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Juan Ramón Jiménez
“That day, that day when I can gaze at the sea--both of us calm--and I, trusting, having poured my whole heart into my Life Work....when death--black waves!--no longer courts me and I can smile, constantly, at everything because, my bones, there will be so little of myself left to give it.”
Juan Ramón Jiménez, The Poet and the Sea

Seamus Heaney
“Happy the man...with a natural gift

for practising the right one [art] from the start--
poetry, say, or fishing; whose nights are dreamless;
whose deep-sunk panoramas rise and pass

like daylight through the rod's eye or the nib's eye.”
Seamus Heaney, The Haw Lantern

Richie Norton
“Life experience is the new work experience.”
Richie Norton

“No matter where your place at the table is the most important work you do in life has everything to do with the table.”
Brent M. Jones

Brendan Myers
“If one believes that God is up there in heaven, separate from the world, and is preparing a reward for you in the next life, the belief can have the result of making people accept their fate, however hard and unjust, and be less willing to change it. But for us, who find illumination in the mortal world, the situation is this: Where poverty, oppression, or pollution has taken root, and made the world less fit for the flourishing of life, there we find work to do.”
Brendan Myers, The Other Side of Virtue: Where Our Virtues Come From, What They Really Mean, and Where They Might Be Taking Us

Jean-Paul Sartre
“Bref, il me jeta dans la littérature par le soin qu'il mit à m'en détourner : au point qu'il m'arrive aujourd'hui encore, de me demande, quand je suis de mauvaise humeur, si je n'ai pas consommé tant de jours et tant de nuits, couvert tant de feuillets de mon encre, jeté sur le marché tant de livres qui n'étaient souhaités par personne, dans l'unique et fol espoir de plaire à mon grand-père. Ce serait farce : à plus de cinquante ans, je me trouverais embarqué, pour accomplir les volontés d'un très vieux mort, dans une entreprise qu'il ne manquerait pas de désavouer.”
Jean-Paul Sartre, Les mots