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Lauren DeStefano
“Love is not enough to keep any of us alive.”
Lauren DeStefano, Wither

Lauren DeStefano
“Maybe it is desperation," I say. "Maybe we can't let things fall apart without trying. We can't let go of the people we love."

He looks at me, and in the sunlight his eyes come alive with greens and golds. "Sometimes we can," he says.”
Lauren DeStefano, Sever

Lauren DeStefano
“There was a desperate undercurrent to our marriage--a feeling of being in a dream from which I couldn't seem to awaken. A nagging sense that my life, laid out so neatly like the clothes Deirdre left on my divan, was no longer my own.”
Lauren DeStefano, Fever

Lauren DeStefano
“Give me time"

"For you, always.”
Lauren DeStefano, Sever

“France is to me the heroine in the romance of all the nations of all time. This feeling was born in me years ago when I read how her noble sons had defended America in its cradle. Today I am proud that I am one of the millions who will come to save our heroine from the clutches of the villain from across the Rhine.”
William Arthur Sirmon, That's War

Lauren DeStefano
“Helplessly I look at him. He will never be just Rowan again. I will never be just Rhine. Everything has been tampered with.”
Lauren DeStefano, Sever
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Guillaume Apollinaire
“Le mai le joli mai en barque sur le Rhin
Des dames regardaient du haut de la montagne
Vous êtes si jolies mais la barque s'éloigne
Qui donc a fait pleurer les saules riverains

Or des vergers fleuris se figeaient en arrière
Les pétales tombés des cerisiers de mai
Sont les ongles de celle que j'ai tant aimée
Les pétales flétris sont comme ses paupières

Sur le chemin du bord du fleuve lentement
Un ours un singe un chien menés par des tziganes
Suivaient une roulotte traînée par un âne
Tandis que s'éloignait dans les vignes rhénanes
Sur un fifre lointain un air de régiment

Le mai le joli mai a paré les ruines
De lierre de vigne vierge et de rosiers
Le vent du Rhin secoue sur le bord les osiers
Et les roseaux jaseurs et les fleurs nues des vignes”
Guillaume Apollinaire, Alcools

Lauren DeStefano
“One afternoon, as Rose lay in a sweaty daze, teetering on the edge of consciousness, she made me swear that I would look after Linden, and I promised I would. I didn't expect to keep that promise, but maybe my,lie will at least do him some good in the meantime.”
Lauren Destefano
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Lauren DeStefano
“This is my story. These things are my past, and I will not allow them to be washed away. I will find a way to have them back.”
Lauren DeStefano