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James E. Faust
“We should not allow our personal values to erode, even if others think we are peculiar.”
James E. Faust

“At times you can lose yourself in your journey to find out who you are, and that's ok because a journey is not a set road. It was built to be unpredictable. The person you were will not always be who you end up as. Nevertheless, it does not mean that who you were at the beginning, or all of who you were in the middle, or who you are at the end is any less valuable than each other.”
Isabella Poretsis

Hyrum W. Smith
“Help others find their way, their own values, and guide them through life’s ups and downs.”
Hyrum W. Smith, The 3 Gaps: Are You Making a Difference?

“How do you define a life of high personal worth and lasting success?”
Seema Brain Openers

“A sense of identity slowly but surely evolves when we experiment in the hub of life by consciously and unconsciously responding to the never-ending changes in our external world and as we develop our physical, emotional, and rational being. Periods of solitude assist a person identify the stealthy traits that a person surreptitiously acquired. Reflecting upon our personal experiences helps us comprehend the patterns of our nature that emerged, signs reveling what principles we most profoundly believe and what ethical obligations we value. Articulating a personal code of conduct acquaints a person with the single core of unity that formed in his or her subterranean mind, the persona that took shape while we immersed ourselves in the dark stream of self-identification.”
Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls