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“Best revenge? Smile, be happy and never let them know it hurt.”
KARA Goo Hara

“Number 1. If I say we're number 5, people will just feel sorry for us. I'd rather say we're number 1, even if fans criticize us.”
KARA Park Gyuri

Robert Louis Stevenson
“Kara nadciąga pede claudo*, lata po tym jak umarła pamięć o winie, a miłość własna dokonała przebaczenia.

*pede claudo (łac.) - cichym krokiem”
Robert Louis Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
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Kim Richardson
“The last time I checked,I didn't have any special talent,thought Kara.Can I paint a demon to death?Drown it in some gouache?”
Kim Richardson, Marked

Dorota Terakowska
“karać w ramach prawa - to jeszcze nie znaczy to samo, co czynić ład moralny.”
Dorota Terakowska, Próba generalna

Nicole Sager
“I will succeed, you know. Seemingly hopeless missions do not frighten me. In fact, the more hopeless they seem, the more determined I am.”
Nicole Sager, Cleftlocke

Nicole Sager
“The night before, she had thought the last of her hopes dried up; and yet the sun had risen again this morning, and in the path of its warm rays she had discovered one final blossom.”
Nicole Sager, Cleftlocke