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“Damned mating heat. Lawe is threatening to join a monastery and Rule's threatening to quit. Why don't you two try to show the younger guys it can be fun instead of taking a note out of everyone else's books and letting it drive you insane?
Lora Leigh, Mercury's War

Lois Lowry
“Didn't life consist of the things you did each day?”
Lois Lowry, The Giver

Morgan Rhodes
“But before she could speak another word, he crushed his mouth against hers.

It was so unexpected that she hadn't the chance to even think of pushing him away. His body pressed her firmly against the rough cave wall. His hands slid down to her waist to pull her closer to him.

And just like that, with his proximity, with his kiss, he managed to fill her every sense. He was smoke from the campfire, he was leaves and moss and the night itself.

There was nothing gentle in the rebel's kiss, nothing sweet or kind. It was like nothing she'd ever experience before, and so very dangerous—every bit as deadly as the kiss of an arrow.

Finally, he pulled back just a little, his dark eyes glazed as if half drunk.

"Princess..." He cupped her face between his hands, his breath ragged.

Her lips felt bruised. "I suppose that's how Paelsians show their anger and frustration?”
Morgan Rhodes, Rebel Spring

Morgan Rhodes
“For ten thousand centimos, I’m tempted to turn you in myself,”Brion said.
Jonas snorted uneasily.“For ten thousand centimos, I’m tempted to turn myself in.”
Morgan Rhodes, Rebel Spring

Lois Lowry
“Jonas went and sat beside them while his father untied Lily's hair ribbons and combed her hair. He placed one hand on each of their shoulders. With all of his being he tried to give each of them a piece of the memory: not of the tortured cry of the elephant, of their towering, immense creature and the meticulous touch with which it had tended its friend at the end.
But his father had continued to comb Lily's long hair, and Lily, impatient, had finally wriggled under her brother's touch. "Jonas," she said, "you're hurting me with your hand.”
Lois Lowry, The Giver
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Anna Campbell
“He wasn’t good enough for her. But by God, he meant to make her happy while he had her.”
Anna Campbell, Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed

“He jerked the door open, ignored Leo’s suddenly furious growl and stomped back to the observation room. As he pushed through the door, Leo on his heels, he faced Elizabeth as she turned from something Ely was saying.
He gripped her shoulders, bent and kissed her forehead gently. “I’m heading home, Mother. Please get Father off my back and out of my life for a day or so if you don’t mind. I do have family matters to take care of now.”
Ignoring her surprise, he turned and stalked past Leo, back to the hall, and out of the small building that served as Sanctuary’s pre-detaining building.
Calling Leo “father” didn’t sit well, but he was a Breed, created, not born, trained rather than raised. He wasn’t Jonas. After tonight, he would never call Leo “father” again perhaps, but he wouldn’t deny him any longer.”
Lora Leigh, Lion's Heat
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Eden Maguire
“I sat on the barn floor wishing that the storm would gather me up and hurl me against the mountains, smashing me into a thousand pieces.”
Eden Maguire, Jonas

Laura Gallego García
“-Estan tardando demasiado.
-No te preocupes, volverá.
Salamandra lo miro a los ojos, y entendio cuanta razon habia tenido Kai al afirmar que tenia el corazón dividido. Jonas no era misterioso fascinante como el elfo, pero era calido y agradable, y Salamandra se sentia segura a su lado. Cerro los ojos y apoyó la cabeza en el hombro del muchcho, con un suspiro. Jonas le acaricio el pelo.
-Saldremos de aqui- le prometio.”
Laura Gallego García, La maldición del maestro

Anna Campbell
“He swallowed again and tightened his grip so even if she wanted to leave, she couldn’t. It astonished him how difficult it was to find the one word he needed after these exquisite days. The one word he had no right to say.
He forced the forbidden syllable from his tight throat.
Anna Campbell, Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed

Anna Campbell
“She shook her head. “No, Jonas.”
“ ‘No, Jonas’ is all you ever say,” he responded with a hint of savagery. He knew he was unfair, but he was just so damned miserable.
Her smile wavered into a warmth that calmed his anger. “Not always.”
He shut his eyes as the memory of wild nights overpowered him. Good God, at this rate, he’d be bawling like a motherless calf.”
Anna Campbell, Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed

Anna Campbell
“Open your mouth, tesoro.” He angled her face higher. “Open your mouth for me.”
At his raw demand, her eyes flared wide. For a drunken moment, he drowned in glorious brown, rich, autumnal, sensual.”
Anna Campbell, Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed

Anna Campbell
“The tension drained from her face and she softened in his hold until she was again the fluid, responsive woman who had kissed him within an inch of his life. This time he knew better than to restrain her when she slipped from the bed. He bit back an appeal for her to stay with him. If his life depended on it, he couldn’t say whether he wanted her to stay an hour, a day, or forever.”
Anna Campbell, Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed

Anna Campbell
“He looked younger, kinder, a brighter image of the man she knew. A man life hadn’t mistreated or betrayed. Whatever the pain of this union, she loved that she gave him this momentary peace. This encounter lurched from the physical onto a different plane. A plane revealing a new emotional landscape. She felt lightheaded, lost.”
Anna Campbell, Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed

Winter Renshaw
“Anyway, it's like when Kate Hudson was hooking up with that Jonas brother. It was kind of weird at first and then we all got used to it and nobody gave it a second thought. If anything, people applauded her because she's not afraid to go after what she wants. And she really wanted that cute little Jonas brother.”
Winter Renshaw, Reckless

Christine Feehan
“You mean his kisses." Hannah corrected her.

Jonas narrowed his gaze. "You seem obsessed with his kisses, Hannah."

She shrugged. "It's been a while. I'm looking for a little action."

His eyebrow shot up. "Oh, really?" Jonas leaned down, his hand twisting in her hair, holding her head perfectly still as his mouth took possession of hers.

Libby gasped in shock. The kiss seemed to go on and on forever. And there was definitely tongue. Hannah not only wasn't struggling, she seemed to be kissing him back.

Jonas pulled away just as abruptly, shoving his hat on his head and turning toward the living room. "That should hold you for a while. Next time you're feeling a little hard up, give me a call." He strode out of the room.”
Christine Feehan, Dangerous Tides

Jesper Wung-Sung
“Ik naderde de rand.
Bleef er een meter vandaan staan.
Voor ik het aandurfde.
Het was ver naar beneden.
Ver genoeg.
Mijn ogen zochten tussen grijs en groen.
Stenen en struiken.
Tot ik een witte stip vond.
Dat was hij.
Ians witte achterhoofd.
Dat besloot ik.
Ik hou van jou.
Dat zei ik.”
Jesper Wung-Sung, Les copies

“For God's sake, if you mated bastards don't stop going apeshit like this, then I'm going to start shooting you."

"Remind me not to tell Jonas if I get infected," Lawe murmured to Rule.

"Better yet, don't get infected," Rule grunted. "I'd hate to have to shoot you myself when you start acting stupid.”
Lora Leigh, Bengal's Heart

“Imagine the love you feel for your child, and then multiply that by a thousand. Imagine what you felt the first time you gazed upon her, and knew that God had given you the most perfect gift to complete your life, and multiply that again. That is what you are to me. That is what I felt the first moment I saw you. Unlike humans, Breeds live for the small gifts, the little kindnesses fate would hand to us. We search for them. We cherish them. The moment I saw you, the animal inside me roared in triumph, the man melted in the face of the woman who stared back at him.

"That was love, Rachel. It was acceptance, the knowledge that what I feared the most, what I ached for the most, was now standing before me, and reaching out for it, claiming it, could destroy everything I am."

She shook her head desperately. "Love doesn't happen like that. It takes time. It builds."

He nodded slowly. "It can happen like that. It can build slowly. It can come like a gentle rainfall, or it can slam into you like a tsunami. You are my tsunami, love.”
Lora Leigh, Lion's Heat

“She was a fairy, he thought. A whimsical creature that no man dared touch for fear of inviting the wrath of some unknown dark force charged with her protection. That dark force being Merinus Lyons, the wicked ogre of his life, as far as he was concerned.”
Lora Leigh, Lion's Heat

“Why do you believe he calls you a 'whelp,' young man? Could it be because you're so like him that he's not certain whether to feel pride or to shoot you and put the world out of its misery?”
Lora Leigh, Lion's Heat

“As she had stated earlier, he wasn't an animal. Well, he was, but there was a side of him that was more than instinct as well. There was the strategist, and soon, there would be the seducer.

No battle was won purely with a show of strength, he told himself as he left her room, closing the door quietly behind him. Every battle won was done so with the right strategy as well as the proper weapons.

He simply had to determine when and where to begin the first skirmish.”
Lora Leigh, Lion's Heat

“She lifted her head, her eyes still wet, her lips trembling.

"I love you," she whispered. "So much."

His head lowered and, amid blood and death, touched hers as light as a feather and whispered, "I live for you.”
Lora Leigh, Lion's Heat

“Catching her hand, he drew her with him as he laid Amber in the crib and took his mate back to bed.

No one heard the small sound that was made after their bedroom door closed: a soft, sweet, kittenish little purr.”
Lora Leigh, Lion's Heat
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“I'm heading home, Mother. Please get Father off my back and out of my life for a day or so if you don't mind. I do have family matters to take care of now.”
Lora Leigh, Lion's Heat

“Turning, she strode to the doorway, and for the second time, came to a stop. In front of the fire, on the large, soft rug before it, Jonas lay with Amber.

He'd changed clothes. Dressed in loose sweatpants, bare feet and a bare chest, he lay next to the baby as the fire flickered in front of them.

Amber was watching the flames with the drowsy wonder that only a baby could show. Her lashes lay low, sleep edging her expression as Jonas softly hummed a lullaby.”
Lora Leigh, Lion's Heat

Christine Feehan
“Do you want those things? Do you want to go to bed with me at night? Wake up with me in the morning? Drive me crazy looking all sexy and drowsy over your tea? Spend your life with me, Hannah. Grow old with me. We can sit on the porch in our rockers and I swear, baby, at the end of it all, you'll know no one could have loved you more or better. I can give that to you. I swear I can, baby. Love me back, Hannah.”
Christine Feehan, Safe Harbor