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Lydia Millet
“The rooms of his apartment were full with the dog home again, convalescing. He was satisfied to know, even when she was out of sight, that somewhere in the apartment she was sleeping or eating or sitting watchfully. It was family, he guessed, more or less. Did most people want a house of living things at night, to know that in the dark around them other warm bodies slept?

Such a house could even be the whole world.”
Lydia Millet, How the Dead Dream

Timothy Findley
“...with every new manoeuvre, the light was growing dimmer--fading by numbers as well as strength--and the sound could no longer be heard, but only the pulse of it--seen going out in the darkness--losing its edges--caving in at its centre--webbing, now, as if a spider was spinning against the rain--until the last few strands of brightness fell--and were extinguished--silenced and removed from life and from all that lives forever.
And the bell tolled--but the ark, as ever, was adamant. Its shape had taken on a voice. And the voice said: no.”
Timothy Findley, Not Wanted on the Voyage

Victor Lodato
“Ich gebe Jesus das Oben-Unten-Zeichen und trete näher, weil er sich ja hauptsächlich zeigen will. Sein Körper ist nicht schlecht. Dünn, aber mit Muskeln. Man könnte sich vorstellen, dass er regelmäßig Joggen oder Schwimmen war.”
Victor Lodato, Mathilda Savitch