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Vladislav Krapivin
“Эх вы... население. Живёте на воле, а как в аквариуме, дальше своих стенок ни фига про жизнь не знаете.
(Старший инспектор Альбин Мук - Корнелию Гласу)”
Vladislav Krapivin, Выстрел с монитора. Гуси-гуси, га-га-га...

“There must always be a fringe of the experimental in literature--poems bizarre in form and curious in content, stories that overreach for what has not hitherto been put in story form, criticism that mingles a search for new truth with bravado. We should neither scoff at this trial margin nor take it too seriously. Without it, literature becomes inert and complacent. But the everyday person's reading is not, ought not to be, in the margin. He asks for a less experimental diet, and his choice is sound. If authors and publishers would give him more heed they would do wisely. They are afraid of the swarming populace who clamor for vulgar sensation (and will pay only what it is worth), and they are afraid of petulant literati who insist upon sophisticated sensation (and desire complimentary copies). The stout middle class, as in politics and industry, has far less influence than its good sense and its good taste and its ready purse deserve.”
Henry Seidel Canby, Saturday Papers: Essays on Literature from The Literary Review