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Adam Snowflake
“I actually intentially have poor spelling and grammar in my books. I feel that spelling and grammar shoudn't reflect inteltect. I beleive not everyone has the same recorses. Not everyone can aford to be taught the same grammar. Some people like me have learning dissabilites. Some people have dissorders or mental dissabilites. Some people never went to school. So when your judging someones writing, or reviewing, it. Please I ask of you this, don't take the grammar and spelling into acount. Because lets face it. Not everyone is as privleged as you.”
Adam Snowflake

Kiese Laymon
“Yet, if I were to adhere to my mom's advice, I would have had to drop out of school years ago (since a lot of folks in our inequitable education system refuse to love us), quit engaging public health offices (because I walked in as a human in need of medical services and walked out as a patient whose subjective world was mad invisible by research lingo: "MSM," otherwise known as "men who have sex with men'), sleep in my bed all damn day (knowing it is more likely that I would be stopped by police when walking to the store in Camden or Bed-Stuy while rocking a fitted cap and carrying books than my white male neighbors would be while walking around in ski masks in the middle of summer and dropping a dime bag on the ground in front of a walking police and his dog)...”
Kiese Laymon, How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America: Essays