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“In a lifeworld, where we can be what we are, and not what people expect us to be, we can escape a blank and void existence, which is linked to wrecking ennui. Boredom often slips into revulsion and nausea, for not being able to find an identity and not succeeding in acquiring individuality with the quality of authenticity. ("Like a frozen image")”
Erik Pevernagie

“Human on human crimes should never be forgotten, or dismissed by time. We are all related here and are linked by spirit.”
Gayle Wray

Alex G. Zarate
“There are wonders to behold in our world that few will ever experience…Wonders capable of providing an artist inspiration for a lifetime; Wonders to make the world into a place of beauty, and wonders that show us the connections we all share. We each enter our lives like a drop of water into a still ocean, spreading out with each experience in waves, touching the lives of each and every person we meet; and they, in turn, share their lives and experiences with us.”
Alex G. Zarate

Steven Magee
“It may be possible that Leukemia in children is linked to the location of the fuse board and the electrical meter on the home.”
Steven Magee, Electrical Forensics

Anupama Garg
“Observe the things you are instintively attracted to, they are often linked to your purpose and path in life.”
Anupama Garg