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“The century's greatest detective, advertised as solving every case imaginable. How great his burden must be, how much pain must he go through every single moment: past, present, and future... A burden so great it would leave you hunched over. A bitter taste in your mouth that would leave you longing for sweets.

NisiOisiN, Death Note: Another Note - The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases

Marc-Uwe Kling
“Hier kommt nun meine Theorie, warum die Menschen die Erde beherrschen und nicht die Pferde", fährt es fort.
"Gelangen Pferde nämlich zu einem Bewusstsein, kommt ihnen natürlich erst mal das große Kotzen über die Welt, und die Pferde sterben, weil sie kotzen müssen, es aber ja nicht können. Das ist der simple Grund, warum sie folglich niemals zu einem Bewusstsein ihrer selbst gelangen können, warum sie niemals denken werden und warum sie folglich niemals ihren rechtmäßigen Platz an der Spitze der Schöpfung einnehmen, sondern weiterhin nur als lebende Dekoration bei den Karl-May-Festspielen im Sauerland dienen werden. Auf ewig beherrscht von einer Abnormität der Natur, einer fatalen Mutation der Schimpansen-DNA, einem kranken Tier: dem Menschen.”
Marc-Uwe Kling

A.E.  Kirk
“He arched a brow. “Miss Lahey, are you flirting with me?”
“Well, hot stuff, if you have to ask, I’m not doing it right.”
His laughter rumbled low, slithering heat underneath my skin. I pulled him to me, backing him against the table, risking a literal firestorm as his lips laid upon mine with a burning promise of—
“That’s how babies are made!”
I reeled back and knocked over a chair. “Aunt M!”
“Sex kills!”
“M, seriously.” Mom walked into the kitchen and rolled her eyes.
My aunt patted her belly. “It killed my waistline.” Then she cackled.
Who was the banshee now?
“Ayden and Rory sitting in a tree,” Selena sing-songed, “making b-a-b-b-y-n-g.”
“Selena,” Mom admonished. “That’s not the right spelling.”
A.E. Kirk

Mac Barnett
“A clue! From M!"
"Who's M?"
"Maybe M is for Mackintosh! Maybe Grabes ans Mackintosh are in cahoots!"
"Or maybe M is for Mom. Also, who says 'cahoots'?”
Mac Barnett
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Isaac Marion
“Mi amigo M dice que lo irónico de ser un zombie es que todo tiene gracia, pero no puedes sonreír porque se te han podrido los labios.”
Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies

Cristina Nemerovschi
“Apoi, pe când toată camera era invadată de soare, R. a strălucit, a strălucit așa cum n-o mai făcuse cred niciodată, și asta a fost confirmarea că m-am întors în timp, și încă nu se construiseră toate bălăriile în Vamă, ea avea 14 ani și era barmaniță de vară, iar tufișul meu scuipător de păsări încă mai trăia, era acolo, unde azi stătuse suedezul la coadă să-și ia clătite, dar îl dăduseră p**dele pofticioase afară din rând, și habar n-am de ce și-a dus un deget la buzele ei cărnoase și a făcut “șșșt”, era inutil, fiindcă nu-mi trecuse prin cap să vorbesc, nu aveam ce să spun. Era suficient să simt.”
Cristina Nemerovschi, Ani cu Alcool şi Sex

Thomas Hardy
“Though when at home their countenances varied with the seasons, their market faces all the year round were glowing little fires.”
Thomas Hardy, The Mayor of Casterbridge

Cyma Rizwaan Khan
“Don’t tell me you have OCD about this?”
“OCD, ADHD—pretty sure if they come up with some new acronym tomorrow I’d have it.”
Cyma Rizwaan Khan, I See The Devil

Isaac Marion
“Me agarro el estómago de nuevo. —Me siento vacío... Me siento...muerto.

Él asiente. —Matri...monio.”
Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies

Mary Roach
“A few words in defense of military scientists. I agree that squad leaders are in the best position to know what and how much their men and women need to bring on a given mission. But you want those squad leaders to be armed with knowledge, and not all knowledge comes from experience. Sometimes it comes from a pogue at USUHS who’s been investigating the specific and potentially deadly consequences of a bodybuilding supplement. Or an army physiologist who puts men adrift in life rafts off the dock at a Florida air base and discovers that wetting your uniform cools you enough to conserve 74 percent more of your body fluids per hour. Or the Navy researcher who comes up with a way to speed the recovery time from travelers’ diarrhea. These things matter when it’s 115 degrees and you’re trying to keep your troops from dehydrating to the point of collapse. There’s no glory in the work. No one wins a medal. And maybe someone should.”
Mary Roach, Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War
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“Novels are better as an addiction than drugs are.”
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“It right to do the right things with the right people.”
David Igbego
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“With such frequent breaks during the workdays, the civilians are given more chances for socializing, and we noticed that these interactions are continued even after the workday had ended.”
Joshua Haddon

Lailah Gifty Akita
“Only you can find your sacred path.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Lailah Gifty Akita
“God can save all souls.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!