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Chase Brooks
“People who could easily be mistaken as preteens just shouldn’t even try to pull off the look-at-me-I’m-so-serious-and-mysterious-and-sexy look. Especially while driving because, please, you look like you are twelve and a half and driving with a serious look. Most kids who get the opportunity to drive illegally are smiling so big that they look dyslexic and about to piss their pants with excitement because they are in operation of a vehicle that isn’t manufactured by PlayStation. ”
Chase Brooks

“Are you going to spank me, daddy? I'm a very bad girl! (bending over naked)

"Oh yeah daddy - spank my ass harder!!!”
Alanah Skye

“Bittersweet: it's what life tastes like. And if you can handle the bitter, the sweet will come later. ~ Klyde, in Piranhas Like S'mores.”
J.Z. Bingham, Piranhas Like S'mores