Pseudonym Quotes

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Rachel Caine
“Right. I’ve been missing Nutty McFang anyway.”
“Stop making up names for him.”
“What about Count Crackula?”
“Just stop.”
Rachel Caine, Last Breath

Joyce Carol Oates
“I suggest to my students that they write under a pseudonym for a week. That allows young men to write as women, and women as men. It allows them a lot of freedom they don't have ordinarily.”
Joyce Carol Oates

Keith Buckley
“Your real name is a mortal name. Now you need one that is immortal, the one that takes the high stage and plays above the rest. You can't be immortal and mortal at the same time.”
Keith Buckley, Scale

“A pseudonym is as private as its acceptance.”
Mantaranjot Mangat, Plotless