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Britt Greifeld
“Bitch. Noun. Though formal definitions dictate a worthless woman, a shameful she-devil, a heinous hellcat, a shrill shrew, a curse of a cunt, or someone of the like... we all know a man wrote that shit.”
Britt Greifeld, Sour

Rick Remender
“Enough rationalization. They simply had what you wanted, so you took it.

[My chair-- I shit on my good chair!]

You shit more than just your chair.

You shit the world. All you ever cared about was winning -- And you did.

The last man standing on a mountain of filth [. . .]

Kazumi taught forgiveness. She accepted all refugees looking for a better life. And you turned that against her.

Kazumi would show mercy.

I'm not Kazumi.”
Rick Remender, Tokyo Ghost, Vol. 2: Come Join Us

Marilynne Robinson
“There would be a general reclaiming of fallen buttons and misplaced spectacles, of neighbors and kin, till time and error and accident were undone, and the world became comprehensible and whole.”
Marilynne Robinson

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“One of the most perplexing contradictions is ‘who we are’ verses ‘who we’ve become’. And if we don’t reclaim the former, there will be very little that is authentic about the latter.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough