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“I was a young impressionable 13 year old hearing the pro-left and pro-right argument. So one day I would be convinced that one side was right. the other day I would be convinced the other side was right.
And then I was getting confused. How can both of these things be true if they were contrary to each other.

So I decided to focus on a field where the truth didn't dependent upon the eloquence of the speaker. The truth was absolute.”
Savas Dimopoulos

“Seduction begins with insinuation, what may happen, not what is, what you may become to the person, not today what you are.”
MD. Muhtashimur Rahman

Jane Austen
“Anne, who had been a most attentive listener to the whole, left the room, to seek the comfort of cool air for her flushed cheeks; and as she walked along a favourite grove, said, with a gentle sigh, "A few months more, and he, perhaps, may be walking here." ”
Jane Austen

Adam M. Grant
“... superb presentations - start by establishing "what is: here's the status quo." Then, they "compare that to what could be," making "that gap as big as possible" - Quoting Nancy Duarte”
Adam M. Grant, Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World