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J.R. Ward
“When you were the son of evil, there was little you couldn't do, own, or kill, and yet her mortal self was an elusive trophy he could touch, but not put on his shelf.

This made her rare. This made her precious.

This made her.”
J.R. Ward, Lover Mine

J.R. Ward
“The deadweight of his body,coupled with the aches, made him remember back to a time when he'd gotten colds or flus. Same feeling. Was it possible he was getting sick?

Made him wonder if anyone had come up with a product like Dead-quil or some shit.

Probably not.”
J.R. Ward, Lover Mine

Kristen Ashley
“Okay, my man, in a minute you are gonna hear a bunch of shit that’s gonna knock your socks off. So, two seconds to prepare, Ivey is my best friend, outside you my only real one, as you know. What you don’t know, she is not my lover. She’s my friend. And I’m gay. You tell anyone, I’ll shoot you and you know I’m not fucking with you about that. Deal with it. We gotta move on, like, now.”
Kristen Ashley, Play It Safe
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Robert G. Ingersoll
“I do not believe in the government of the lash, if any one of you ever expects to whip your children again, I want you to have a photograph taken of yourself when you are in the act, with your face red with vulgar anger, and the face of the little child, with eyes swimming in tears and the little chin dimpled with fear, like a piece of water struck by a sudden cold wind. Have the picture taken. If that little child should die, I cannot think of a sweeter way to spend an autumn afternoon than to go out to the cemetery, when the maples are clad in tender gold, and little scarlet runners are coming, like poems of regret, from the sad heart of the earth—and sit down upon the grave and look at that photograph, and think of the flesh now dust that you beat. I tell you it is wrong; it is no way to raise children! Make your home happy. Be honest with them. Divide fairly with them in everything.”
Robert G. Ingersoll, The Liberty Of Man, Woman And Child

J.R. Ward
“Sorry, you're on the ride now, and there's no getting off in the middle.”
J.R. Ward, Lover Avenged
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James Clavell
“You live by the lash and you'll die by it.”
James Clavell, Tai-Pan
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Chiara Cilli
“Le labbra della donna si allargarono in un sorriso affettuoso. «Verrà il tuo momento. Non permetterle di ucciderti. Verrà il tuo momento. Ma non adesso. È ancora presto. Non sei pronto. Il tuo cuore è a pezzi. Non voglio il tuo dolore. Verrà il tuo momento. Ma non adesso. Sopravvivi. Non ti ho accettato solo per la tua bellezza. Resta vivo. Puoi farcela. Sei in grado di fare molte cose anche senza la magia. È per questo che ti ho scelto. Tu sei incredibile e non te ne sei mai reso conto. Lotta, mio Protetto. Lotta.»”
Chiara Cilli, Prigionia mortale
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Lash Tribe
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