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“If you want to connect Roku with TV and you don’t know where you insert the HDMI cable and how to add or modify channels or activate Roku Com Link account, Enter Roku code so follow these steps for Roku activation: -
1. Identify the ports on the back of your Roku.
2. Find the connection ports on your TV.
3. Connect the Roku to the TV with an HDMI cable if possible.
4. Turn on your TV and select the correct input.
5. Select your menu language and Start the setup process Connect to your network and Link your Roku to your Roku account.
6. Add channels to your Roku using the Channel Store.
7. Open a channel to start watching.
8. After activation, you will enjoy to watching your favorite channels on your TV.”
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“Roku Setup| Roku Com Link| www roku com link| Enter Roku Code

Follow this steps for www roku com link account activation.
• By using a computer system or laptop open www roku com link in new browser
• Now enter Roku code on roku com link account
• If you have Roku account just sign in if don’t then create your Roku account
• After that, Set your security PIN code and enjoy your safe streaming
• You will be required for payment method for channel purchasing and transactions
• Add some channels in your channel list which you want to watch
• Your Roku is ready for streaming”
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“Roku Activation – Models – Software Activation Support Call – 888-656-0804. Roku Models & Activation: In the world of streaming media, Roku has made a mark in short frame of time. But choosing which player is best for you among the wide range of Roku players is the most difficult decision when thinking of buying
read more at”

“Roku is a digital media player which is used to watch videos on Netflix, YouTube and in many private channels. RokuComLink.Support is a leading third party technical support provider for any types of roku issues. Their experienced techies will guide and your resolve all queries such as setup roku device, account creation, get roku link and more. If you need best technical support for Roku call their toll-free number +1-888-844-1380”
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“ is a leading third party technical support provider for all roku and other streaming device issues. They have a team of experienced technical support representative who will help you to resolve all your issues related to roku device. Their technical support including setup roku device, activate roku account, get roku com link code, resolve roku error code issues and more. For any technical support call their toll-free number +1-844-558-1010”
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“Roku Link Code is very important to activate ant Roku device. If you need any assistance in activating Roku link account call this toll number + 1-855-718-4111 for best technical support.”
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“Get Roku update if your Roku remote not working. If you see Roku error code 001, 003, 011, 014 or HDCP unauthorized content disabled, then contact Roku support.”

“Roku com support provide Roku online chat support for Roku setup, activation linking process www roku com link, error code 003, 009, 011, 013, 014, how to attach streaming stick into TV port and other roku technical or non-technical issues.

Our support services:
• Roku Com Support
• Roku Chat Support
• Roku Customer Support
• Support for Roku Activation
• Roku technical support
• Support for roku com link
• Support for roku online chat
• Support for www roku com support
• Support for roku chat
• Support for www roku com link”
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“www Roku Com link Call (Toll-Free) 877-649-6892, Roku com link, www Roku com support, www Support Roku com, Roku com link code enter, Roku help, Roku support phone number”
Sara Smith, New Beginnings

“onlinerokusupport how-to-setup-and-activate-roku-solved/
You need a Roku Player, it can be any model, Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4, Roku Streaming Stick.
Connecting Cables according to the TV for example Composite Cables, Component Cables, HDMI Cable.
A Power adapter to connect Roku.
The first step connect adapter to the Roku Player and check if you are able to see a light lit on the device.
Next, connect the Composite or Component cables which is easy, just match the colors of cables and connect.
If you TV is HD or Full HD, you will have to connect just 1 cable that will be HDMI Cable with “flattened end’
Power on your TV and use the TV Remote to select the input on the TV Screen.
You may use ‘Input Button’, or ‘Source Button’ to select correct input.
Once the Input is correct, you will be able to to see “Roku Setup” on the Tv Screen.
Now you are good to go, lets now proceed with Activation of Roku.”

“Want to activate your Roku com link account?
streamingdevicesupport(dot)com provide full guidance and support, below some activation steps to activate Roku com link account, please follow these activation steps:
1. By using a computer or laptop, open Roku com link
2. Enter Roku activation link code on the text bar
3. Create Roku account, if you have an account then login your account.
4. For account creation, fill your Email id, password, first name or last name and click on the submit button.
5. Now, login your Roku account
6. Choose your payment method
7. Now, select channels according to your demand
8. If you want add paid channels then you have to purchase channels.
9. Now, your Roku activation process is successfully completed.
10. Enjoy live TV shows, latest movies on your Roku player”
Wilsome Garry

“Worried about how to resolve error in roku activation and installation ? Unfortunately! Various types of errors may occur, such as; Code 003, 009, 011, 013, and 014. You get technical support and help regarding roku related any problems like activation, setup, troubleshooting, how to enter roku code into www roku com link account, from our technical experts whose available 24/7 for your need.”
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“How to activate your Roku device?

Activate your roku device and have a good time streaming your favorites. It is easy to activate the device and here are the essential steps to complete the process.
• Connect your Roku player and TV to the power source.
• Press the power button to turn on your device.
• The device startup screen will be visible and will prompt you to choose the required language.
• Scroll up and down and then press the ok button on your remote to choose the language.
• Also, select the name of the country or region when prompted.
• Connect the Roku TV to the network connection. If you prefer wireless network, choose the network from the list that appears. Users who prefer wired connection can use an Ethernet cable.
• Enter the appropriate username and the password.
• After you enter the password, press the connect button and the device will get connected to the network.
• Wait till the device download the latest version of the software.
• Now go to the settings > Display type and choose the settings.
• Also, Go to settings >Remote to set up your remote. You can control the TV using the remote and make the necessary selections.
• Make a note of the activation code that is visible on your TV screen.
• Go to the respective Roku website to enter the code
• Press the submit button.
• Click on the link to Create a Roku account and provide the necessary information such as First name, Last name, Email and password
• Provide the payment information and the Roku pin if required.
• Once the process is complete, sign in using the credentials and link the device to your account.

For further assistance on Roku activation, deactivation, troubleshooting tips for any type of Roku device visit our website or feel free to call our expert team available 24/7 @toll free + 1-855-729-8080 .”

“To overcome Roku tv error code 014 improve your router’s signal strength and try connecting once again.”

“Roku has a lot of popular channels to stream free and paid channels, from the Channel Store, which is one of the largest entertainment libraries available today. First you need to create an account using roku com link, and then use the site link to activate the roku account using the code from your TV screen. In case you lose your roku code, you can visit our roku code link site for assistance, our customer support team will be available to resolve your issues related to the activation process of your roku device. Call our toll free number 1-844-965-4357 or visit our website rokuactivationcode for further assistance.”
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“Roku com link Help - Contact 1-855-531-3727 for activating your Roku com link account. Setup Roku using roku com link code and activate Free Channels using Roku com link”

“Roku Com provide support for-
• Roku On-Screen Setup
• Roku Com Link Activation
• Not finding Roku Activation Code Link
• Where to enter Roku code
• How to fix Roku internet error code
• Roku remote control is not working
• TV screen continuously blinking
• How to pair your Roku remote when remote is not working/ stopped
• Responding screen is freeze on the TV.
• Unable to connect it with the local network
• Roku account login not working
• Roku com link support toll free number
• Roku activation technical support phone number
• Roku code technical support phone number
• Roku account Technical Support Customer Support for Roku activation code
• Roku link help and support
• Roku Com link activation help and support
• Roku Com link Customer Support
• Roku Tech Support Services technical support for
• Roku code activation technical support
• Roku com link account activation”
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“The Best Easy way to Roku setup and Roku com link Activation– Call +1-855-531-3727

• Connect your Roku device with your TV via cables (HDMI, composite) etc.
• Power ON your Roku player as well as TV.
• Make sure you have connected your Roku player to the power adapter that comes with its box. Next, ready you’re remote by inserting proper batteries inside it.
• After this, you will see that Roku logo is appearing on the home screen.
• Then you are prompted to choose the language.
• After this, connect your Roku streaming player to the internet connection.
• Basically, two types of internet connection you can use wired or wireless.
• If your Roku supports wired internet connection then connect one end of the Ethernet cable to your Roku device and other end to the router.
• Moreover, if you want to connect your Roku streaming player to the wireless network then choose the appropriate WI-FI network from the available list of networks.
• After connecting to the internet, your Roku will display some update to download.
• How to activate Roku com link (By using Roku Activation Link Code)
• First of all, take your computer and smartphones.
• Open the URL www roku com link.
• Enter the Roku activation link code
• You will be only able to enter the code if you have connected your laptop or computer to an internet connection.
• If you want to enter the link code in your TV, then connect your Roku to the TV with proper input cables.
• Select the language according to you
• You will come to a new page which shows you some instructions to enter the unique activation link code.
• Here enter the Roku activation link code and move ahead to next step.
• Make sure, your Roku is connected to an appropriate internet connection.
• In case, you don’t able to submit the code then you may undergo some trouble.
• Next, login to your Roku account to access to the Roku channel store.
• Just enter your username and password enter click on the login button.
• If you do not have your Roku account then you need to create Roku account by filling the required information.
• After this, go to Roku channel store and add channels or app that you want.
• You find that some channels require paid subscription charges and some of them are free of cost.
• If you choose the paid channel then you have to choose the payment method also.
• Select the payment method from the debit card, visa and credit card etc.
• To secure you account from the unauthorized purchasing you can also create PIN (Personal identification number).

Get technical support for Roku com link activation and setup process. If you are facing any issue related to Roku activation link code, Roku setup, Roku activation support, enter Roku code, error code, installation, troubleshooting and more.

For more information visit at rokucomlinkhelp(.)com or call toll free number at +1-855-531-3727”

“Roku Com Link | Support for Activate Roku Com Link Account & Setup Roku Device"

Here we provide online technical help & support for all Roku issues like how to install and
activate the Roku player, enter roku activation code into roku account, roku. com link linking process, error
code, troubleshooting as well as technical or non-technical issues. Contact us our toll-free
number +1-855-531-3727

We also provide following support and services:-

 Support for Roku com link Activation
 Support for Roku Installation
 Helps you to access more than 200+ Free Channels
 Setup Roku Account
 Help for entering activation code to activate roku device
 Setup Roku Player Help with Code
 Support For Error Code
 Support For Roku Online Chat”
Roku Com Link Enter Code


The Roku® Streaming Stick® supports up to 1080p full High Definition and provides with an increased "point-anywhere" remote-controlled ships. This article described the product in more detail and outlines setup steps.

Will Roku Streaming Stick Work With My TV?

Roku streaming stick will work with any HDMI connection for any TV and will be connected directly to the TV's HDMI® port. If your Roku streaming stick does not fit into your TV's HDMI® port, you will want to get a free HDMI extender cable.

Setting up your Roku Streaming Stick

1. Choose a language

your Roku Streaming Stick power on, the first screen will allow you to select a language. All text and dialog within the Roku app will be displayed in the selected language.

Move the list up and down and press the OK button on your Roku remote to select a language.

2. Connect your Roku Streaming Stick to the internet

Select your wireless network from the list of available networks and enter your password. This is often the same network that you use to connect your computer or smartphone to the Internet. If you do not see your network, then select Scan again to see all the networks. For more help, see Help finding your wireless network and password.

If you want to see your password while typing, choose Show password. This can help prevent you from entering an incorrect password. Remember, passwords are case-sensitive. Use the shift button shift key on the on-screen keyboard to enter capital letters.

Once you enter your password and select Connect. Your Roku Streaming Stick will automatically connect to the Internet. Alternatively, if you are unable to connect to your wireless network, you can get more help.

3. Wait for your Roku streaming stick to download the latest software
Your Roku streaming stick will download the latest version of the Roku OS software and then reboot.

4. Set the display type
You have to choose the set display type option and approve your Roku Streaming Stick auto detect the perfect display resolution so that you do not have to manually configure the settings. To adjust the display type next, go to Settings> Display Type.

5. Create a Roku account and activate your Roku Streaming Stick

To activate your Roku streaming stick, it should be connected to a Roku account. Your Roku account haves tracks which of your Roku devices and allows you to add free and purchase channels from the Roku channel store.

Note: Roku does not charge for device activation. When entering in your web browser, type it right to avoid fraudulent websites.

6. Once you have done all the activation steps, your Roku Streaming Stick will be ready to use.”
Rohit, Mastering Bitcoins

“The Roku Channel is a free channel with different entertainment options. Since it is a free channel, it is easy to add and activate the same on link.”
Mike Scott

“The 50-inch TCL Roku TV balances picture quality and value for money. And this is also what happens when America’s top TV brand and the world’s most popular streaming services content instantly and from one single place. You have everything on the Roku from live TV to game console or if you wish choose from over 1500 streaming channels. This is also the widest selection any smart TV has ever had. Find that perfect movie or TV show easily across top streaming channels by title, actor or director with the acclaimed Roku ‘Search’ feature.
On the Roku, you will find more than 200,000 streaming movies and shows that you can choose from. The Remote is simple and puts control into the users’ hands and lets you instantly choose your preferred content from anywhere. Use the Roku Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet to control your Roku TV. Cast your personal media, videos and photos and even music to the big screen. With a 120 Hz refresh rate, the TV displays images at 1080p. It has a built-in wireless and not one, but three HDMI ports that provide a high definition multimedia interface. Wired calls the TCL Roku TV ‘The First Smart TV worth using’.
The TCL TV has a Roku box built into it. It is a smart TV that includes the Roku operating system, which is also the favorite OS for most users. The OS is considered as one of the best compared to all the other products and definitely better than any other smart TVs.

Recently, the Roku TV was displayed at the prestigious CES 2018 with a brand new OS. We all know a lot about Roku and there are lots of Roku fans across the United States. The recently released series of Roku OS 8 comes with some new and improved features.
All Roku TVs have a ‘Tuner’ input that enables you to plug into an antenna and look for channels.
In the new Roku TV, the ‘Tuner’ input is available on the Home screen itself; which makes it very easy to navigate to it without fumbling
Once you select the ‘Tuner’ input it takes you to the last tuned channel
You will also get a preview of what is playing right now
The Roku OS 8 also comes with a Smart Guide where you will get a 14-day preview of what is available on all the channels that the Roku TV has scanned for
Scroll through the Smart Guide to find out your next programming on the list
The experience is fluid with no judder or lag; users will be able to scan through the Smart Guide very easily
All you have to do is use the HD antenna and the Roku TV will pop up all the entertainment information
In addition to the Smart Guide, there is also a new feature called ‘More Ways to Watch’
Anytime Roku identifies a content that is on the Smart Guide, which is also available on other Roku channels it is marked with a ‘*’. This indicates that there are more ways to watch a single programming content
You also don’t have to wait to watch your favorite programming
Wherever you see the ‘*’at any time on the Smart Guide, hit the ‘Ok’ button on your remote and watch it on another Roku channel instantly
The pricing for the channel or programming is also displayed
If you have a Roku set top box that is connected to a different TV (other than the Roku), there is a new feature in the ‘Search’ where Roku will tell you the channel on which a particular programming is available with the precise timing.
The Roku OS 8 has already been pushed out to all the players and TVs. The same OS 8 version is available for Roku Set top boxes as well.
If any problem in Roku setup, please call us @+1-877-302-5260”
Mike Scott

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