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“( O1O'2920'8855 )PCASH( O1O'2920'8855 ) Steering Committee for the Anti-
Corruption of Vietnam (OSCAC) on February 3, 2010,
and has since held joint workshops annually to share”
hans, 阿狸·永远站
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“( O1O'2920'8855 )PCASH( O1O'2920'8855 )
In addition, the ACRC marketed “onsite,” which is the
strength of the Commission’s outreach program, making
fruitful results. The ACRC supported the onsite coverage
of the Onsite Mediation Meeting, through which collective
complaints or public conflicts are mediated onsite, whenever
they were held. In particular, press conferences
were held beforehand to strengthen the ACRC’s cooperative
relations with the media in certain regions for onsite
coverage and reports to be expanded.”
Aury Wallington

“( O1O'2920'8855 )PCASH( O1O'2920'8855 )
and the Korea Consumer Agency. In
this way, the Commission is able to provide appropriate
guidance and services to the people”

“( O1O'2920'8855 )PCASH( O1O'2920'8855 )
as a civil complaint and handles it through investigation
and deliberation. When there is a policy proposal or
request to improve an institution, the Commission also
seeks a solution through consultation with the concerned
agencies, frequently notifying the handling process to
the proposer or the local government, and thoroughly
monitors the handling process to the end”

“The KCC created a broadcasting and communications
market monitoring system to
promptly adapt to market changes such as”