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Stephanie Klein
“What we wait around a lifetime for with one person, we can find in a moment with someone else.”
Stephanie Klein, Straight Up and Dirty

Tom Waits
“Oh I don't mind going to weddings, just as long as it's not my own...”
Tom Waits

Ajahn Brahm
“We should always be grateful for the faults in our partner because if they didn't have those faults from the start, they would have been able to marry someone much better than us”
Ajahn Brahm, Who Ordered This Truckload of Dung?: Inspiring Stories for Welcoming Life's Difficulties

William Shakespeare
“Haply for I am black,
And have not those soft parts of conversation
That chamberers have; or for I am declined
Into the vale of years—yet that’s not much—
She’s gone. I am abused, and my relief
Must be to loathe her. O curse of marriage,
That we can call these delicate creatures ours
And not their appetites! I had rather be a toad
And live upon the vapor of a dungeon
Than keep a corner in the thing I love
For others’ uses. Yet ’tis the plague of great ones;
Prerogatived are they less than the base.
’Tis destiny unshunnable, like death.”
Shakespeare William, Othello

Deirdre-Elizabeth Parker
“I am the keeper of my husband’s history. This is a self-appointed role. I plan to learn everything about his life of the past and carry him into a future that is bright with hope. I shall guard his history from rumor and allegation and learn only the truth of his past. I shall then remember the things he cannot allow himself to remember. I shall find out all that I can about my husband’s life and will ensure that the lawyers know the truth. I shall fight the innuendo and crusade for true justice.
I refuse to be vanquished.”
Deirdre-Elizabeth Parker, The Fugitive's Doctor

S.B. Redd
“And the game of dominoes is much like life: You gotta play the bones you’ve pulled. It don’t matter if you got seven doubles in your damn hand.”
S.B. Redd, Presumption of Paternity

Keran Pantth Joshi
“Getting married early is like wrestling with calculus on a merry trip to Las Vegas!”
Kiran Joshi, Beyond love

Richard Wilbur
“Yes, death is far less dire to contemplate
Than a forced marriage to an unloved mate”
Richard Wilbur, The School for Husbands

“Honesty talks".”
Behnam Rajabpoor

Max Frei
“Мне всю жизнь не везло с девушками. То есть поначалу всегда везло, даже слишком... а потом они решали, что им зачем-то срочно нужно выйти замуж, причем за кого-нибудь другого. Это особенно странно, поскольку я, как правило, влюблялся в умных девушек. Но и это не помогало, хотя как может умный человек всерьез захотеть замуж — не понимаю!”
Max Frei, The Stranger

James Hauenstein
“I believe everyone in life has a soul mate. And if I ever find mine, my wife will kill her!”
James Hauenstein

“The main causes for divorce
are marriages.”
A.J. Beirens

Natsume Sōseki
“После ужина супруги, сидя всё у того же хибати, ещё с час беседовали на обычные темы, касающиеся их жизни, только обходили молчанием всяческие невзгоды, впрочем, не представляя себе, как, например, погасить задолженность в рисовой лавке, хотя близился конец месяца. И уже не было в их разговоре поистине удивительных и красотой своей, и цветистостью слов, неуловимо скользящих между влюблёнными. А чтобы обменяться мнениями о каком-нибудь прочитанном романе или там научной книге — такое им и в голову не приходило. Всё это осталось позади, и хотя до старости ещё было далеко, жизнь с каждым днём становилась всё бесцветнее, всё скучнее. А может быть, так было всегда, может быть, оба они, сами скучные и бесцветные, соединили свои судьбы, чтобы, в силу обычая, влачить унылое супружеское существование.”
Sōseki Natsume, The Gate

“Planning a Marriage? Don’t forget to Book a Banquet Hall for the Best Service

Marriage can be defined as a holy procession where two souls unite, take an oath to care for each, and promise to stay together. People have defined marriages in thousands of ways which we can interpret in various contexts. Well, in India, a marriage is not limited to just two people forming a bond. It is much more than that. It is celebrated as a grand occasion which reunites the whole family and creates fond memories which we remember for a lifetime.

Marriage these days embarks upon the social prestige and dignity of a family. Then comes one of the most important parts of holding a marriage- serving the guests! No matter how much effort you put up into the procession, there would be certain relatives who would criticize some aspect or the other. There are a lot of issues which you need to look after.

In these cases, the best way to manage all the guests at once effectively is to book a wedding banquet where experts will be available to take care of your requirements. Wedding halls in Gurgaon are one of the best places to hold a marriage or any such kind of event. They provide you with a plethora of facilities which would make you feel proud as a host.

Let’s have a look at the reasons why you should book the Best Wedding Banquet in Gurgaon:

Prefer Quality
Booking a good banquet hall means ensuring quality service for your guests. Banquet halls provide you with the requirements that you need for an event to carry out successfully so that there are no quality issues. This is what you expect from a place where you are going to arrange for a wedding.

Proper Management
While conducting a marriage function, you already have to deal with so many responsibilities that you can’t have complete focus on the management of the ceremony. Booking a banquet hall frees you of the extra responsibility of managing various other things in the event. Be it the guest management, food and lodging, or other such responsibilities, the managerial part of the event is well off with Wedding halls in Gurgaon.

Catering comes as one of the biggest hassles in managing an event. With good catering services, you don’t have to get into the business of catering as the people from the banquet would already be there to help you out in that aspect of the matter. With good food and great service, guests would certainly be happy with your hospitality. Choose wisely!

Budget Friendly
Rather than dealing with different service vendors at once, you only need to deal with the banquet authorities or planners, which saves a lot on your costing of the events, as it includes all the expenses that you spend under the purview of event management. From lighting to decoration, food to guest accommodation, and almost every aspect of event management.

Thus, if you choose the Best Wedding hall in Gurgaon, you are well off with your event underway!”
resort country club

“He said that woman is like the ivy-vine,
Which, clinging to its oak, grows lush and tall,
But, lacking that support, can't thrive at all.”
Molière, The Imaginary Cuckold.

“it's hard to be a faithful wife, in short,
To certain husbands of a certain sort”
Molière, Tartuffe