, Horoscope Compatibility for All the Zodiac Signs

Roxanne St. Claire
“they were looking for housekeepers and cooks, and I was dying to get out of Australia and see the rest of the world. It's a Sagittarius thing, you know. We just move on and on, like tumbleweeds.”
Roxanne St. Claire, Tropical Getaway

Kristin Michelle Elizabeth
“She’d rather be a blazing wildfire than a dimming candle; always igniting the fire within her soul that could never be put out.”
Kristin Michelle Elizabeth

Alb Imeri
“Sagittarius is a great idealist and usually aims for high standards and the good life”
Alb Imeri, Zodiac Explained: Understanding the Innate Motives Behind Our Actions

“Sagittarians are aliens disguised as humans!” ”
Ramana Pemmaraju

Ray Russell
“...belief does not depend upon logic, it is a delicate and fragile flower that draws nourishment from intuition and instinct and hunch.”
Ray Russell, Sagittarius

Theresa Reed
“Sagittarius folks are truth seekers and tellers.”
Theresa Reed, Astrology for Real Life: A Workbook for Beginners