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Julio Cortázar
“Música! Melancólico alimento para los que vivimos de amor.”
Julio Cortázar, Rayuela

Moira Rogers
“Sera loaded the new ammunition and held up the gun. “I bet I can hit closer to the bulls-eye than you can.”
Her victory came to him on a flash, right down to the cute little dance he was sure was last popular in the nineties. “Sucker bet, sunshine. Never wager with a precog.”
“So cheat.” She grinned. “You haven’t even hear the terms yet. If you win, I’ll let you buy me a pretty dress and take me out for a fancy dinner.”
“And if I lose?”
“I get a cheap bar, beer, and hot wings, and dirty sex in the bathroom.”
Julio cleared his throat, took the gun from her and winked. “Like I said, sucker bet.”
“Uh-huh.” As she stepped behind him, she trailed her fingers up his arm. “I’m bad news, mister. I hope you can handle me.”
“I’ll try.” He lined up a shot, squeezed the trigger and snorted when the bullet went wide. “I told you I suck at this.”
She laughed and retrieved the gun to line up her shot with adorable concentration that furrowed her brows. Her shot wasn’t perfect, but it winged the target, and her victory dance was just as cute as it had been in his vision.”
Moira Rogers, Impulse
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Elle Cosimano
“It's hard to want to kill someone once they've saved your life”
Elle Cosimano, Seasons of the Storm

Elle Cosimano
“And every minute that goes by and Amber's not here, my heart breaks for him.”
Elle Cosimano, Seasons of the Storm

Elle Cosimano
“Julio rubs his eyes and watches the place where she disappeared down the sidewalk thirty-two minutes ago, as if by the sheer will of his longing, he can somehow bring her back”
Elle Cosimano, Seasons of the Storm

Each bite is a tidal wave of savory, fatty eel juices...
... made fresh and tangy by the complementary flavors of olive oil and tomato!

It's perfect!
This dish has beautifully encapsulated the superbness of Capitone Eel!"
"Capitone specifically means 'Large Female Eel'!
It's exactly this kind of eel that is served during Natale season from Christmas to New Year's.
Compared to normal eels, the Capitone is large, thick and juicy! In fact, it's considered a delicacy!
"Yes, I've heard of them! The Capitone is supposed to be significantly meatier than the standard Anguilla
*Anguilla is the Italian word for regular eels.*
"Okay. So the Capitone is special.
But is it special enough to make a dish so delicious the judges swoon?"

"No. The secret to the Capitone's refined deliciousness in this dish lies with the tomatoes.
You used San Marzanos, correct?"
"Ha Ragione! (Exactly!)
I specifically chose San Marzano tomatoes as the core of my dish!"
Of the hundreds of varieties of tomato, the San Marzano Plum Tomato is one of the least juicy.
Less juice means it makes a less watery and runny sauce when stewed!

"Thanks to the San Marzano tomatoes, this dish's sauce remained thick and rich with a marvelously full-bodied taste.
The blend of spices he used to season the sauce has done a splendid job of highlighting the eel's natural flavors as well."
"You can't forget the wondrous polenta either. Crispy on the outside and creamy in the middle.
There's no greater garnish for this dish.
*Polenta is boiled cornmeal that is typically served as porridge or baked into cakes.*
"Ah. I see. Every ingredient of his dish is intimately connected to the eel.
Garlic to increase the fragrance, onion for condensed sweetness...
... and low-juice tomatoes. Those are the key ingredients.”
Yuto Tsukuda, 食戟のソーマ 25 [Shokugeki no Souma 25]

Elle Cosimano
“Julio sets his guitar in the man's lap, wrapping the strap around the man's shoulder... I fight the urge to pluck it out of his hands. To tell Julio we'll all take turns carrying it. It's hard to watch him walk away from the one thing he refused to part with.”
Elle Cosimano, Seasons of the Storm

Elle Cosimano
“Because I'm hungry and my ass is asleep. And after three hours suffering in the back seat with you, I could really use a drink. If you don't like it, you can fight me”
Elle Cosimano, Seasons of the Storm

Elle Cosimano
“We can check the police station back in Phoenix," Chill suggests. "See if he's in custody."
Marie rolls her eyes, dragging a cigarette from behind her ear. "Give Julio a little credit, will you?”
Elle Cosimano, Seasons of the Storm